20+ Best Metal Gear Solid Birthday Cake Ideas and Designs (2024)

Metal Gear Solid Birthday Cakes: The stealth action video game series known as Metal Gear (メタルギア Metaru Gia?) is typically produced and released by Konami. Hideo Kojima is the creator and primary writer of the series. The latest iteration of the titular superweapon “Metal Gear”—a massive, often bipedal walking tank with nuclear capabilities—must be faced off against the player’s Special Forces Operative during a military operation in Metal Gear.

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The main character of each game is Solid Snake, or another person going by the alias Snake, who must sneak across levels and dodge hostile forces. Snake has a variety of weaponry, most of which are found in the actual world. Snake must battle a variety of bosses throughout the game, each of which possesses unique superhuman or supernatural skills. The last boss in most games is the most recent iteration of the Metal Gear weapon; subsequent bosses are one-on-one fights with the game’s primary adversary. In this post, I have researched more than twenty Metal Gear Solid birthday cake ideas and designs:

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Metal Gear Solid Birthday Cakes

  1. Our first Metal Gear Solid birthday cake features Snake hiding under a cardboard box, which is an iconic sneaking tactic that is used throughout the Metal Gear saga. It is a very impressive cake, which is amazing for your twenty-year-old birthday recipient and I am sure it will be enjoyed to the maximum extent.

Metal gear solid cake

2. This Metal Gear Solid birthday cake features a military camo theme from the Peace Walker entry. It is a large and impressive cake overall, which I like, especially when it comes to edible features such as green grenades and black firearms. The flat print design of Peace Walker on top is also very cool and eye-catching. Enjoy this cake to the max with your special birthday kid.

Birthday cake 😁 : r/metalgearsolid

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3. For your twelve-year-old birthday kid, this is another impressive Metal Gear Solid cake that has the iconic character hiding underneath a cardboard box. The smooth green base is very smooth and has a delicious matcha flavor that will not be forgotten. I also like the edible cardboard box figure because it has an orange flavor. Enjoy this special cake with your lucky birthday kid.

Metal gear solid birthday cake | Video games birthday party, Metal gear, Video games birthday

4. This next Metal Gear Solid 2 birthday cake is excellent and is a vanilla delight with blueberry syrup. You can see that there is a Gray Fox figure on top of the cake, which is cool and adds an eye-catching aspect to the cake. For your thirteen-year-old birthday kid, this is an impressive cake overall and I am sure that your lucky birthday kid will love it.

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5. Look at how clear, minimal, and intricate this Metal Gear Solid cake is. There is a white, smooth vanilla base that is super tasty, plus the jaw-dropping Foxhound logo. It is an impressive and artistic cake overall with a great creative flair, which I am sure your birthday kid will enjoy.

Metal Gear Solid cake by Rebeckington on DeviantArt

6. Snake and Kazuhira Miller are featured on the top of this extraordinary Peace Walker design, which I am sure your birthday kid will appreciate. There is a white vanilla ganache frosting around the top edges of the cake, which I am sure will be very tasty. The designs of Snake and Miller are very detailed (such as the facial hair), which I also like.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker | Anime cake, Cool cake designs, Cake

7. Eight beautiful candles light up this extraordinary Diamond Dogs birthday cake from the Metal Gear Solid V entry in the series. The white ganache frosting is excellent and the flat print design on top is glossy, which I quite like. Also, the cake itself is large, which will be a generous treat for your birthday kid. Enjoy it to the maximum extent.

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8. For your eighteen-year-old birthday recipient, this is an excellent cake that offers a vanilla base plus red strawberry ganache frosting around the edges. It is the ultimate cake for the right moment and I am sure your birthday recipient will love it.

Metal Gear Solid Cake No. 5 by Grayfox26 on DeviantArt

9. Old Snake from Metal Gear Solid 4 is lying face down on a cardboard box figure cake, which is original and imaginative. The cake has a great orange flavor, which I am sure will be very tasty and mouth-watering. Be sure to enjoy this cake to the maximum at the birthday party.

metal gear cake | Doughnut cake, Metal gear, Metal gear solid

10. Now this is a very festive and delicious Metal Gear Solid birthday cake that has a lot of features to offer. There are strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries adorning the cake, which makes it a magnificent cake. It is also a generous size, plus the vanilla base is splendid to the last bite.

