120+ Best Happy Engagement Anniversary Wishes (2024) Quotes for Husband and Wife

No matter how many years have passed, your wedding day will be remembered for the rest of your life. Therefore, this date deserves to be celebrated every year, remembering the trajectory of love and reflecting on how they grew up. See the wedding anniversary phrases we made for you to remember the most important day of your life!

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engagement anniversary wishes to husband

happy 1st engagement anniversary images

    • Happy wedding anniversary to us, my life. Having you is a blessing, and I thank God for giving me an angel on earth as a husband and life partner.

engagement anniversary quotes

    • Another year of marriage with the certainty that I want to share my life with you forever. Congratulations to us, husband!

engagement anniversary status for whatsapp

    • My destiny brought me to you and your destiny brought you to me. May we celebrate our wedding anniversary countless times, even into our old age. Congratulations to us, my love!

engagement anniversary wishes to wife

    • Let the seconds, days, weeks and years pass. And may I continue by your side in all of them, falling in love like the day we met. I love you! Happy wedding anniversary to us!

engagement wishes for husband

    • More than a husband, you have been my great confidant. Happy wedding anniversary, my love!

happy engagement anniversary wishes to wife

    • My love, you are not only the person who completes me, but the person who brings out my better half. Love you.

engagement anniversary status

    • Another year that we strengthened our union, planned our steps, rejoiced in the victories and supported ourselves in small failures. Without you none of this would be possible so completely. Love you.

engagement anniversary quotes for husband

    • Celebrating another year with you means reaffirming our success as a couple, friends and partners. I believe in us and thank you for bringing daily happiness to our home. Love you.

engagement anniversary wishes for couple

    • A special toast to our day! Our time to remember all the good things we lived and plan the next steps towards fulfillment. I know that the strength of our love will allow us to soar higher and higher. I love you more every day!

happy 1st engagement anniversary wishes

    • Waking up next to you even on gray days and knowing I’ll be okay just being together is more than proof to me that our marriage works. May forever belong to us! Love you so much.

engagement anniversary wishes for friend

    • Married time united us even more! Today I look back, I think about everything we’ve lived through and my heart fills with joy. We surpassed everything that was put in our way and went stronger than ever!

happy 1st engagement anniversary cake

    • Marrying the love of our lives is one of the greatest privileges we can have. Thanks for another wedding anniversary. I celebrate this date in the certainty that I made the best choice of my life when I married you.

1st engagement anniversary status for whatsapp

    • My amazing husband, I can’t even believe that today we have completed another new year of marriage! Life on your side is so good. It passes quickly, but at the same time the moments are so good that they seem eternal. You are the best definition of companion ever.

engagement wishes for fiancé

    • When we reach the end of our lives together, all we have will be nothing close to having each other. I love you so much.

engagement anniversary quotes for wife

    • I married my best friend. There is no way not to smile every day when you think about it. It is with her that I live well, with whom I dream and fulfill. Thank you, my love, for allowing me to be the luckiest person in the world!

1 year engagement anniversary quotes

    • My angel, today we complete another year of smiles with brief intervals of sadness, as is absolutely normal. For me, knowing I can count on you at every step is what makes me come home in love every day and say I love you. If heaven exists, I have a piece of it in you. Happy wedding anniversary!

first engagement anniversary

    • My beautiful, this is the day I put into words everything I feel every day when I stop to watch you next to me. Even your way of fighting with me fascinates me. I love every gesture, every part of your body, every victory of yours, that inspires me and gives me the breath to move forward. Our wedding is definitely the best part of my day. Love you!

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engagement anniversary status for husband

    • Today we are to be congratulated because our wedding marked another year of glory, achievements and determination. Love you.

one year engagement anniversary quotes

    • Marriage is a life mission and today we celebrate another special date. I thank God that I married you!

happy ring ceremony anniversary

    • We have been creating a passionate family and home for 25 years, filled with love and honesty. Happy Silver Wedding!

engagement anniversary wishes to wife in marathi

    • The love that unites us is responsible for another year of happy, sincere and passionate marriage. I like you so much!

