50+ Best Aladdin Birthday Cake Ideas and Designs (2024)

Aladdin Birthday Cakes – The title character in Disney’s animated feature film with the same name from 1992 is Aladdin. Aladdin was formerly an Agrabah street mouse who spent his early years begging for food and dodging guards with his monkey companion Abu. Although cheerful, Aladdin’s terrible childhood left him with a lot of insecurity, making him feel unworthy of love in general and Princess Jasmine’s in particular. Despite this, he managed a heroically unselfish deposition, earning him the right to a magic lamp with a wish-granting genie inside.

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Despite his background, Aladdin is a usually upbeat, joyous, and endearing figure at the beginning of the movie. Despite having to steal to survive, he and his companion Abu exhibited excitement when they managed to escape the vicious guards, attempting to find fun in the hardships of daily existence. Aladdin was, however, in no way a selfish guy, even though he did not mind violently taking from the residents of the marketplace. As was already noted, robberies were not just necessary for life; Aladdin was also willing to give up his food to help others in need in Agrabah, such as hungry children. This is an illustration of Aladdin’s selflessness, which was shown often throughout the movie, particularly for Jasmine and, most significantly, Genie, in the film’s conclusion. The Return to Jafar, where the street rat is frequently seen breaking into criminals’ hideouts and giving the looted gems and wealth to the less fortunate residents of Agrabah, is another example of how this feature was carried over to subsequent stories in the series. In this post, I have included more than fifty Aladdin birthday cake ideas and designs:

Aladdin' turns 30: Alan Menken on the journey of an animated classic | CNN

Aladdin Birthday Cakes

1. Our first Aladdin birthday cake is legendary and extraordinary. The upper tier is purple and the bottom tier is light blue. There are several edible figures on the cake and I quite like the Genie figure on the right.

Aladdin Birthday Cake No.K012 - Creative Cakes

2. For a very lucky four-year-old birthday kid this Aladdin birthday cake is excellent. It is highly detailed and small white star figures look incredible.

Genie-us birthday cakes | Cakes by Robin

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3. Two tiers of purple excellence with a gold outline are what this Aladdin cake is all about. It is a true masterpiece and the edible Genie figure is amazing.

Aladdin cake | Jasmine birthday cake, Disney princess birthday cakes, Jasmine birthday

4. This turquoise Aladdin birthday cake is superb for your five-year-old birthday kid plus there are several non-edible and collectible Aladdin figures. A truly excellent cake indeed.

Jasmine and Aladdin cake by Jo Turner | Aladdin cake, Disney birthday cakes, Jasmine birthday cake

5. This Aladdin birthday cake has a pale purple color that is harmonious. The blue Genie figure is also amazing and has incredible details. Don’t forget the gold stylized lettering at the front of the cake.

Aladdin Birthday Cake – Afrina Sweets

6. The dark purple base of this Aladdin birthday cake is legendary and glamorous. All the tiny white stars give an impressive feel to the cake and it is truly wonderful.

Aladdin Birthday Cake – Etoile Bakery

7. The gold design at the bottom of this cake works well with the upper pink section and it is truly a masterpiece. It is very beautiful to look at and I quite like it.

Jasmine Aladdin Birthday Decor | Aladdin Princess Jasmin Party - Cake Birthday Party - Aliexpress

8. This Aladdin birthday cake is just the right size and it has some very impressionable gold stars placed on it. An amazing masterpiece overall and it will impress your birthday kid.

Aladdin Inspired Cake

9. The purple base and ganache of this Aladdin birthday cake stand out and bring a lively vibe to the cake. The edible white flowers are also a great touch and it is a great overall for a lucky eight-year-old birthday kid.

Pin on Custom Cakes

10. Wow now this is a generous and tasty Aladdin birthday cake. The turquoise and purple ganache is super tasty. The edible gold flowers are an awesome touch to the cake and complement the tiny gold balls. The cake also has an impressive flat print design on top.

Aladdin Photo Cake - Rashmi's Bakery

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11. This Aladdin birthday cake is two tiers of absolute excellence and it is a spectacle to behold. The upper-tier design with gold spots is incredible and is an amazing treat overall. 

aladdin cake | Aladdin & Jasmine two tier cake with Disney f… | Flickr

12. An incredible Aladdin birthday cake for a lucky birthday girl that has delicious purple syrup and extraordinary gold glitter on the cake. Enjoy.

No photo description available.

13. This Aladdin birthday cake has a pale light blue color. There is also a beautiful pale light blue and pale light purple ganache decoration on the cake which overall makes it an extraordinary cake.

Disney Aladdin Cake | Best Birthday Cake In Singapore – Honeypeachsg Bakery

14. This is a legendary Aladdin birthday cake for a very lucky twenty-three-year-old birthday recipient. I like the turquoise bottom layer as well as the impressive upper tier with tiny gold spots. What an extraordinary cake indeed.

