110+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Nani (2024) Janamdin नाती स्टेटस

birthday wishes for nani

    • My grandmother’s friend
      I think the cutest
      Happy Birthday Granny!

Happy Birthday Cakes for 17 Year Olds

happy birthday nani quotes

    • May all the happiness of the world be with you,
      May our mind always meet with you,
      May this cycle of your birthday continue for thousands of years.

happy birthday nani

    • you are my granny
      I am your duti,
      always be happy you
      Never break this love of ours.
      Happy Birthday to dear Nani ji from Dohiti!

happy birthday nani ji

    • You have seen every sight of this world,
      The time spent with you is very sweet,
      no one can be better than you
      Because you are very dear to us.
      Happy Birthday Granny!

happy birthday nani wishes

    • nanny like you
      keep your interests
      As if he were an angel.
      Happy Birthday Granny!

happy birthday nani maa

    • i played in your lap
      Today is the day of your birthday,
      Blessed am I the god who belongs to the world
      Best nanny I’ve found.
      Happy Birthday Nanaji

nani birthday

    • When I was little, I have been our friend since then.
      This couple of Nani Dohite looks very cute.
      Happy Birthday to My Nanaji

happy birthday card for nani

    • Every smile on my granny’s face
      I feel very sweet
      I pray to god
      Never break our friend.
      Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Granny!

nani birthday quotes

    • Nani along with parents also
      raised me with great love,
      Today is grandmother’s birthday
      Whose hands took care of falling in childhood!
      Happy Birthday Nani

happy birthday nani maa cake

    • Keeps a smile on my face every time
      Whose words are the sweetest,
      she is my grandmother
      Which I think is very cute!
      happy birthday granny mom

happy birthday nani quotes in hindi

    • no matter how big
      But my grandmother is a child to mother,
      always want to see happy faces
      I am your best grandson!
      Happy Birthday Nani Ji

lines for nani maa

    • “May all the happiness of the world be with you, may our heart always meet with you, may this cycle of your birthday continue for thousands of years…” . Happy Birthday to the world’s best nanny.

happy birthday to you nani

    • “You have seen every sight of this world, time spent with you is very dear, no person can be better than you because you are very dear to us…” . Happy Birthday to the best granny in the world

miss you nani maa shayari

    • “When Mama ji is killed, Nana ji saves, and when Nana ji is scolded, Nani saves it’s very sweet my Nani who decorates our world…” . – Nani ji wish you a very happy birthday

happy birthday nanu quotes

    • “Dear Nani, you are an important part of my life I hope your birthday is full of happiness and love…” . – Happy birthday, dear nanny

nani quotes

    • “It is very good that you nanny always keep the light of happiness burning, wishing you a very happy birthday, this lovely grandson of yours….” . Happy Birthday to the best granny in the world

quotes on nani

    • “The one who raised me with love, saved me from falling faltering steps in childhood, today is the birthday of that lovely grandmother, who has fed me even a bite of her mouth…” . Happy Birthday to the world’s best nanny.

happy birthday nani cake

    • May your every birthday be with such happiness, this is our only prayer to God. happy birthday to you nani ji

quotes on nani maa

    • Glad Birthday to my dazzling, excellent and honest Nani you generally keep my pockets full with confections, you generally save me from my mom’s annoyance. I have heaps of fun and pleasure during my days off when you and me both were together 🙂

birthday wishes for nani in hindi

    • I wish you generally Praise your excursion of life, Glad Birthday Nani Ji 🙂

nani maa quotes

    • Grandmother, may God continue to favor you with favorable luck, and may your bountiful favorable luck continue to make your adversaries hopeless. Glad birthday.

happy birthday nani images

    • Perk up, grandmother. Advanced age is something which doesn’t keep going long. Simply joking! Have an exceptionally great birthday.

nani maa status

    • Dear Grandmother, I’m sending you a major embrace on your birthday! Here’s to you, and I trust that you’ll be fit as a fiddle and wellbeing for some more years to come. Glad birthday!

nani love quotes

    • Glad birthday granny! Much obliged to you for being in excess of a grandma to us. You have additionally assumed the part of being our closest companion. You directed us into the correct way and showed us important illustrations throughout everyday life.

