50+ Best Kirby Birthday Cake Ideas and Designs (2024)

Kirby Birthday Cakes – The titular Kirby serves as the primary character in Nintendo’s Kirby video game franchise. In 1992, he made his acting debut as the lead in Kirby’s Dream Land. thirty games bearing Kirby’s name have been produced throughout the series’ thirty-year existence, the majority of them were created by or were published by HAL for co-developing firms. Along with his appearances in video games, Kirby has also appeared in his anime series, multiple manga publications in numerous nations, comics in numerous nations, and even an instructional video with Mario. Nintendo routinely produces goods for the Kirby franchise, albeit the majority of these items are only available in Japan.

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Kirby resides in Dream Land, a nation in his native world world Popstar, where he has a dome-shaped house. For a variety of causes, his adventures carry him throughout Dream Land and even into nearby star systems. He frequently saves his country and even the cosmos. Kirby can flatten himself or inflate like a balloon thanks to his flexible and squishy physique. The Super Smash Bros. games portray him as being roughly three feet tall when contrasted to the other characters and nearly half the size of Adeleine, a human from Kirby’s series, even though he is just 20 centimeters (8 inches) tall. Although the Super Smash Bros. series and several anime scenes imply that he is light enough to be carried, his weight is unknown. In today’s post I have researched over fifty delicious Kirby cakes and cupcakes:

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Kirby Birthday Cakes

1. This first extraordinary Kirby birthday cake for your birthday kid has a super tasty pale turquoise base and several yellow star designs on top.

Kirby Birthday Cake - Hayley Cakes and Cookies Hayley Cakes and Cookies

2. Go for this traditional and round-shaped Kirby birthday cake that has a delicious orange ganache on the sides and a simple plain white base.

KIRBY - Edible Birthday Cake OR Cupcake Topper – Edible Prints On Cake (EPoC)

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3. This super cute and tasty heart-shaped Kirby birthday cake has a soft and amazing pale turquoise texture plus an incredibly detailed edible Kirby figure on top of the cake.

Kirby Sword Of Fire – 10AM CAKE

4. Look at this adorable birthday cake that is entirely made up of a Kirby figure wearing a cute hat. Your birthday kid will appreciate and love this cake.

3D Kirby Cake — Skazka Cakes

5. Another great and awesome Kirby birthday cake that has the figure sitting on a base that has green hills, yellow stars, and a blue sky with clouds.

Pin on Cakes

6. Go for this cute Kirby figure birthday cake that is simple and soft. It is just the right size for your birthday kid and will make a great impression.


7. Wow! This Kirby birthday cake is fruity galore and I bet it is super tasty. There are strawberries, blueberries, and super healthy raspberries.

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8. This cool Kirby birthday cake has edible Japanese writing on top and there is even a cute cake figure on top which gives the cake a 10 out of 10 for your birthday kid.

Kirby Korean Piping Cake | Cake Genie Home

9. For your eight-year-old birthday kid this is an excellent cake that has fine and soft details. The yellow star figure looks cute and super tasty.

Kirby themed single tier Cake

10. No way! This bigger Kirby figure is gobbling up several delicious pink cupcakes. This is a very generous treat for your birthday kid and a must-have!

I Baked a Kirby Cake for My Kid's Birthday! : r/Kirby

Kirby Wiki

11. You can always go for this traditional and rectangle-shaped Kirby birthday cake that has pink ganache on the sides and a great flat print design on top.

Super Smash Brothers Kirby Nintendo Edible Cake Topper Image 1/4 sheet ABPID05234 - Walmart.com

12. This excellent Kirby birthday cake has two tiers of rainbow delight and the small edible yellow stars are a great addition to the cake.

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13. Wow there is an edible Meta Knight figure on this birthday cake. Your birthday kid could particularly like this cake if it is their favorite character.

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14. Go for this smaller Kirby figure birthday cake for your seven-year-old birthday kid. It has lovely heart designs at the bottom.

Kirby Cake – Freed's Bakery

15. This birthday cake looks like it combines Kirby with Super Mario because of the Mario figures on the side of the cake. Impressive!

Super Mario Layer Cake - Classy Girl Cupcakes

16. This is quite a cheerful Kirby birthday cake for your birthday girl that has an incredible rainbow at the front and several yellow star attachments on top.

Kirby Rainbow Cake - Decorated Cake by Jackie's Cakery - CakesDecor

17. Yummy this Kirby birthday cake is mouth-watering to look at and I would love to have it for dessert. It is just the right cake for your birthday kid.

Kirby birthday cake | Ned Batchelder

18. This is an amazing Kirby birthday cake for your six-year-old birthday kid that includes an edible rainbow figure as well as yellow stars and clouds.

Cake tag: kirby - CakesDecor

19. Nothing like a simple and soft textured Kirby figure birthday cake for your lucky birthday kid. It is just a plain and simple Kirby cake that is professionally made.

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20. Wow! This is an incredible and fluffy orange Kirby figure cake. The texture looks very delicious and I imagine your birthday kid can’t wait to try it.

Kirby Cake - CakeCentral.com

21. A heart-shaped Kirby birthday cake in a white and pale pink theme is the way to go. It looks elegant and well-composed.

Swallow Everything Kirby – 10AM CAKE

22. In a different theme altogether go for this Galaxy Sword Kirby birthday cake is an awesome cake for your birthday boy and he will always remember it.

