120+ Happy Birthday Status for Girlfriend on Whatsapp (2024) Bday Love Shayari

wish you happy birthday

happy birthday status for girlfriend on whatsapp

    • I never thought I would celebrate a special day with a special person. I will always try and do whatever it takes to make every day memorable like your birthday.

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Happy Birthday Didi Elder Sister

    • Happy birthday to you, the special person who completes my life.

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    • Not everyone makes my heart flutter like the pounding you emit, Met birthday ya cayank..

birthday wishes for lover

    • Not only makes your lover feel happy and cared for, the birthday wishes you give will give its own color in the relationship.

wish you a very happy birthday

    • In addition to congratulations, there are also people who will celebrate birthdays by holding a party with family or closest people, such as relatives, friends, and colleagues.

happy birthday wishes in english

    • To give your boyfriend a romantic impression, apart from congratulating him, you can give him a surprise or gift, which can make them feel happy on their anniversary.

birthday wishes for girlfriend

    • You can give birthday greetings through messages on social media, or of course say them directly to your girlfriend.

birthday wishes for girl

    • Loving you today more than yesterday’s love, my life is now hanging for you, happy birthday my love.

wish u happy birthday

    • A friend is one of the special people who are present in our lives, where he will always accompany us in various situations, be it happy or sad.

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    • A friend will laugh with us when we are happy and will also be sad when we feel sad, sad, or lonely. With this, it is obligatory for us to maintain friendship with all our friends, whoever it is.

birthday wish in english

    • One way that we can do to make our best friend happy on a happy day is to wish him a birthday on his birthday. This can also keep the friendship closer.

romantic birthday wishes for girlfriend

    • Since you came into my life, all colors have become more vivid. You bring light and color to my dark life. Happy Birthday my love!

birthday quotes for boyfriend

    • When I first saw you, the whole world seemed more colorful, everything I did was more fun. Happy birthday dear, healthy and successful always.

wish you a happy birthday

    • It is undeniable that your presence is an amazing thing for me, as long as there is you I will always be happy. Happy birthday my love, may the earth always be on your side.

wish you very happy birthday

    • You are now getting older, growing up is something you have to face. Happy birthday, may God always bless you.

happy birthday wishes for girlfriend

    • Happy birthday Love of my life, you will always be in my heart, no matter how strong the storm will hit our relationship.

best birthday wishes for girlfriend

    • On your special day, I will give you a present, but remember that this is just an ordinary gift. The real gift is your health and your success from God.

birthday wish for girlfriend

    • Congratulations, love of my life! My biggest wish is to make you happy every day, especially on your birthday. Love you!

happy birthday love quotes

    • Sometimes it’s hard to find enough words to exalt the wonderful person you are. Happy Birthday my love!

birthday wishes to girlfriend

    • It’s so easy to love you, with your always affectionate way and with that smile that makes me in love. Congratulations on your birthday, I love you more every day!

birthday quotes for girlfriend

    • Happy birthday, my princess. May this day be repeated over and over again and may I continue to say in all of them: congratulations, my love. I love you my angel.

happy birthday my love quotes

    • The owner of my happiness is you, my smile is yours. I will do everything to make this day very special for you, just as you make all my days special. Happy birthday, my life!

happy birthday wishes english

How to read whatsapp message of girlfriend

    • May the glow of your life seek in the sky the essence of the light of victory to spread optimism, hope, understanding, courage and determination to continue to win on your path. Happy Birthday my love!

happy birthday wish in english

    • Happy Birthday, my darling! You taught me what love is. I never imagined this feeling could be so powerful. But now I know, because you give me the privilege of knowing you on your side.

i wish you happy birthday

    • I just wish our love continues to grow. Have a beautiful day like you, my dear! I love you! Congratulations!

birthday wishes for girls

    • Happy Birthday my love. Today is your special day, and for me it is the most significant date, as today we commemorate your birth, without which I would never have found my reason to live!

birthday wish for love

    • Happy Birthday my love! Each year that passes makes our relationship even stronger. I feel that we are even more united. Love you!

happy birthday wishes for girl

    • Be happy, today and forever, with me by your side! I love you very very very much! Happy Birthday!

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