birthday wishes for nanaji in hindi

    • May you stay solid and glad for the years to come. We are on the whole glad to have you here with us!

happy birthday nanaji quotes

    • Glad birthday Grandmother, I wish another brilliant year. We are generally here to praise your unique day!

happy birthday nanaji wishes

    • To my dearest Grandmother, I wish bounty motivations to grin and an exceptionally warm glad birthday!

happy birthday nanaji

    • Love and bliss to the one who gave me incredible consideration and many warm embraces this load of years. Cheerful adoring birthday!

happy birthday nanu wishes in hindi

    • That load of years you showed me incalculable illustrations of life. May your birthday cause you to feel like an eighteenth years elderly person!

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happy birthday nanaji cake

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birthday card for nani

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happy birthday nani card

    • Cheerful Birthday To My Unique Grandmother. You’ve generally put forth a valiant effort to make my birthday wishes work out. Presently it’s my move! Anything you need today is yours. Beginning with 100 kisses from me!

नाती स्टेटस

  • A birthday is simply one more day where you go to work and individuals give you love. Age is only a perspective, and you are just about as old as you might suspect you are. You need to remember your good fortune and be cheerful, Most joyful Birthday Wishes to Nani Ji 🙂
  • To my dazzling Nani maa at the age of 70’s you actually look 30’s what elegance in your demeanor and signal both. Glad birthday to my consistently most loved Nani.
  • Glad birthday to my dearest Nani Ji, you showed me how to talk, how to walk, how to eat when I was a child. Despite the fact that I have articulated the absolute first word in your lap. Nani maa I love you more than anything. You merit everything best and heaps of adoration and love from all the relatives. Have the most joyful day Nani maa.
  • Cheerful birthday to my lord gourmet expert ever, I generally miss your hand tailored cakes and treats nobody can at any point beat you in these flavors, I wish I can be on par with you in cooking sometime in the future. However it’s your birthday yet if it’s not too much trouble, make a cake for me Nani maa. Wish you an exceptionally glad and foodie birthday.
  • Cheerful birthday Nani ji, you are so proficient with your work however similarly carefree and carefree with your family. You were never blended your own and expert coexistence and gave us an equivalent consideration and friendship. We love you Nani maa. Cheerful Birthday!
  • Today you will be you! That is more genuine than valid! There is nobody alive who is more youthful than you! . Cheerful Birthday Nani Ji 🙂
  • Cheerful birthday, grandmother. I love you more than Fly Li loves kung fu, and the person truly adores kung fu!
  • Dear granny, I imagined that your birthday will not be unique without me, however I understood that you have more wonderful, brilliant, and capable fantastic children in your munititions stockpile. May God keep on gift you.
  • Sweet grandmother, I see that you are becoming more energetic, athletic, and light-footed than the greater part of us. We will very much want to have you in our ball club this year. Wishing you a glad birthday!
  • Much obliged to you for calling me out on my senseless, childish and stupid stuff. All the credit goes to you for establishing me actually and making me a sober minded individual. Have an awesome time, grandmother!
  • Advanced age denies the savvy man just of characteristics pointless to shrewdness. Glad Birthday Nani Ji 🙂
  • May you get many gifts, and may your day be cheerful, and best of all may you be encircled by loved ones. May all you wish for work out as expected 🙂
  • Congrats on your birthday! Wishing you a genuinely fantastic day. Cheerful Birthday Nani Ji 🙂
  • Cheerful Birthday Nani Ji, You are a particularly delightful and caring Nani, Consistently inspired me in the strolls of my life, Today on this extremely favorable event, I might want to be grateful to you for all your adoration which you have given me.
  • On your birthday, everything I can say is that I love you more than you’ll at any point know. Nothing in this world can at any point change my affection for you or have your spot in my life. You are the explanation satisfaction lives in my heart. Glad birthday, grandmother.
  • Cheerful Birthday, Grandmother! May your false teeth stay in your mouth, when you chomp into your birthday cake! May you dance without requiring a hip substitution, tomorrow!
