5+ Best Chrono Birthday Cake Ideas and Designs (2024)

Chrono Birthday Cakes: Developed and published by Square, the Chrono (Japanese: クロノ, Hepburn: Kurono) series is a video game franchise that is presently owned by Square Enix. Chrono Trigger, a time-traveling role-playing computer game, launched the series in 1995 and gave rise to two sequels, Chrono Cross and Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki. Two Chrono Trigger ports and a promotional anime name were also made.

Relaxing tunes from the Chrono Series Games

With 2.65 million shipments, Chrono Trigger was Square Enix’s 12th best-selling game as of March 31, 2003. 1.5 million Chrono Cross units were shipped, making it the 24th. The combined sales of the two games exceeded 5.5 million units in 2019. Most of the accolades for the series’ games go to Chrono Trigger; however, they have all been regarded as some of the best. Yasunori Mitsuda’s original soundtracks for the series have also received appreciation, and several albums have been published for them. In this post, I have included more than five amazing Chrono birthday cake ideas and designs:

The final chapter of the Chrono series made itself heard in Paris – Rain, Sun, and Flower

Chrono Birthday Cakes

  1. Our first Chrono birthday cake is a large and rectangular Chrono Trigger cake with white ganache frosting around the edges. It is very generous, delicious, and mouth-watering, which will be an amazing treat for your lucky birthday kid. Enjoy.

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2. Another awesome Chrono Trigger birthday cake that features the iconic logo on the bottom green tier of the cake. Notice how intricate the cactus details are, which makes the cake look very professional. There is also gold stylized text in front of the cake, which reads “Happy Birthday”.

Zelda Breath of The Wild & Chrono Trigger Video Game 2-tier Birthday Cake - Adrienne & Co. Bakery | Tiered cakes birthday, 2 tier birthday cakes, Video game cakes

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3. Wow, this could be my favorite Chrono birthday cake so far. Firstly, it is a chocolate cake that is mouth-watering; second, it has a very cool pixel design; and third, Chrono is in the center of the cake. This is a truly inspiring cake design, and I wish to thank the awesome cake creator.

The birthday cake that a friend got from his wife. : r/chronotrigger

4. Fans of the Chrono Cross entry will admire and love this birthday cake. The cake base is blue, which resembles the beautiful seas found in the game, while the edible orange corals above the cake are also a frequent feature of the game’s stunning scenery. Enjoy this splendid cake with your special birthday kid.

Chrono Cross Cake | This cake was for a friend's vowel renew… | Flickr

5. This is a black forest cake turned into a chrono trigger design. It is a mouth-watering and super tasty birthday cake that will be an awesome delight for your lucky birthday kid. The chocolate chip chinks around the edges of the cake are irresistible and very delicious.

My Lucky Star/Chrono Trigger Birthday Cake by SableUnstable on DeviantArt

Chrono Wiki

6. Non-edible and collectible plastic figures of Chrono and Marle are seated on top of this super delicious peanut butter birthday cake. The cake also comes with several tasty strawberries placed around the bottom of the cake, plus the cake itself is just the right size. Enjoy.

Whited228 | Homemade chocolate cake with Chrono Trigger cake… | Flickr

7. This is another incredible pixelated design birthday cake featuring Chrono, just like cake number three. This one is larger and rectangular, which differentiates it from cake number three. I like how the edible pixel pieces were used to write a “Happy Birthday” message on the cake. Enjoy. 

Pixel Chrono Trigger Cake by Qess on DeviantArt

8. Three characters from Chrono Trigger (Frog, Marle, and Lucca) are made into three tiers on this unique and eye-catching birthday cake. It is an impressive entry for our last Chrono birthday cake and a generously sized one at that. Enjoy this extraordinary cake to the maximum with your lucky birthday kid.

Chrono Trigger Cake - Decorated Cake by Loretta - CakesDecor

Which Chrono birthday cake was your favorite? I liked birthday cake number three because it is simple, I like the pixels, and I would love the chocolate taste of it.