Aladdin Theme Cake

15. Now this is quite an original and super delicious Aladdin birthday cake. It has three interesting white pillar figures and I am sure that your five-year-old birthday kid will enjoy the irresistible yellow ganache.

How to Make an Aladdin Birthday Cake and Cupcakes | Life in Stepping Stones

16. This is a very generous Aladdin birthday cake indeed. It comes with several attached balloons that come in different colors and designs. The purple ganache on the top of the cake looks tasty and irresistible.

OutOfMyBubble. Aladdin Theme Balloon Cake Topper

17. This Aladdin birthday cake is glossy and seamless. The dark blue color stands out and makes it an elegant cake. There is also an edible figure of the birthday recipient which is amazing and will surely impress.


18. The twenty-one-year-old birthday recipient will enjoy the tiny white star figures embedded in the cake. It gives a dreamy nighttime feel to the extraordinary cake.

Two Tier Aladdin & Jasmine Cake - AC152 - Amarantos Cakes

19. This Aladdin flying carpet buttercream cake is extraordinary and dreamlike. It is just the right size and will be an unmissable delight for your three-year-old birthday kid.

Aladdin Flying Carpet Buttercream Cake Singapore/Kids birthday cakes singapore - White Spatula

20. For a lucky six-year-old birthday kid this is a glamorous and exciting Aladdin birthday cake. The tiny edible white stars are excellent and add a sense of magic to the cake.

Aladdin Cake – Etoile Bakery

21. This Aladdin birthday cake for a lucky seven-year-old birthday kid is excellent and the blue color is very vibrant. There are also non-edible collectible figures.

Aladdin Cake | Bolos da disney, Bolos decorados, Bolos incríveis

22. This Aladdin birthday cake has an interesting pillar structure that gives the cake a unique and memorable design. You will thoroughly enjoy this cake with your lucky birthday kid.

No photo description available.

23. This is another Aladdin birthday cake that has a very interesting and unique design. It is two oriental design pillows with one delicately placed above the other. Very impressive indeed.

Aladdin Cake - Decorated Cake by Lizzy Rea - CakesDecor

24. This Aladdin birthday cake is incredible and has many delicious sprinkles on it. The turquoise syrup and ganache are excellent and do wonders for the cake. The purple ganache is also quite tasty.

The princess Jasmine cake I made yesterday! Hand made Aladdin's lamp out of gum paste 🙂 : r/ratemydessert

25. The yellow and purple colors go well with each other and make this a truly magical cake. The details are astounding and I also like the gold tie ribbon at the bottom of the cake.

Disney Cakes — valuscreations: Jasmine & Aladdin Birthday...

26. Go for this elaborate and extraordinary Aladdin birthday cake with beautiful purple hues. The golden Genie’s lamp at the top of the cake is excellent. This cake would get a ten out of ten from me.

Edda's Cake Designs on X: "If #Genie granted us 3 wishes, this cake would be one of them. 🧞‍♂️ #aladdin #aladdincake #birthdaycake #eddascakes https://t.co/Qmxps319kw" / X

27. Look at the pink and fancy design at the bottom of this Aladdin birthday cake. It is extraordinary and the cake as a whole has multiple tiers which are balanced well.

Jasmine Aladdin birthday cake - Decorated Cake by Jojo - CakesDecor

28. An amazing upper turquoise tier and bottom purple tier make this a magical Aladdin birthday cake indeed. For a fifteen-year-old birthday kid, it is an excellent decision. 

Lamp Aladdin Sweet 15 Fondant Cake - B0561 – Circo's Pastry Shop

29. A square-shaped Aladdin birthday cake that is an absolute masterpiece is just what your birthday kid wanted. The edible flowers are super tasty and the gold ball lining is excellent. There are also three non-edible and collectible figures Aladdin, Jasmine, and Genie.

Disney Princess Jasmine Aladdin And Genie Theme Cake - Kodaikanal

30. For a lucky six-year-old birthday kid this is an awesome rectangle-shaped and traditional Aladdin birthday cake that is an absolute wonder. I am sure your birthday kid will love it.

Amazon.com: Aladdin Personalized Cake Topper 1/2 11 x 17 Inches Birthday Cake Topper : Grocery & Gourmet Food

31. The purple hue on this Aladdin birthday cake is excellent and comes with impressive gold lettering. It is an astounding cake overall and I like the simplicity of it.

Aladdin Fondant Cake | Winni.in

32. There are several beautiful blue colors on this amazing Aladdin birthday cake and it is a wonderful spectacle indeed. For a nine-year-old birthday kid, it is a very good delight.

Aladdin and Jasmine themed 9th birthday cake | Design was br… | Flickr

33. Aladdin is known for being extravagant so this legendary birthday cake proves the point. It is an excellent cake overall with many exciting features.

