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No matter how many years have passed, your wedding day will be remembered for the rest of your life. Therefore, this date deserves to be celebrated every year, remembering the trajectory of love and reflecting on how they grew up. See the wedding anniversary phrases we made for you to remember the most important day of your life!

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    • Happy wedding anniversary to us, my life. Having you is a blessing, and I thank God for giving me an angel on earth as a husband and life partner.

happy anniversary cake with name

    • Another year of marriage with the certainty that I want to share my life with you forever. Congratulations to us, husband!

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    • My destiny brought me to you and your destiny brought you to me. May we celebrate our wedding anniversary countless times, even into our old age. Congratulations to us, my love!

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    • When you arrived, happiness knocked at my door. And since then, how many joys have you brought me, love! Happy wedding anniversary.

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    • Another year sharing my life with the one that God has reserved especially for me. Congratulations on our wedding anniversary, husband!

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    • I fell in love with the way you touched me without using your hands. Every day I thank you for having you as a husband, my dear. Happy wedding anniversary!

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    • A happy marriage is not made up of a perfect couple, but an imperfect couple who know how to respect and enjoy their differences. That’s why I love you!

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    • My love, the moment you entered life I knew that everything would change forever and happiness would become everyday at your side. I am very happy to be able to celebrate another special date with you. I love you today and forever.

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    • I know you would be my choice if you could go back in time once, twice or a thousand times. I cannot think of a better husband, friend, lover and companion for my journey. Congratulations to us for another year of love!

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    • Married time united us even more! Today I look back, I think about everything we’ve lived through and my heart fills with joy. We surpassed everything that was put in our way and went stronger than ever!

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    • Marrying the love of our lives is one of the greatest privileges we can have. Thanks for another wedding anniversary. I celebrate this date in the certainty that I made the best choice of my life when I married you.

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    • My amazing husband, I can’t even believe that today we have completed another new year of marriage! Life on your side is so good. It passes quickly, but at the same time the moments are so good that they seem eternal. You are the best definition of companion ever.

happy wedding anniversary cake with name

    • My love, thank you for giving me another year of smiles, achievements and learning. You are my everything! Love you forever.

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    • Another year of marriage, of getting you drunk with generous sprinklings of friendship and affection. Want more what? You make Me Feel so good!

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    • When we spend the whole day thinking about the person and can’t wait to see him again, even though we’ve been together for so long, it’s a sign that the marriage worked, isn’t it? Thank you for that. Happy day to us!

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    • You are that couple that inspires others to be better, to have more care, affection and attention to each other. May they still celebrate many birthdays together and remain in love for many, many more years. Happy wedding anniversary!

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    • Today is a special day for your family! A day to celebrate another year of love, wishes for joy, respect and commitment. I’m glad I can watch this story blossom and wish me more years of friendship, happiness and love. May the flame never go out! Happy wedding anniversary.

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    • My dear friends, you are proof that what is true remains intact when love is the foundation. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary and many years of happiness ahead!

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    • Another year of marriage, another year of love. I adore you, baby!

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    • Let’s celebrate with love, joy and lots of fun this beautiful wooden wedding! Happy Birthday to us!

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    • I can’t believe we’ve been together for so long! Today is our wedding anniversary, but our love deserves to be celebrated every day of our lives!

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    • May happiness be renewed each year of our marriage. I love you, my dear!

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    • Today we are to be congratulated because our wedding marked another year of glory, achievements and determination. Love you.

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    • Marriage is a life mission and today we celebrate another special date. I thank God that I married you!

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    • Happy Birthday to us. May this marriage always reveal to us the best that there is in love.

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    • Marrying you was the best thing that ever happened to me and now I recognize that otherwise I wouldn’t be so happy. Congratulations to us, love!

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    • We have completed another year of marriage and I could not be happier sharing this date with you. I love you, my dear!

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    • At your side, my life started to have more meaning, today I walk happier with our love in my heart. Happy Birthday to us!

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    • Know that by marrying you, I made my biggest dream come true. You make me feel alive, my love! Happy birthday to us.

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    • Another year together, learning to love, respect and deal with each other’s quirks. Happy wedding anniversary, my love!

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    • This date serves to remember what I will never forget a single day: the love that unites us. Happy wedding anniversary, my angel!

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    • Happy wedding anniversary to us, my love! You will always be the woman of my dreams, with whom I sleep and wake up every day wanting even more time to enjoy and live.

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    • Meeting you was the greatest proof of love God could have given me. Happy wedding anniversary, my wife!

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    • Today we celebrate another year that we said yes to each other. I hope we will continue to say yes for many, many years to come. Happy wedding anniversary, my love! I love you infinitely.

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    • Of all the existing feelings, love is certainly the strongest of them, as it manages to unite dreams, realities and ideals. And it is this feeling that has united us for so many years. Congratulations on our day. I love you!

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    • Happy wedding anniversary, dear wife! Our relationship may not be perfect, but together we can do our best. I got lucky marrying you!

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    • My love, you are the realization of my biggest dream in life! Our family and our relationship are my most precious possessions. Happy Birthday to us!

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    • Today, I thank God for the love story we built over the years. Without you, my chapters would be incomplete. Happy wedding anniversary!

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    • Today, we celebrate the most special moment of our lives, when we came together in holy matrimony. I thank God for this blessing!

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    • Before God we promise eternal love and before Him we will honor our word. Congratulations for another year of union, my love!

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