20+ Best Happy Tree Friends Birthday Cake Ideas and Designs (2024)

Happy Tree Friends Birthday Cakes – One of Mondo Media’s longest-running programs, Happy Tree Friends is an American collection of web-based (and, at one point, broadcast) Flash animated shorts that debuted in 1999 and presently has five seasons. The show features a cast of beautiful, brightly colored creatures who appear to live in a pleasant, cheery environment. It’s a candy-colored Black Comedy in which everyone is a chew toy (or perhaps a cosmic plaything) destined to meet an awful, horrifying, or completely repulsive death. Expect at least one violent death every episode, usually complete with body horror and excruciating injuries.

The Crackpet Show: Happy Tree Friends Edition

Cross the Line Twice is one of the most well-known and notorious internet series now in circulation since it is intended to horrify viewers to the point where we chuckle. The term “subverted kids’ show” hardly does it justice. You’ll probably start laughing so hard you’ll pass out once you’ve recovered from dropping your jaw to the floor (albeit the show does that a few times). The fact that the Sickeningly Sweet characters and setting so flawlessly imitate many children’s programs (they even have hearts for noses like the Care Bears) doesn’t help, and neither does the fact that the unfortunate animals are continuously revived between episodes to die in novel ways that even Kenny McCormick would find repulsive. In this exciting post I have found more than twenty Happy Tree Friends birthday cake ideas and designs:

Happy Tree Friends - Mondo

Happy Tree Friends Birthday Cakes

1. Our first Happy Tree Friends birthday cake features Cuddles’s head which is super cute and generously sized. I quite like the pink dimple spots, badger-like white teeth, and pink nose heart because they make the cake gorgeous and charming. On another note, if Cuddles is your birthday kid’s favorite Happy Tree Friends character then this could be just the right cake. Enjoy it to the maximum.

Coolest Happy Tree Friends Cake | Happy tree friends, Friends cake, Friends birthday cake

2. Let’s celebrate this extraordinary Happy Tree Friends birthday cake that has so many of the characters present on board. It is a delightful cake for a lucky seven-year-old birthday kid plus there are also twelve additional Happy Tree Friends cupcakes surrounding the cake. What a very generous and lovely treat I am sure your birthday kid will love it.

Happy Tree Friends Dinosaurs Cake, A Customize Dinosaurs cake

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3. Fans of the Happy Tree Friends character Petunia will surely choose this gory yet strangely endearing birthday cake. The blood splatter looks realistic and it also has a very delicious strawberry syrup flavor. The edible pink flower on top is also cute plus I also like the design of Petunia’s eyes, nose, and mouth. What an incredible cake overall I am sure your birthday kid will love it.

Happy Tree Friends, Petunia 3D cake of "Petunia" from "Happy Tree Friends", a gore cartoon! | Happy tree friends, Happy tree friends flippy, Petunias

4. This Happy Tree Friends birthday cake is full of so many delicious edible features and figures. Flaky, Flippy, and Splendid are present on the cake plus I quite like the lollipops, swirls, and scissors placed on the cake. It is an uplifting and cheerful cake without any gory features which I am sure the birthday party invites will appreciate. Enjoy.

Happy Tree friends cake!!

5. This Shifty birthday cake is rectangular-shaped and has a very tasty green ganache on the borders of the cake. The cake is a generous portion and the dark green lettering stands out which makes the cake look excellent. I am also quite impressed with the flat print design of Shifty and think it looks very professional. Enjoy this cake to the maximum extent with your birthday kid.

Happy Tree Friends - CakeCentral.com

6. This is another great Lifty birthday cake that depicts the character after what looks like a murder. There is raspberry syrup designed as splattered blood around the edible character plus edible organs such as the brain and eye. The weapon of choice (a knife) also appears to be present in front of the character. Wow, your brave birthday kid will surely enjoy this cake.

Happy Tree Friends - CakeCentral.com

7. This green Happy Tree Friends birthday cake is incredible and the green ganache is irresistible. For a fourteen-year-old birthday girl, it is a pretty sweet and lovely cake to have which I am sure your birthday kid will love to have. Enjoy the awesome taste of this Shifty birthday cake with your lucky birthday kid.

When I turned 14, My mom decided to surprise me with this HTF Flippy and Fliqpy birthday cake and I loved it!! ^^ 💕 Although my step dad hated this cake but

8. Go for this Happy Tree Friends birthday cake that is mouth-watering. It is a vanilla and chocolate pudding cake covered in real vanilla whipped cream which I must say is an incredible taste. I think this cake is a ten out of ten and your special birthday kid will enjoy every bite out of it.

cHappy Tree Friends is a vanilla cake -w- vanilla & chocolate pudding covered in real vanilla whipped cream

9. This is quite a vivid, uplifting, and beautiful Happy Tree Friends birthday cake. There are edible lollipops and candy figures that look fantastic and make the cake look very authentic. The edible tree figure with flowers is also cute and the light blue base of the cake is smooth and extraordinary. I am 100% sure you will thoroughly enjoy this splendid cake with your lucky birthday kid.

