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Birthday is a happy moment for anyone. Especially if it’s your best friend’s birthday. For that you have to give him a birthday greeting that is full of prayers and good meaning.

Birthday greetings for friends that contain prayers and good wishes will certainly be very meaningful and make him happy. Because, gifts are not only about expensive and shiny items. The care and loyalty of a friend is certainly measured more than that.

But not everyone can string up birthday greetings for friends perfectly. For that, there is nothing wrong for you to use one of the collection of birthday greetings for friends that we provide below.

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Happy Birthday Images With Name

    • Happy birthday. May you live long and happy.

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    • Happy birthday, friend. May you always be successful and get better.

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    • Happy hatching day, my dear sister. More beautiful, salihah and smart.

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    • Happy birthday, sister. Good luck with your graduation and get a job soon.

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    • Mother, congratulations on this increasingly blessed age. I hope you have more patience with children and a long life.

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    • My dear love, happy birthday yes. May everything you wish come true.

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    • Happy birthday dear mother. Hurry up, kid. Good school huh.”

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    • To my dear son, happy birthday. May you be the proud son of your mother and father always.

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    • Honey, I hope you like these short, but meaningful birthday wishes. Happy birthday, honey.

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    • Happy birthday, my husband. Just a short, but meaningful birthday wish this is all I can say.

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    • Happy birthday to you, my dear mother. Be patient and keep the spirit, ma’am.

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    • Happy Birthday darling. Live long and be happy always.

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    • Today I want a short, but meaningful birthday wish for you. May you be happy and always walk on the path that is pleasing to Allah.

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    • Happy birthday, sis! Thank you for being a very kind and patient friend. It’s hard for us to be happy together, later success must be together too. Enjoy today, may God always give you smoothness in living the day.

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    • Happy birthday to my friend, this one is the most chatty, shopping buddy, and also a place to vent. Thank you for being the most patient friend, even though it’s annoying at times. Long life, always healthy and successful. Anyway wish you all the best!

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    • Thank you for being the best friend. I like to accompany you on trips, be a good listener, and always give me support. Happy growing old, may we continue to be friends and support each other until old age!

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    • Happy birthday my most beautiful friend like no other! Hopefully at this age you will grow older and God will grant your wish. I always wish the best for you.

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    • Happy birthday to this one of my friends! Long life, always healthy, smooth sustenance, and all other good things come to you. Amen.

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    • Happy birthday to my friend who is very cool, but kind! I hope that at this age you will continue to grow. Safe!

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    • Happy birthday to my best friend who I consider like a brother. Don’t forget to be happy, better, and beautiful. I love you!

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    • Happy birthday to my future partner! I hope you become a better person, successful, and of course love me too. I love you.

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    • Mother, I am very happy to be born as your child. I always want to be with you, with you. I would never be like this without your efforts. Hopefully Mom and Dad are always healthy and happy in the hereafter. Happy birthday my dear mother!

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    • Father, thank you for the unconditional love you always pour out on your children. Today is your special day, happy birthday Dad!

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    • God, thank you for sending the best man in my life. May your life always be in the blessings and pleasure of Allah.

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    • Happy birthday to the person who cares the most for me. May you continue to maintain your faith, your piety, and your religion.

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    • Being with you is the greatest gift to me, my husband. Barakallah Fii Umrik, dear. May you continue to be my proud husband.

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    • In every breath I take, I always sing my best prayers for your health and the achievement of your life.

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      Barakallah Fii Umrik my husband. It’s not just looks that make me fall in love with you every time, but because of your morals.

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    • Dear. May you continue to be my proud husband, my priest, father to my children. Long life and good health always.

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    • My husband, my dear, happy birthday. Hopefully with your new age, we can live a good life and raise children in the protection of Allah SWT.

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    • Happy birthday, my Imam. There is nothing I can say but wish you happiness. May you always be healthy and given a long life. Hopefully we can carry this household ark until the end of life.

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    • Thank you for pouring so much love and affection on me and the children. I am very grateful to Allah for everything. Barakallah Fii Umrik my husband. May happiness and blessings always be with you. Amen ya Rabbal ‘alamin.

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    • May your life always be in the blessings and pleasure of Allah. Being with you is the greatest gift to me, my husband.
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    • Older brother. May you always be in Allah’s protection. Health is always with you with its blessings.

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