10+ Best British Birthday Cake Ideas and Designs (2024)

British Birthday Cakes: As stated in a modern chronicle, “the first to rule what previously many kings shared between them” was the Anglo-Saxon king Athelstan, who in the early 10th century CE won the allegiance of neighboring Celtic kingdoms and laid the foundation for the United Kingdom. English rule extended to many distant kingdoms through further conquest throughout the ensuing centuries.

United Kingdom

The UK has significantly boosted the global economy, particularly in the fields of manufacturing and technology. But since World War II, the UK has exported a great deal of cultural goods, such as popular music, theatre, cinema, television, and literature, that appeal to people throughout the nation. In this post, you will find more than ten awesome United Kingdom birthday cake ideas and designs:

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British Birthday Cakes

  1. Our first British birthday cake has an edible golden crown on top of the cake that is red and gold. It is glossy and comes in a delicious strawberry and caramel flavor. The cake itself is quite large and two-tiered, meaning it will be a very generous treat for your lucky birthday kid. Enjoy.

Union Jack Birthday Cake for a British themed party | Union jack cake, British cake, Cake

2. Next up is a smaller United Kingdom flag birthday cake that has an irresistible white chocolate flavor. It is quite a pretty cake and I like the red spot decorations on the side of the cake that have a tasty strawberry flavor. I am 100% sure this will be an extraordinary delight for your lucky birthday kid.

140 UK Themed Cakes ideas | themed cakes, british cake, london cake

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3. Wow, now this is a chocolate heaven that has so many different features. The cake is quite a busy scene with figures of Big Ben, a London bus, an underground sign, and a red telephone box. The cake comes in a delicious chocolate flavor and the white ganache frosting at the bottom of the cake has a vanilla flavor. Yum!

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4. The edible British flag on top of this birthday cake looks very well-detailed and fine. The cake has a smooth and minimal white base that has a delicious vanilla flavor. You can see that there is a blue design of the London Bridge on the front side of the cake that adds a cool edge to the cake. This is quite an extraordinary cake, indeed!

London themed b-day cake | London cake, Themed birthday cakes, Cake decorating

5. The queen is seated on top of this Diamond Jubilee birthday cake that has an exquisite vanilla flavor. The Union Jack flag is also drawn on the top of the cake in the center, plus there are edible pet figures beside the queen. There is also a flat-print design of Buckingham Palace on the front side of the cake. Enjoy!

140 UK Themed Cakes ideas | themed cakes, british cake, london cake

6. This is another impressive British birthday cake that has a golden royal crown at the top of the cake. The second tier has the Union Jack flag design wrapped around it and the bottom tier features a white base with edible figures of the King’s guards. For a special seven-teen-year-old birthday girl, this is an awesome cake!

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7. Wow, what a very impressive birthday cake! It could be my favorite one thus far because of its unique and original design. It is also quite large and will leave a stunning impression at your birthday party for your lucky thirty-year-old recipient. The taste is also extraordinary and has a sweet vanilla flavor.

Union Jack Best of British 30th Birthday Cake | A 3 and 0 sh… | Flickr

8. This British birthday cake is entirely a glossy and bright Union Jack flag design that is impressive and jaw-dropping to look at. The red stripes stand out and show how much professional expertise was put into making this delightful creation. I am sure it will be enjoyed to the maximum extent.

UK British flag cake.JPG (1 comment)

9. This is a cute British birthday cake that features the iconic underground sign on the upper tier of the cake between two king’s guards. In the bottom tier, you can see three London double-decker buses drawn on the sides of the cake. How splendid! It is a magnificent cake that will impress everyone.

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10. Wow, what a very special and excellent British birthday cake creation! I’ve never seen such an impressive cake with four tiers balanced so perfectly. The teacup figure at the very top of the cake has some incredible details and the same goes for the other tiers, such as the Union Jack flag stripes and red roses at the bottommost tier.

British themed cake - Decorated Cake by Kylie Marks - CakesDecor

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11. Our final British birthday cake features the iconic Big Ben towering over a double-decker bus, both on top of the cake. You can also see some incredible drawn details on the side of the cake, such as the king’s guards, a lamp post, and a red telephone booth. I hope you’ve enjoyed this wonderful compilation and see you in the next post!

Big Ben UK Theme Novelty Birthday Cake, Novelty Cakes Sydney, 21st Birthday Cakes, London Theme cake designs, Designer Cakes by EliteCakeDesigns

So which of today’s birthday cakes did you like the most? I quite like cake number seven because it is large, unique, and original in the fact that it is entirely designed as the number 30.