9+ Best Middle Eastern Birthday Cakes (2024)

Middle Eastern cuisine is diverse, and the types of birthday cakes can vary based on the country and local traditions. Here are a few examples of Middle Eastern-inspired birthday cakes:

  1. Basbousa:
    • Basbousa is a traditional Middle Eastern semolina cake soaked in flavored sugar syrup, often infused with rose or orange blossom water. It’s commonly topped with almonds or coconut.

Basbousa Bel Ashta Recipe

2. Ma’amoul Cake:

    • Ma’amoul is a traditional Middle Eastern-filled cookie, usually stuffed with dates, nuts, or figs. A Ma’amoul cake might incorporate the same flavors with layers of cake and a filling made from these ingredients.

Maamoul Mad b Ashta (Lebanese Dessert) by Zaatar and Zaytoun

3. Kunafa Cake:

    • Kunafa is a popular Middle Eastern dessert made with a thin, noodle-like pastry soaked in syrup. A Kunafa cake might feature layers of shredded pastry with sweet cheese or semolina filling.

Kunafa Cake: Recipe by Lubna's Kitchen - Cookpad

4. Pistachio and Rosewater Cake:

    • Pistachios are a common ingredient in Middle Eastern desserts. A cake featuring ground pistachios and a hint of rosewater can create a flavorful and aromatic birthday treat.

Pistachio And Rose Water Semolina Cake - Bens Independent Grocer

5. Date and Walnut Cake:

    • Dates and walnuts are frequently used in Middle Eastern sweets. A cake made with chopped dates, walnuts, and perhaps a touch of honey or molasses can be a delightful option.

Date and Walnut Cake Recipe (with Semolina) - East Indian Recipes

6. Halva Cake:

    • Halva is a sweet made from sesame paste, and it has variations across the Middle East. A Halva cake might incorporate Halva into the cake batter or frosting, creating a unique and nutty flavor.

Halva Cake: Party Size (6.6lb / 3kg) - Seed + Mill

7. Mamoul Cake:

    • Mamoul is a type of filled shortbread cookie filled with dates, nuts, or figs. A Mamoul-inspired cake could replicate the flavors and textures of the traditional cookie in cake form.

Maamoul – Oriental Dessert Cakes

8. Rosewater and Cardamom Cake:

    • Rosewater and cardamom are common flavorings in Middle Eastern desserts. A cake infused with these aromatic ingredients can offer a unique and sophisticated taste.

Cardamom, Rose Water & Pistachio Cake | Mustard With Mutton

9. Tahini Cake:

    • Tahini, a paste made from sesame seeds, is used in both sweet and savory Middle Eastern dishes. A Tahini cake might have a nutty and rich flavor, often paired with ingredients like honey or molasses.

Tahini Cake Recipe - Souvlaki For The Soul

10. Orange Blossom Water Cake:

    • Orange blossom water is a fragrant ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine. A cake flavored with orange blossom water can provide a light and floral touch.

Orange Blossom Cake by Zaatar and Zaytoun - Lebanese Recipes

These examples highlight some popular flavors and ingredients used in Middle Eastern birthday cakes, but variations can exist depending on the specific cultural influences within the region.