Disney's Aladdin Cake | Country & Victorian Times

34. There are so many delicious sprinkles on this Aladdin birthday cake that has a mouth-watering purple syrup. The lucky eight-year-old birthday kid will enjoy it to the maximum. It is also the best cake if your birthday kid likes Jasmine.

Disney Aladdin Cake – legateaucakes

35. This is a very impressive chocolate delight birthday cake featuring the Aladdin characters. It is a beautiful design and the chocolate taste will be unforgettable.

Princess Jasmine and Aladdin cake

36. This amazing Aladdin birthday cake comes with several delicious small ice cream delights. It is a generous treat overall and will be an unforgettable treat for your birthday kid.

Aladdin Birthday Cake Ideas Images (Pictures)

37. Four tiers of absolute excellence are offered by this legendary Aladdin birthday cake. It is fancy, unique, and generous. I must say that this is a very amazing cake overall.

Jasmine And Aladdin Cake - CakeCentral.com

38. For a five-year-old birthday kid this is a highly detailed Aladdin birthday cake that has an impeccable blue base. The edible golden tiara is placed delicately above the cake and there is also a beautiful Jasmine figure next to it.

No photo description available.

39. Genie is the definition of this Aladdin birthday cake. It is entirely made up of him so if it is your birthday kid’s favorite character then this will be the ideal cake. Enjoy.

Aladdin Themed Birthday Cake - Iced With Elegance

40. This Aladdin birthday cake has a glossy turquoise upper tier that is decorated with a beautiful gold and dark blue feather accessory. There is also an amazing dark blue bottom tier plus several fancy tiny silver stars. An ideal cake overall for a lucky seven-year-old birthday kid.

Aladdin birthday cake #deliciousarts #aladdincake #aladdin #peacock #peacockfeathers #castle #gold #jas… | Sweet 16 birthday cake, Funny wedding cakes, Aladdin cake

41. This is an amazing Aladdin birthday cake that has three tiers of excellence. The middle light turquoise tier in particular looks very delicious and fantastic. 

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42. This is a pretty impressive Aladdin birthday cake that has a very tasty turquoise base that is covered with delicious tiny gold spots and there is also an impressive purple ball lining at the bottom of the cake.


43. The upper purple tier of this birthday cake is extraordinary and the same goes for the lower turquoise tier. It is a fancy and neat cake overall which will impress your birthday kid.

Kara's Party Ideas Aladdin Birthday Party | Kara's Party Ideas

44. For a four-year-old birthday girl this is quite an elegant and classy birthday cake. There is also a mouth-watering and tasty ganache and whipped cream topping that will make an irresistible taste.

Aladdin Princess Jasmine Cake – Sei Pâtisserie

45. There are several delicious delights on this Aladdin birthday cake such as purple syrup, lollipops, and sprinkles. The color mixes on the cake are unique which makes it stand out from the other cakes.

Jasmine Aladdin Birthday Cake-Edible 2d Toppers – Pao's cakes

46. This is a truly unique design for an Aladdin birthday cake. It is unlike any other cake and the oriental design is fantastic. The cake does have a special and unique structure.

Genie-us birthday cakes | Cakes by Robin

47. This is a very impressive square-shaped Aladdin birthday cake that is a spectacular treat for your birthday kid. The beige ganache on the borders is superb and very tasty.

X \ Crafty Cakes على X: "An Aladdin themed cake for a special 18th birthday - make a wish! 🧞‍♂️ #bespokecakeexeter #birthdaycake #birthdaycakeexeter #18thbirthdaycake #aladdincake #aladdin #genieinthelamp #goldenlamp #makeawish #craftycakesexeter ...

48. The epic golden tiara on the top of this Aladdin birthday cake is extraordinary and I also like the bottom purple tier. It is quite a glamorous and impressive cake overall which I like.

Aladdin Birthday Cake Ideas Images (Pictures)

49. If your birthday kid likes Jasmine then this is quite the ideal Aladdin birthday cake. The purple base colors are soft and beautiful. It is a great cake overall which will impress your lucky birthday kid.

Kara's Party Ideas "A Whole New World" Aladdin Birthday Party | Kara's Party Ideas

50. This smaller-sized Aladdin birthday cake has a very tasty turquoise base and it is just the right size. I also like the edible carpet figure at the top of the cake which makes the cake a spectacular option. I am sure your birthday kid will love it.

Review! NEW Aladdin Petit Cake at Amorette's Patisserie in Disney Springs | the disney food blog

51. To finish off, this is a very impressive Aladdin birthday cake featuring Jasmine that has beautiful teal and yellow colors. Your three-year-old birthday kid will love it and I also think it is a memorable cake.

Jasmine Aladdin Cake-Teal & Yellow cake – Pao's cakes

So which Aladdin birthday cake did you prefer the most in this post? There are so many great options and they are all amazing cakes. I would have to go for number twenty-three as it was quite a unique and eye-catching design with the two oriental pillows.