110+ Happy Birthday Papa Quotes (2024) Father Bday Wishes in English

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  • “I consider myself the luckiest person in the world, because I have you as a caring, trouble-saver and loving father, you are the best father in the world…” . – Happy Birthday Papa, Love You
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  • “In this where you are the only person who has always trusted me at every step, you are the best father in the world…” . – Happy Birthday Papa
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  • “If there is happiness in life, it is called luck, if there is a true friend in life, then it is called lucky, if there is a companion in life, it is called love, but if you have a father like you in life, it is called luck…” . – Happy Birthday My Sweet Dad
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  • “Whatever I am today is just because there is a special person in my life. I don’t have #alphaaz to express my feelings and wishes on your birthday. I am lucky that you are my father…” . –Happy Birthday To My Cool Dad
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  • “Who has got everything, who has taught everything, I bow to such a father who has played every moment with him…” . – Happy Birthday To My Cool Dad
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  • “Neither compulsions can stop, nor troubles can stop, when the father has come, when the children remember him, even a distance of miles cannot stop him…” . – Happy Birthday My Sweet Dad
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  • “When I remember the lonely moments in loneliness, what can I say when my life is lost, like this, my father has gone far away from us, but if you close your eyes, then your face is visible to him…” . – Happy Birthday Dad
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  • “My identity is from you, father, my every wish, how can I tell you father, what are you for me, father, for me, you are complete where my dear father wishes a lot of birthday…” . – Happy Birthday Papa, Love You
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  • “Sleep has made us sleep with our forgetfulness, has made us laugh with tears dropped, has made us swing by taking us in our lap, has mixed us with every happiness of life….” . – Happy Birthday Papa, Love You
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  • #Give you “the courage” to fight when the whole ‘world’ had turned its face,
    Lord, may you find my “age” too, because you are the link of this house.
    Father-in-law, may this #birthday of yours be the most special.
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  • #Papa one day can I do your #name!
    Tell me to give my “jaan” once in your name!!
    You have given “life” to my mother-in-law!
    You have given my identity to “me”.
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  • Sometimes it is “pride” and sometimes it is “self-respect”.
    Sometimes the earth is sometimes the sky, Papa
    Papa is the secret of all my “happiness”
    I will never forget that story #Papa
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  • The night is “visible” nor the day is visible,
    Every father only sees the condition of his “children”.
    Don’t want your own dreams to be fulfilled
    There is only a father who sees his own dreams in his children.
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  • The laughter of my #lips is the #change of my_papa.
    The “happiness” in my eyes is the change of my_papa! !
    Papa is no less than a “God”.
    Because the happiness of my “life” is only because of my father’s change! !
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  • Do not understand his #antics for yourself “problems” you
    For you, the “father” has established a world in the heart.
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  • Just as I like the scent of flowers, in the same way I like my father!
    Wherever they are “always” happy, I like “just one” prayer for them..!!
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  • # Papa, you will get love,
    # Papa, then you will get the world,
    My “dua” from above is just,
    Get “happiness” papa immensely.
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  • I consider myself the most “lucky” person in the #world.
    Because I have so many “worryers” to “save” from troubles and
    You are present as the “Papa” who showers love, you are the best father in the world.
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  • You are a good teacher with a great father
    And have a friend Happy Birthday Papa.
    buland ekhe always moon to you
    away all your troubles
    yes if you are in trouble
    Found prayer to fight with God.
    !! Happy Birthday, Dad!!
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  • Papa is my unique
    Our relationship is wonderful
    If you are away, then what happened, our relationship is the sweetest in the world.
    Happy Birthday Papa..!!
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  • Those who had strength and love in their fingers,
    As soon as he came to his house, Raunak and outside would also come.
    They do not speak how much they love me, they keep silent,
    There is attachment in their anger and even a little quarrel.
    I loves you a lot, Wish you a very happy birthday.
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  • The laughter of the lips, the change of the father,
    The happiness in the eyes, the change of father,
    Papa is no less
    All the happiness of life is due to father’s change.
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  • Sometimes there is pride and sometimes there is self-respect Papa,
    Sometimes the earth is sometimes the sky, father,
    Papa is the secret of all my happiness
    I will never forget that story Papa..!!
    !! Happy Birthday DAD !!
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  • Happy Birthday to my papa, dad, you can be an old man now,
    But you are the man I love. Happy Birthday Papa!
  • My honor, my fame, my status, and my honor is my father,
    My pride is my father who gives me courage..
    Happy birthday to you papa.