  • You are extraordinary as a grandma, yet essentially personally, as well. You have been acceptable to the individuals from your family, however to every other person. I wish a fabulous birthday to an incredible individual and, obviously, a wonderful grandmother!
  • Try not to lament another birthday, fortunately you are alive and can commend it. Glad Birthday Nani Ji 🙂
  • Expectation your birthday is brimming with daylight and rainbows and love and giggling! Sending many great wishes to you on your unique day 🙂
  • You were conceived and with you unlimited potential outcomes, not many at any point to be figured it out. It’s alright. Life was never regarding what you could do, however what you would do 🙂
  • Grandmother, Glad Birthday! I generally realized you were a wild partier. All things considered, presently you have a genuine creature to celebrate with. Charm! Go off the deep end, Grandmother.
  • My sweet Grandmother, I wish you to be consistently glad and sound as today! Cheerful birthday my cherished elderly person!
  • Grandmother, may God continue to favor you with favorable luck, and may your plentiful favorable luck continue to make your foes hopeless. Glad birthday.
  • I need to tell the world that in case there was a Miss Universe exhibition for grannies, you, my lovely granny would experience no difficulty taking the crown. Have a great time, granny.
  • Sincerely, I might want to thank you for being the most awesome grandma in the whole world. Glad birthday, my valuable granny.
  • To the old woman who is my dad’s mom, Glad Birthday! May this be the primary day that you utilize a watch, rather than a sundial! May you ride in a vehicle, rather than a pony drawn carriage!
  • Grandmother, there’s most certainly something extraordinary with regards to you—everybody around you goes gaga for you right away. An exceptionally glad birthday to an extremely unique woman in my life!
  • On your birthday grandmother, I simply needed you to realize that you’re probably the best grandma on the planet. We really like all the incredible work that you have accomplished for the family. We trust you partake in the party we ready for you. Glad birthday!
  • Glad Birthday To My Sweet Grandmother. Treats, cake, confections, and chocolate. I wish you a birthday brimming with delicious treats, however know none of them are just about as sweet as you, Grandmother!
  • An elderly person like you merits the best warm birthday wishes! May you stay sound and happy!
  • Your face and skin is the main thing that shows your age. However, your heart is as yet youthful as a young kid. Glad birthday my Grandmother!
  • A grandma is the second mother in a youngster’s life. For me you were my mom, sister and companion! I’m extremely glad to be your grandkid!
  • I’m exceptionally glad for you Grandmother. Your generosity, love and insight are the things I wish to acquire from you. Glad and warm birthday.
  • You are so sweet actually like your treats you prepared us this load of years. May you experience another 100 solid years.
  • The extraordinary thing about getting more seasoned is that you don’t lose the wide range of various ages you’ve been. Glad Birthday 🙂
  • For the young, the outrage of most things will simply flood as every birthday passes. Glad Birthday 🙂
  • Sending loads of affection and a major infection free embrace on your birthday. I miss you colossally, and I can hardly wait to take you out to party appropriately once lock-down is finished 🙂
  • On your birthday, everything I can say is that I love you more than you’ll at any point know. Nothing in this world can at any point change my affection for you or have your spot in my life. You are the explanation joy dwells in my heart. Glad birthday, grandmother.
  • Sincerely, I might want to thank you for being the most brilliant grandma in the whole world. Cheerful birthday, my valuable granny.
  • Grandmother, you are my holy messenger and dearest companion. I can’t send up a little prayer of thanks enough for having a particularly sensational granny like you in my life. Granny, I trust your birthday is just about as remarkable as you. Love you.
  • I needed to make you something genuinely astounding and motivating for your birthday. Then, at that point, I recalled that you as of now have me 😉 Glad Birthday 🙂
  • A debt of gratitude is in order for being the person who consistently feed me with bunches of adoration. All the best to my Grandma.
  • For a lady who can be proficient in all that she needs to do. Cheerful B-Day Grandmother.
  • Glad Birthday to my granny who told me the best way to resemble a princess likewise while You are cooking.
  • You are a major piece of my life. I wish I won’t ever lose you. Glad birthday to the best granny!
  • My sweet Grandmother you took charm and thoughtfulness to another level. I profoundly love you and may you have another million birthday events.