30+ Best Bob’s Burgers Birthday Cake Ideas and Designs (2024)

Bob’s Burgers Birthday Cakes – An amazing record for any television series, Bob’s Burgers, one of the most popular contemporary animated programs, has already finished 13 seasons plus a feature film. The main character of the program is Bob Belcher, who owns and operates his burger shop with Linda, his wife, and his three children, Tina, Louise, and Gene. Although the show takes place at their restaurant, each episode frequently focuses on the strange situations that the three kids find themselves in. Bob invariably becomes involved in these scenarios in some way.

Even if the series may be a little more recent than, say, Jimmy Neutron, it still deserves to be considered one of the greatest animated shows ever made.

Bob's Burgers' cast coming to University of Iowa for stand-up comedy show

Third-generation restaurateur Bob Belcher manages Bob’s Burgers with the help of his devoted wife and their three kids. Since Bob thinks his burgers speak for themselves, he doesn’t mind serving a range of unusual concoctions. Linda, Bob’s wife, supports his goal but is becoming tired of the quiet periods because the restaurant is always at risk of closing. Bob works hard to keep the grill hot despite the difficulties, which include persistent harassment from Linda’s ex–a health inspector. In this post, I have provided more than twenty Bob’s Burgers birthday cake ideas and designs:

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Bob’s Burgers Birthday Cakes

1. Look at this impressive Bob’s Burgers birthday cake that has two delicious tiers a black one and a yellow one. It is an excellent cake overall.

Bob's burger cake | Burger cake, Bobs burgers, Burger party

2. This is an incredible Bob’s Burgers cake overall that has two delicious green tiers plus a fluffy light green ganache on the borders of the cake.

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3. For a lucky thirty-year-old birthday recipient this is an original and simple cake that has a design of Linda on the top of the cake. The white ganache looks delicious!

A Bob's Burgers Birthday – With Sprinkles on Top

4. A Bob’s Burgers birthday cake that is a burger is just the right cake that will have you thinking about whether it is a burger or a cake. Guaranteed to be delicious!

I turned thirty last month. I could have celebrated my new decade with a boring, fancy pants… | Funny birthday cakes, Best birthday cake images, 35th birthday cakes

5. Another burger figure birthday cake for Bob’s Burgers that is more detailed and has several edible figures. A truly inspiring cake indeed.

No photo description available.

6. For your one-year-old birthday kid this is another awesome Burger figure cake that will leave a jaw-dropping taste and it is just the right size.

Bob's Burgers 1st Birthday Cake | Burger cake, Cake, Burger cupcakes

7. This could be the best Bob’s Burgers birthday cake I’ve seen thus far as it is both simple and soft. The pink and blue colors work harmoniously with each other.

Tina, Bobs burgers cookie cake - Hayley Cakes and Cookies Hayley Cakes and Cookies

8. This sweet and chunky homemade Bob’s Burgers birthday cake is delicious and the two non-edible figures at the top are cute and rare collectibles. 

My 2 year old loves Bob's burger's so this is his birthday cake! : r/BobsBurgers

9. Louise’s iconic pink rabbit ears hat is attached to this burger cake and it is truly inspiring. It is just the right size and the sesame seeds show impeccable details.

Bob's Burgers 🍔 cake - Decorated Cake by Lori Mahoney - CakesDecor

10. This must be the most finely detailed Bob’s Burgers birthday cake I’ve seen thus far. It even has a signpost that has chalk lettering on it.

bob's burgers/tina belcher themed cake | Burger cake, Bobs burgers tina, Crazy cakes

Bob’s Burgers Wiki

11. Five incredibly detailed character figures are standing in front of the cake and there is even a burger figure on top of the cake. Enjoy!

No photo description available.

12. Wow this Bob’s Burgers birthday cake has amazing sprinkles on it and the delicious edible burger figures at the top are unforgettable. 

Bob's Burger cake my wife made : r/cakedecorating

13. There are so many interesting features to look at in this interesting Bob’s Burgers cake that is a burger figure. The edible tomato figures have great details.