Happy Tree Friends Cake by bullpoopsniperrifle on DeviantArt

10. This teal Happy Tree Friends birthday cake features Flippy and Shifty. The best feature of the cake is the edible chocolate pieces that are very tasty and tempting. There is also an amazing white and green ganache decoration on the borders of the cake which gives it a slight classy feel. Enjoy enjoy.

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Happy Tree Friends Wiki

11. This cute Happy Tree Friends birthday cake that is entirely made up of Flippy’s face is extraordinary. The texture is creamy, sweet, and super tasty. It is just the right cake if your birthday kid’s favorite Happy Tree Friends character is Flippy. This is a truly awesome cake overall and I think it is irresistible. I cannot wait to try a piece of it myself and I am sure it is the same with your birthday kid.

Flippy Cake! | Happy Tree Friends Amino

12. Look at how juicy and incredible this Happy Tree Friends birthday cake is. It is an extraordinary birthday cake especially if your birthday kid likes Handy. The raspberry syrup is very tasty and it looks like there are jelly pieces on top of the cake. I am sure this will be an unforgettable treat for your lucky birthday kid. Enjoy it to the maximum.

Happy Tree Friends Cake by zhangxin1024 on DeviantArt

13. These are some pretty awesome Happy Tree Friends gingerbread delights that are designed with the faces of Nutty, Giggles, Cuddles, Splendid, and a green Lumpy. Aren’t these delicious bite-sized treats amazing? I am sure your birthday kid will love these delights and it will be an unforgettable birthday party. Enjoy.

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14. A large and rectangle-shaped Nutty birthday cake that is decorated with very delicious fruit pieces is just what an excellent cake is all about. The white base is absolutely tasty and the green lettering is irresistible. It is a truly impressionable Happy Tree Friends birthday cake and I am sure your birthday kid will love it.

Pin by CuteDog on Happy Tree Friends | Happy tree friends flippy, Happy tree friends, Geek stuff

15. Wow what an eye-catching and stunning Cuddles birthday cake. His head has been sliced away from his body and there is a bone fragment popping out and underneath it is gushing blood. For a thirty-year-old birthday recipient who likes Cuddles as their favorite Happy Tree Friends character, this is a cake unlike any other. The design features such as the eyes, nose, and cheeks are also cute and highly detailed. Make sure the thirty-year-old birthday recipient enjoys it to the maximum.

Happy Tree Friends cake I made for my husbands 30th 🤗 : r/happytreefriends

15. Cuddles makes another appearance like the previous cake except this time it looks like Cuddles has been beaten up pretty badly. His right eye is popped out, blood is gushing from his mouth and his chest has been sliced open. For a birthday recipient who likes Cuddles as their favorite character, this could be the preferred cake. It has a very delicious vanilla taste and will be a very delightful treat. Enjoy.

Happy Tree Friend Cake - CakeCentral.com

16. These are nine very lovely Happy Tree Friends cupcakes that have a pale violet base and cute purple wording. More importantly, there are edible character figures of Splendid, Cuddles, Nutty, Petunia, Toothy, and Giggles. They are all wonderful creations and the cupcakes are adorable. Best to have it on the go with your lucky birthday girl. Enjoy. 

happy happy birthday! – Ignorance is bliss..really?

17. A simple Flippy birthday delight could be just what your lucky birthday kid was looking for. It is a really tasty treat that is not only just the right portion but is a rare find as most Happy Tree Friends birthday cakes contain multiple characters, not individual ones. Make sure to reserve this cake for the lucky birthday kid who likes Flippy.

A few weeks ago was my birthday and even though I'm probably too old for birthday  cakes, my mom made me one. She knows how much I like watching HTF and she

18. Wow, a Truffles birthday cake is here and it is also another rare find. The cake is sleek and there are some very delicious sprinkles and vanilla ganache on top of the cake. This is an excellent creation overall and I quite like its simplicity. Enjoy it with your birthday kid who likes Truffles.

HyperSamuster== on X: "Cake Out Of Me Yesterday I had a late birthday cake,  in honor of that day. What if Truffles saw the cake that has him on it? :3 # happytreefriends #

19. A simple and smaller-sized Happy Tree Friends delight on Giggles’s face is just what your special birthday girl wanted. It has a creamy and super delicious texture with a raspberry hint that will make your birthday girl happy. I think it is a lovely, simple, and sweet treat to have so enjoy it to the last bite.

🎀Giggles Cupcake🎀 | Happy Tree Friends Amino

20. This is an extraordinary and impressive Happy Tree Friends birthday cake featuring Giggles (again), Toothy, and Cub which we’ve seen for the first time. The trio is placed on top of a purple base cake that is smooth and also comes in a super delicious raspberry flavor like some of the previous delights. The Toothy figure is edible with its right eye popped out. Raspberry syrup made to look like blood is also dripping from the side of the cake. Enjoy enjoy.

Pastel Infantil 3810 Happy Tree Friends

21. A Happy Tree Friends birthday cake that has a ferocious Flippy design on top is excellent. The same goes for the chunky green ganache on the borders of the cake plus the delicious and edible yellow wording in front of the cake. The base is made of vanilla custard so it is delicious and I am 100% sure your birthday kid will love it and enjoy it to the max.

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So which Happy Tree Friends did you admire the most in this post? I thought the cupcakes in number sixteen were very lovely.