For my son's 6th birthday I made him this Galaxy Sword Kirby cake! : r/Kirby

23. Another adorable Kirby birthday cake that comes with a cute cupcake and it even has sprinkles on it. This is a truly great treat for your birthday kid.

Kirby Birthday Cake by aislynn93 on DeviantArt

24. Incredibly detailed cloud and yellow star figures are placed on this Kirby birthday cake and it is a wonderful design for your birthday kid.

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25. This Kirby figure is enlarged which looks cute and there is even a smaller birthday cake figure which makes it a wonderful cake overall.

Kirby Cake - Eve's Cakes

26. This is another great and elegant heart-shaped Kirby birthday cake that is sweet and lovely to the last bite. A truly amazing cake for your birthday kid.

Kirby Friend Heart Jewelry Box Cake Customizable BY 10AM - Etsy

27. Kirby adopts a creative flair in this artistic birthday cake. For your eleven-year-old artistic birthday kid, this is the ideal cake.

CakeSophia: Kirby cake

28. This Kirby birthday cake has an edible black DS figure on top of the cake plus there are two patterned tiers for the cake. An extraordinary cake for your six-year-old birthday kid.

Nintendo DS - Kirby Themed Birthday Cake | CJ is a boy who l… | Flickr

29. Kirby looks happy in this Kirby figure birthday cake for a lucky ten-year-old birthday kid. It is just the right size and has a soft texture.

Katy's Kitchen: Kirby Birthday Cake

30. This three-tier Kirby birthday cake has a lot to offer and the yellow stars are a fantastic touch not to mention the edible green hat Kirby is wearing.

cake Kirby and Waddle dee - Decorated Cake by Paola - CakesDecor

31. Look at the green base layer of this astounding Kirby birthday cake. It is truly awesome and the lettering at the front is both edible and tasty.

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32. This Kirby figure birthday cake is a generous portion and it will more than satisfy your lucky birthday kid. There is even a tasty white ganache on the bottom borders.

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33. A blue Kirby birthday cake is something different and not easily found. A truly special and rare treat for your lucky birthday kid.

Hello I'm just a random but here's a Blue Kirby cake | Fandom

34. For your seven-year-old birthday kid this is an awesome Kirby birthday cake that is decorated with yellow stars around the base layer.

kirby-cake | Debbie Goard | Flickr

35. A lucky ten-year-old birthday kid will love the incredibly fine details on this Kirby cake that even includes edible candy pieces and a cupcake.

Baker's Brew | Kirby's Confectionary Cake

36. Your awesome seven-year-old birthday kid will like this cute Kirby birthday cake that has a starry base layer.

Crissa's Cake Corner!: Kirby Cake

37. This is quite a unique design for a Kirby birthday cake and I would recommend it for your lucky birthday kid. The black outline looks cool and slick.

Affordable Party Cakes By McArthur's Bakery In St. Louis | 25

38. There is a pink Kirby and a green Kirby on top of this imaginative birthday cake that is full of many different features and vibrant.

Kirby Game Cake

39. The base layer of this Kirby birthday cake is a solid blue and the Kirby figure is seated on a large and edible yellow star that looks adorable.

Kirby birthday cake : r/cakedecorating

40. Kirby is on fire in this legendary birthday cake that is a figure of him standing on a large yellow star. A creative and cool cake indeed.

Kirby cake - Decorated Cake by Elena - CakesDecor

41. Kirby is courageous and wields an edible sword in another legendary birthday cake. Meta Knight is also present and I like the blue and yellow pattern at the bottom.

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42. This is a very adorable Kirby birthday cake indeed for an amazing five-year-old birthday boy. The chunky yellow star looks very delicious.

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43. This Kirby birthday cake has a colorful theme and the pink hues are pleasing to look at. It is soft and is decorated with non-edible stars and plastic jewel pieces.

Kirby Invincible Candy – 10AM CAKE

44. For your twelve-year-old birthday kid this two-tier birthday cake has a bright and happy theme. The edible yellow stars on the side are a great addition.

Kirby and friends cake

45. Go for this elaborate Kirby birthday cake design that has so many edible figures and features. I especially like the details on the tree at the side.

If You Ate Kirby... by RogueMudblood on DeviantArt

46. The soft and fluffy pink ganache on the sides of this Kirby birthday cake is super delicious and will be a great treat for your birthday kid.

Celebration Cakes - Moonlight Cakes

47. This is a truly excellent Kirby birthday cake especially if your birthday kid loves King Dedede. The edible figure at the bottom is detailed and professionally made.

Kids Cakes — Cake Coquette

48. Wow what a splendid and lovely Kirby birthday cake this is. It is decorated with several edible hearts at the bottom and it is truly fantastic.

Penang,Butterworth 6" Kirby Cartoon Cake - Buttercream Cake from SWEET  CREATIONS BAKING VENTURE

49. From the iconic videogame boss fight battle where Kirby fights Whispy Woods this is placed on top of the cake and the figures are edible.

Kirby's cake | Themed cakes, Kirby, Boozy cupcakes

50. This rainbow delight is fantastic for a Kirby birthday cake and the several yellow edible stars are an excellent addition. Enjoy!

Our Cakes - Sugar Rush Columbus

51. To finish off we have an incredible tasty Kirby birthday cake that has so many colorful and edible sprinkles on top. It is an impeccable cake for your birthday kid.

My fiancee made me an amazing Kirby cake for my birthday! : r/Kirby

Which Kirby birthday cake or cupcake would you choose from today’s post? There are so many excellent options but I think number thirty-seven was the best because of the cool black outline.