20+ Best Goomba Birthday Cake Ideas and Designs (2024)

Goomba Birthday Cakes: The Mario series has several well-known foes, including goombas. The most prevalent opponent kind when they initially surfaced in Super Mario Bros. Shells and the Starman power-up could be used to run them over, or they might be destroyed by stomping, fire, or other means.

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Goombas resemble brown shiitake mushrooms, which are grown in East Asia for both culinary and medicinal uses. They have bushy, lengthy eyebrows and stubby shoes the color of mocha. Because Koopa Troopas are difficult to defeat and lack a fundamental nemesis, they are often short and stubby and are the first adversary to be presented. Recent research has also revealed that they only have one ballsack. In today’s post, I have included more than twenty Goomba birthday cake ideas and designs:

8-bit Goomba Iron-on Embroidered Patch From the Original Mario - Etsy Canada

Goomba Birthday Cakes

  1. Our first amazing and cute Goomba birthday cake features a large Goomba figure that is chocolate-flavored. The details of the goomba, such as the teeth, eyebrows, and eyes, are sharp and professionally made. There is also a bonus collectible and non-edible Mario figure on top of the goomba’s head.

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2. Our next Goomba birthday cake is a baked masterpiece that has excellently crafted edges and details. The cake is quite chunky and has a delicious caramel flavor. The texture of the cake is quite smooth and soft, which shows much skill and expertise was put into making it.

Gomba Cake | Cupcake cakes, Cake, Food

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3. This incredibly excellent Goomba birthday cake has some very fine details and the texture is super smooth and glossy. This could be my favorite Goomba delight thus far because of how well it has been made. I am sure the lucky 1-year-old baby will appreciate this creation in every way.

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4. This is an incredible homemade birthday cake featuring a goomba design, which is sensational. The round edge of the cake has a dark chocolate flavor, while the base has a vanilla flavor. That is astoundingly delicious and will be a mouth-watering treat for your lucky birthday kid.

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5. This is another super awesome homemade Goomba delight that is fantastic and mouth-watering to the last bite. You can see how the texture is flurry-like and creamy, which will have an incredible taste. The delight has an irresistible caramel and chocolate mix flavor, which is very tasty.

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6. This birthday cake has a large Goomba figure standing on top of a green toad on the upper tier and a Super Mario on the bottom tier. It is an excellent and well-thought-out creation that will impress everyone at your kid’s birthday party.

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7. This is another sweet and super delicious homemade Goomba birthday cake similar to cake number five. The cake has an irresistible chocolate and caramel flavor, which will be a mouth-watering delight for your lucky birthday kid. Enjoy this cake to the maximum extent.

Goomba Cake by Digital-Twilight on DeviantArt

8. This is a unique and original birthday cake that features a large black goomba with angel wings on top of a Super Mario castle. It is an imaginative cake, which I quite like, plus there are also several small red and green toad figures around the cake. Enjoy this excellent masterpiece to the last bite.

Goomba from Mario Bros Cake | Cupcake cakes, Super mario cake, Mario bros cake

9. This Goomba figure birthday cake looks super cute and is a heavenly delight for your special birthday cake. I also like the green edible grass that the goomba is standing on because it has a very sweet pistachio flavor. I also like how the goomba’s eyebrows are large and stick out from his head. Enjoy.

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10. This is another truly incredible Goomba homemade delight that is just the right size and is placed perfectly in the center of a white plate, ready to be served to your special birthday kid. I would wish to try this heavenly delight and the texture looks flurry-like and delicious.

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11. Look at these four super delicious Goomba cupcakes that are an extraordinary delight to have for your lucky birthday kid. I am sure these will be enjoyed to the last bite, plus your kid can take them on the go. The cupcakes have a super-tasty caramel topping. Enjoy.

Super Mario themed birthday cake and goomba cupcakes! : r/Baking

12. Go for this smaller-sized Goomba figure delight that is a wonderful creation. The details look awesome and it is such an adorable little dessert to have. Your birthday kid will surely enjoy it, plus the goomba’s size is very realistic compared to the one found in the game.

Close-up of fondant Goomba made for Mario birthday cake | Super mario cake, Super mario birthday party, Mario birthday cake

13. You can also go for this flat-baked Goomba dessert, which will also be a fantastic birthday cake delight for your special birthday kid. It has a legendary flavor that combines Belgian chocolate with vanilla so it is surely a wonderful treat.

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14. These are some more delicious Goomba cupcakes, totaling twelve super awesome cupcakes. They all have cute feet sticking out from the bottom of the cupcake, which looks adorable. The toppings have a chocolate mousse filling that is irresistible and mouth-watering. Enjoy.

Sweets - Goomba Cakes by Tomo-Chi on DeviantArt | Super mario bros birthday party, Mario cake, Mario birthday party

15. A large and cute edible Goomba figure is standing on top of an upper tier with a melody theme and a bottom tier with a Super Mario castle theme. It is a lovely birthday cake to have overall and will be a wonderful delight for your kid’s birthday party. Enjoy it to the fullest extent.

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16. This is another homemade Goomba masterpiece that looks very tasty. The texture is flurry and has a Belgian chocolate flavor, while the goomba’s teeth, eyes, and waist have a vanilla flavor. It is an excellent treat overall that your lucky birthday kid will enjoy to the last bite.

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17. In this cardboard box, you can see a very delicious and intricate Goomba-designed birthday cake with a mouth-watering dark chocolate flavor. The bright white color of the goomba’s eyes stands out in contrast to all the other colors on the cake, plus the cardboard box itself.

Goomba cake I ordered for my husbands birthday! : r/casualnintendo

18. Look at this adorable Goomba birthday cake that has a very cute design of a Goomba standing on the shores of a beach. You can see underneath the top layer of the cake that there is a pink base that has a mouth-watering strawberry flavor. Enjoy this cake to the maximum extent.

Goomba Birthday Cake by DieFlotteFrikadelle on DeviantArt

19. This is a large chocolate brownie designed as a goomba. It is unique and original in that brownies are not usually this generous in size. That means it will be a more than fulfilling mouth-watering delight for your lucky birthday kid to enjoy at the birthday party.

Goomba cake I made for my sons Mario themed party. I used a Wilton Giant Cupcake tin.

20. Wow, look at the spectacular and starry design of this Goomba birthday cake. It is a magnificent creation that could truly be one of my favorite Gooma delights thus far. The blue base of the cake has a blueberry flavor, while the Goomba drawing comes in a caramel flavor. Enjoy.

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21. Our final Goomba birthday cake has a comic-like design of a Goomba, which I think is cute, cool, and minimal. The texture is flurry and has a delicious mix of flavors, including blueberry, chocolate, and vanilla. I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s extraordinary and unique post featuring just goombas. See you in the next post!

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Which of today’s extraordinary Goomba birthday cakes, cupcakes, or brownies did you like the most? Cake number three looks incredibly glossy, sharp, and professionally made.