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11. This Metal Gear Solid birthday cake is designed as an edible controller figure, which is a unique creation. I think it is a splendid treat for a lucky 33-year-old birthday recipient and will not disappoint. The white controller has an impressive vanilla taste and the green wording has an extraordinary matcha flavor. Enjoy it to the maximum.

Video Game Controller Metal Gear Solid Camouflage Cake - CakeCentral.com

12. This amazing Metal Gear Solid birthday cake is for a lucky twenty-five-year-old birthday recipient and has a delicious caramel flavor. It has an extraordinary smooth texture and the green ganache frosting at the bottom is splendid to the last bite. Enjoy every last bit of it while you still can.

Metal gear solid cake

13. This chocolate Metal Gear Solid V birthday cake for a lucky twenty-two-year-old birthday recipient is excellent and will be an amazing delight overall. I am sure it will be an extraordinary treat with mouth-watering results for the special birthday recipient and it will be loved.

Metal Gear Solid Cake - Decorated Cake by Erika Lynn Cain - CakesDecor

14. This could be the best Metal Gear Solid birthday cake I have seen yet. The cake has a design as a cartridge for the MSX2 system back in 1987, which is excellent to the last bite. For your thirty-year-old birthday recipient, it is an excellent decision, and the intricate design will never be forgotten.

Just wanted to share this cake my girlfriend got me for my birthday. Hope you guys like it as much as I do! 😁 : r/metalgearsolid

15. This is another very impressive Foxhound design birthday cake for the Metal Gear Solid series that shows extraordinary features such as attached green stars and silver wording that says “Happy 30th Matt”. The black and white base resembles a zebra design, which I am sure will be an eye-catching feature.

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16. For the Metal Gear Rising entry in the series, this is a truly wonderful birthday cake that has delicious vanilla frosting around the edges of the cake. There is also a beautiful purple flat print design on top, which I am sure your birthday kid will love to the maximum extent. The cake is also generous, which will be a dream come true. Enjoy.

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17. So many characters from the Metal Gear Solid saga are featured on this extraordinary birthday cake that is delicious to the last bite. It is a square-shaped masterpiece, which I am sure your birthday kid will enjoy because the size is just right. I am sure it will be enjoyed to the maximum extent.

Vanilla/Jam Metal Gear Solid Photo Birthday Cake : r/Cakes

18. This Metal Gear Solid V birthday cake is adorned with delicious strawberries, which is an addition to the white vanilla ganache around the cake. The cake itself is large, which is excellent because it truly is a mouth-watering delight for the lucky birthday kid. Enjoy.

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19. This white vanilla Metal Gear Solid birthday cake has a green and yellow ganache frosting around the edges, which is excellent and will be an unforgettable treat for the lucky birthday kid. The Foxhound logo is quite impressive and glossy, which I like. I am sure your birthday kid will enjoy this cake 100%.

My Birthday Cake - metalgearsolid post - Imgur

20. The Diamond Dogs logo from Metal Gear Solid V is featured on the top of this legendary birthday cake and it is truly an inspiring design. The white vanilla ganache frosting around the edges is magnificent and will be a very memorable treat for your lucky and special birthday kid. Enjoy every last bite of it to the maximum extent.

My sister's birthday cake. Happy birthday Boss! : r/metalgearsolid

21. This Metal Gear Solid birthday cake has an interesting design. There is a knife put right into the cake, which immediately captures attention, plus the cake itself is just the right size. You can also notice the black wording in front of the cake, which adds an artistic and creative flair to the cake. Enjoy.

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22. Wow, could you have Metal Gear Solid cupcakes? That is quite an imaginative conception, which makes our last entry for this post super impressive. Some of the designs on the cupcakes include the codec, exclamation mark, cardboard box, tombstone, and foxhound logo.

Metal gear solid cake

Which Metal Gear Solid birthday cake did you enjoy the most in this post? I believe cake number fourteen was extraordinary and very memorable.