5+ Best Dutch Birthday Cake Ideas and Designs (2024)

Dutch Birthday Cakes: Situated in the middle of Belgium and Germany along the Western Europe area lies a little nation known as the Netherlands. The Netherlands is surrounded by the North Sea, which hits the country hard every day. In Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, and other cities, a large portion of the populace commutes by bicycle. In the Netherlands, there are three times as many bicycles as vehicles.

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The EU nation with the densest population is the Netherlands. The areas around the dams, dikes, and canals have changed, forcing animals to adapt. In the wetlands, several bird species have established a safe sanctuary. To promote the growth of flora, fauna, and tiny creatures, the government established sanctuaries. In this post, there are more than five amazing Dutch birthday cake ideas and designs:

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Dutch Birthday Cakes

  1. Our first Dutch birthday cake has an impressive design of the Dutch flag plus some interesting shoe figures in the top left area of the cake. Some pretty interesting edible pieces resemble fruit pieces adorned around the sides of the cake. They come in different colors, such as orange, yellow, and violet, which is super awesome and will be a very delicious treat overall. Enjoy.

Netherlands Flag Cake | Sprinkle of This

2. The thick and generous orange syrup dripping from the top of this Dutch birthday cake is mouth-watering and will make the cake a memorable treat for your lucky birthday kid. There are also some pretty delicious and amazing sprinkles placed on top of the cake, which make it an incredible delight. I also think that the red, white, and blue colors of the base look cool and make the cake quite lively.

Cake I made with the Dutch flag on it. (It was a national holiday yesterday) | Scrolller

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3. The iconic bicycle drawn on the front side of the cake on the upper tier is a huge hallmark feature of the Netherlands and immediately captures attention. I think this cake is an awesome delight and there are also some pretty delicious biscuit figures adorned around the side of the cake (also on the upper tier) that make this an irresistible treat. Don’t forget the white ganache frosting around the edges.

Dutch-Themed Cake - CakeCentral.com

4. Windmills are also an iconic feature of the Netherlands and this one has some pretty sweet decorations in blue that are an awesome touch. The cake also has a very impressive rectangular white shape that is solid and generous. I also like the pretty blue flowers and there is some very irresistible blue ganache frosting around the bottom edges in a very tasty blueberry flavor.

Delft Blue Dutch Themed Cake — Birthday Cakes | Themed cakes, Tulip cake, Cake

5. Look at the tiny, cute red hearts adorned on the top of this Dutch birthday cake that stand out and add an awesome touch to the decoration. There are also some pretty sweet decorations on the cake, such as flowers and a windmill at the center of the cake. You can also notice a yellow figure on the front side of the cake that is eye-catching and makes this a lovely treat overall for your special birthday kid.

Dutch Birthday Cake | Vollendam/Delft tiles cake with clogs … | Flickr

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6. Our final extraordinary Dutch birthday cake is really impressive and could be my favorite one. There are many pretty and intricate features on the cake, such as flowers, roses, shows, a windmill, and tiny silver balls. All the features have colors that contrast the light blue base of the cake beautifully and make this quite an excellent cake overall. I am sure your special birthday kid will enjoy it to the last bite. See you in the next post.

Dutch themed cake | Zoe Elizabeth Gottehrer | Flickr

Which splendid Dutch birthday cake did you like the most in this post? I think the last one looks quite elaborate and pretty.