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  • The one who holds you before you fall,
    Who instead of lifting you up, sweeps the clothes first,
    God calls him ️ father ️ in this world
    happy birthday papa
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  • You have always been laughing among crores,
    You keep blooming among millions forever,
    Roshan, you are always among thousands,
    As the sun stays in the middle of the sky forever.
    happy birthday papa
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  • Taught us to walk by holding the finger,
    Forgetting our sleep, made us sleep peacefully,
    We laughed by hiding our tears,
    Do not give them any sorrow, O God.
    happy birthday papa
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  • The smile on my face is the change of my father, the dream in my eyes is the change of my father, the father is no less than a god because all the happiness in my life is because of the father.
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  • I never staggered on my path of success, I never got scared when I saw a stranger, because I knew that Papa is with me every moment to take care of me. Happy Birthday Papa
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  • It is the shade of the trees in the burning sun, It is the foot carrying on the shoulder in the fairs, It is possible to get everything in life because of its existence, it never backfires, Papa is the bet.
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  • The dreams were mine, but someone else was being shown the way to fulfill them, he was none other than my father. love you papa
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  • If there is happiness in life, it is called luck, if you have a true friend in life, then it is called lucky, if you have a partner in life, it is called love, but if you have a father like you in life, it is called luck.
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  • The journey of the destination of life is far away from a small one, where there is a lot of worry, when this world has defeated me, but the effect of my father’s love is very much on my every step.
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  • A big thank you to you for every moment spent together. It is because of you that I have got innumerable happiness and may you continue to get such happiness in the coming year. Happy Birthday Papa.
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  • Papa, you don’t even realize how many of my dreams you have made come true. I am where I am today only because of your advice and love. Happy birthday.
  • You have been my inspiration in every ups and downs and joys and sorrows of life. I wish you good health and happiness on your birthday. Happy birthday papa
  • Childhood is the most beautiful time, because at that time you feel above the world by climbing on your father’s shoulders. Happy Birthday Papa and thank you for taking me to this point.
  • Thank you papa for making me such a responsible person. I owe you every moment. Hope you have an unforgettable birthday. Happy Birthday.
  • Age is just a number Dad, a person like you can never grow old, because your heart is still young, in which there is a lot of love for us. Happy birthday papa.
  • Special congratulations to the most special person in my life on his special day. Just let this specialty of both of us remain like this. Happy Birthday Papa.
  • Because of you, my every day becomes better. Keep making my life better like this. Happy Birthday Daddy.
  • May the coming new year of your age take you to new heights and destinations. What could be more proud than that for a child. Happy Birthday Daddy.
  • I realized that you were my mysterious Santa Clause without fail yet I continued to imagine that I didn’t have the foggiest idea what it’s identity was to keep every one of my desires working out as expected! Glad birthday dear dad!
  • Most joyful birthday to the most attractive and generous man that I have known at any point ever! I generally needed to grow up to be someone like you. You caused me to accept that this world is lovely!
  • Glad birthday, father! I expectation and wish each day to turn out to be half as stunning father as you are! Much obliged for trusting in me and being there for me! Expectation you have an incredible day!
  • I needn’t bother with Aladdin’s genie to satisfy my desires throughout everyday life, since I have my father. Cheerful birthday, father. I’m glad to be your child.
  • I might call your birthday as father’s day on the grounds that, as I would see it, you are an astounding dad and a model for every one of the fathers out there. I’m exceptionally glad that I am your little girl. Glad Birthday! Father.
  • I may not track down the most delightful individual on the planet who is on par with what you are with individuals. As your little girl, there was not a solitary day that you neglected to cause me to feel like I am a princess. You are a particularly affable individual, that I envy you at times. Love you such a lot of dada. Glad Birthday!
  • You have extreme me to never surrender. You extreme me how to manage the world. cheerful birthday father.
  • Girls consider fathers to be their legend yet our holding is somewhat unique in relation to that. You are certainly my saint however I’m your legend too as you say. I feel extremely honored that you raised me to become like you and I’m glad for the individual I have become. Glad Birthday! Father. I love you to such an extent.
  • A dad is the one in particular who never shows love yet he somewhere inside affection their children..you one of them father.. love you so much and wishing you an exceptionally cheerful birthday.
  • For your entire life, you generally ensure us, you have consistently buckled down in making our fantasies work out. Today we appeal to god to fill your existence with affection and satisfaction and may everything you could ever want work out as expected.
  • Father, I appreciate you for the individual you are and for the individual you made me. Behind a solid and daring heart young lady there lies another daring heart who is my dad… glad birthday dad.
  • Much obliged to you, father, with the utmost sincerity for bringing me into this world and giving me a particularly excellent life… . Cheerful birthday, father.
  • Father, I realize I don’t converse with you however much I converse with mother yet I realize that you were and will consistently be there for me. Today is your day and I need you to know the amount I love you.
  • From pushing me on a swing as a youngster to showing me how to drive a vehicle, you have consistently kept my satisfaction and freedom prior to all the other things. Much obliged to you, father, and cheerful birthday.