1st engagement anniversary wishes

    • He spent another year at her side and everything was beautiful, magical and unrepeatable. I love our wedding!

first engagement anniversary quotes

    • Our beautiful union celebrates another year of marriage. I’m happy by your side, love!

happy engagement anniversary wishes for friend

    • You and this first year of marriage have made me stronger, more capable, and happier. My love, happy paper wedding to us!

engagement wishes to husband

    • May this be the first of many decades of love, peace and joy in our marriage. Happy Wedding Tin!

happy 2nd engagement anniversary

    • May this love last forever and never lack peace and joy. Happy wedding anniversary!

1st engagement anniversary status for whatsapp for husband

    • An eternal friendship and an even more infinite love is what I wish for this wedding anniversary. I love you my darling!

happy ring anniversary

    • Respect, love and unity: everything a marriage needs to achieve happiness. Congratulations on another year of marriage!

engagement anniversary status for wife

    • My greatest happiness is a lasting and happy marriage. Thank you for another year by your side, love!

2nd engagement anniversary wishes for husband

    • A true love like the one you feel for each other never dies, it only grows stronger with time. Happy wedding anniversary!

1st engagement anniversary quotes

    • Since we got married my life has become more beautiful and special. Congratulations for another year of union!

3rd engagement anniversary

    • Happy Birthday to us! I wish that life holds us together forever. I love you, my dear!

ring ceremony wishes in hindi

    • Today we complete another year of marriage, that is, another year of unique love and eternal companionship.

happy 2nd month engagement anniversary

    • Another year of marriage with lots of love and joy is what I wish the most charming couple in the world: us!

2 month engagement anniversary quotes

    • True love has no happy ending, because true love never ends. Happy our anniversary, my love!

engagement anniversary wishes to husband in marathi

    • We live another year together and I just ask God to grant us many more. Happy wedding anniversary!

engagement anniversary wishes for sister

    • It’s the anniversary of our love and that’s why we are to be congratulated, because we always put the most important first!

engagement anniversary wishes for fiance

    • Happy Wheat Wedding, my love! Achieving this goal of three years of marriage is something that fulfills me deeply.

engagement anniversary quotes for whatsapp status

    • Our love didn’t start on this day, but our life together did and that’s why this date is so special. Congratulations love!

3rd engagement anniversary wishes to husband

    • Congratulations to our wedding! Our love has won many battles and overcome many challenges. I am so happy to celebrate our second wedding anniversary.

happy ring ceremony anniversary wishes

    • Day by day we write our story and build a family, and from the beginning we give priority to our happiness, without giving importance to what is superficial.

engagement wishes in kannada

    • By your side I know what happiness is. We have a very special way of dealing with each other. We are one and that is the most important. Best wishes to us!

first engagement anniversary wishes

    • I knew marrying you was the best thing I could ever do, but not even in my dreams did I imagine I would be this happy.

romantic 3rd engagement anniversary

    • Three years have passed since the day we celebrated our love at a beautiful party, together with friends and family. And three years later I found out that I married the best man, best husband and best father. Happy wedding anniversary, my love!

1st engagement anniversary

    • Thanks for everything, baby! And let us celebrate another three and thirty and three hundred more years of marriage. Only then am I a complete being! Kiss my love!

status for engagement anniversary

    • I love you, and with each passing day that love seems to grow more and more. Life at your side is just wonderful!

1st engagement anniversary wishes to wife

    • May we continue like this always, side by side, fighting for our family and our love. I am very happy with you, and I just want to make you happy too. Love you!

happy first engagement anniversary

    • Today we celebrate 4 years of a very special marriage. It’s still a short time close to everything that we’ll still live side by side, but I can already say that this wedding is what I always dreamed of.

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