Bob's Burger - The Baking Pixie

14. A yellow Bob’s Burgers birthday cake is splendid and it is simple. The lettering at the front of the cake also looks professional. 

Character Cake Collection - Smallcakes Ahwatukee

15. For your thirteen-year-old birthday kid this is a unique cake that has an interesting green and yellow color combination.

No photo description available.

16. This is a delicious burger figure birthday cake with edible figures of Tina and Louise in front of the cake. I think it is quite splendid overall. 

My family got me a Bob's Burgers cake for my birthday this year! : r/BobsBurgers

17. Wow this Bob’s burgers burger cake figure is delicious and its features are mouth-watering. A truly ideal cake for your birthday kid and no doubt about it.

Bob's Burgers Cake! I want this for my birthday this year! | Burger cake, Burger party, Bobs burgers

18. The red ganache borders of this Bob’s Burgers cake are fantastic not to mention the sharp and finely detailed flat print image on the top of the cake.

Behind Bob's Burgers: Photo

19. Another impressive Bob’s Burgers birthday cake that is similar to number ten and will be an unforgettable cake for the lucky thirty-year-old birthday recipient.

No photo description available.

20. Wow look at all the delicious burger figures on the top of this cake. The green ganache is also fantastic and the lettering is equally impressive.

Bob's Burgers cake by me : r/BobsBurgers

21. This Bob’s Burgers birthday cake is attention-grabbing and has a smooth texture. I like the soft yellow base and the small edible burger figure on top.

Bob's Burgers - CakeCentral.com

22. This Bob’s Burgers cake is glossy and cute. The light blue base is smooth and the cake overall is just the right size for your lucky birthday kid.

Tina Belcher Cake - CakeCentral.com

23. This Bob’s Burgers birthday cake has so many incredible features to look at and it is extraordinary. The sprinkles are delicious and worth it.

Bobs burgers cake ‍❤️#bobsburgerscake #happybirthdaytothehubs #itsasurprisecake #hethinksitwasordered #thebelchers… | Burger cake, Bobs burgers, Bobs burgers quotes

24. Another great Bob’s Burgers birthday cake that has so many tasty edible features on it such as tiny burgers and interesting speech bubbles.

Bob's Burgers themed birthday cake my wife got me for my 30th : r/BobsBurgers

25. Who knew you could have a birthday cake that is entirely made up of Tina Belcher? This is a truly spectacular and original Bob’s Burgers cake for your lucky birthday kid.

entensekaos on X: "@BobsBurgersFOX My Tina birthday cake! http://t.co/rJKz3YQ2MK" / X

26. An impressive outline drawing of Tina having her thoughts is placed on the top of this chunky and square-shaped birthday cake that has a sweet and mouth-watering taste.

bobs burgers birthday cake | kate cassels

27. Fans of Tina Belcher will truly be amazed by this incredible Bob’s Burgers birthday cake that has an amazing pale blue base and the texture is smooth.

Behind Bob's Burgers: Photo

28. This Bob’s Burgers birthday cake is professionally made and is an exceptional cake overall. The green and yellow ganache at the top are fantastic. 

Bob's Burger – Crave by Leena

29. A simple Bob’s Burgers birthday cake that is a burger figure. It is smooth and simple with super tasty red lettering at the top of the cake.

Boyfriend's Mum asked for inspiration for his cake, I suggested Bob's Burgers. This is the masterpiece she made! : r/BobsBurgers

30. Wow this Bob’s Burgers birthday cake has a glossy burger figure and it is a unique design overall. There is even an edible shark figure at the bottom in front of the cake.

Birthday Cakes II

31. For super delicious burger figures are at the top of this Bob’s Burgers birthday cake and the green base is also very tasty.

Bob's Burgers Birthday Cake Ideas Images (Pictures)

32. To finish off is a super tasty Bob’s Burgers birthday cake with a Tina Belcher design on top and there is also very delicious green lettering. Enjoy!

Bob's Burgers Birthday Cake Ideas Images (Pictures)

Which Bob’s Burgers birthday cake did you like the most in today’s post? I quite like the incredibly fine details in number ten.