100+ Happy Birthday Memes for Her (2024) Funny Wishes for Girlfriend

happy birthday meme for her

happy birthday meme for him

    • Congratulations, beautiful friend! I hope that the new cycle that begins will be full of laughs, achievements and fulfilled dreams. And I promise I’ll be on your side, rooting for you every step of the way!

happy birthday memes for her

    • You may never know how much I adore you, but I promise I won’t stop trying to demonstrate. Be very happy, friend, I will always be by your side! Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Photographer

birthday memes for men

    • Friend, on this birthday, don’t forget that the future has just begun! The best of your life is yet to come! Best wishes, today and always!

happy birthday friend meme

    • Don’t worry about getting old, because the secret of youth is always to lie about age. Congratulations to you, many years of life and a happy birthday!

birthday memes for women

    • Congratulations! Give thanks to life, because you are aging like a good wine that gets even better with each year of enjoyment. Happy Birthday! Lots of parties, prosperity and fun!

birthday meme for her

    • Congratulations! Soothe your heart because you’re not getting old, it’s becoming a classic. It’s us on tape, my brother. Happy Birthday! Many years of life and a lot of health to continue enjoying.

pretty happy birthday memes for her

    • People with more birthdays have been scientifically proven to live longer. Well done for this performance.

birthday meme for him

    • At least, you’re still younger than a year from now. Happy Birthday.

happy birthday meme funny for her

    • At least you’re still younger than a year from now. Happy Birthday.

funny birthday memes for her

    • A very happy birthday from all of me. If only it had been my birthday, I could have celebrated too.

happy birthday meme friend

    • No matter how old you are, you will always be in your prime. Happy birthday.

birthday memes for her

    • I am delighted to be able to celebrate you today, as well as for the next 365 days, and for the many days to come. You are the love of my life, the light in my path. “

funny happy birthday memes

    • Words are barely enough to describe the love, joy and happiness you bring to my life. For this special day, I hope I can give you so much and more.

happy birthday meme female

    • Already 10 years old, I will soon be able to call you old man 😉 Enjoy this new year and keep making us laugh like a pro!

funny birthday happy birthday meme

    • 13 best wishes for the coolest person I know.

happy birthday girl meme

    • I had planned to send you amazing, wonderful, unique and glittery birthday greetings, but it didn’t fit in an envelope, so I’m just sending you this card. Happy Birthday !

happy birthday memes for him

    • “Dancing Queen, Only Seventeen” Kiff your life my little queen

funny birthday memes for him

    • I usually need a Facebook notification to remember a birthday. But when I don’t, I’m so proud of myself that I take the time to write a card… Happy Birthday!

      dirty happy birthday meme

      Happy birthday to one of the only girls whose gossip I can stand and whose stupid jokes I love

happy birthday best friend meme

    • Happy birthday to you who make my school days so much more bearable

birthday meme for women

    • Happy birthday to you who know me so well and still had the good idea to become my best friend / my best friend

birthday memes for him

    • You are a real gift to me and to everyone around you. Thanks for everything you do. I hope you feel all the love radiating around you on this day.

happy birthday meme girl

    • My love, as a new chapter in your life opens today, I want your wildest dreams and dearest wishes to come true. You deserve it so much.

happy birthday meme funny for him

    • Make a wish. I know you will have enough breath to put out all your candles, because day after day you leave me breathless. Happy Birthday.

birthday meme funny for her

    • Happy birthday from me to me! It’s time to party because I’m superfly! Well done to a brand new year full of laughter, love and new friendships!

funny dirty birthday meme

    • I remember every year on this special day how blessed I am to have had another year to experience the wonders of this beautiful world! God is good! My birthday is a day that I cherish and love.

happy birthday memes funny

    • Every day I pinch myself to make sure I don’t dream of such amazing things, giving to my friends and family! I am so grateful to have people like you in my life!

happy birthday bestie meme

    • Happy birthday to a man who has known so much in his life: the invention of the wheel, the first drawings in the caves, … “

funny happy birthday meme for her

    • Someday you’ll really have to tell me how you survived the dinosaurs! Happy birthday by the way 😊 »

happy birthday girl meme funny

    • One more year of losing your hair, courage! Happy birthday !

happy birthday funny meme for her

    • Don’t forget your telescope, if you want to take a look back at your many years past!

funny birthday memes for men

    • It’s my favorite kind of day! I can’t expect a lot of laughs, a lot of cakes and a lot of love! Happy birthday to my dearest self!

happy birthday gorgeous meme

    • Happy thoughts. Happy memories. Happy dreams. Happy birthday! Happy birthday!

inappropriate birthday memes for her

    • Today, I definitely have my cake… and I eat it too! It’s my birthday! Calories are nonexistent on birthdays!

happy birthday birthday meme

    • It was a fantastic day for a birthday! Lots of laughs and fun had everyone. You really know how to make a girl so special! I can’t wait to see what adventures this year has in store for us!

inappropriate birthday memes for him

    • For today only, you can borrow any clothes / games you want from me. Happy birthday, my brother / sister.

happy birthday girlfriend meme

    • To my brother, my best friend, my role model. I hope this year will be great for you.

birthday wishes birthday meme

    • We were born brothers and sisters, but we have become best friends in the world. Happy Birthday.

happy birthday funny for her

    • Some days you drive me crazy, but most of the time I know I’m lucky to have a brother like you. I wish you a happy new year full of successes.

funny happy birthday meme for him

    • I would never have survived the family vacation without you by my side. I wish you the best of birthdays.
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