102+ Happy Second Birthday Wishes (2024) Bday Quotes for 2 Year Old Boy Girl

second birthday wishes for little princess

  • When your face came to the fore,
    seeing my heart made you smile
    I thank that god
    who introduced me to you
    happy second birthday
  • second birthday wishes for baby boy

  • I will write your age from the moon stars
    I celebrate your birthday with flowers
    happy second birthday to u
  • quotes on baby girl princess

  • Good day come a thousand times in your life
    And we keep saying happy birthday to you every time
    happy second birthday
  • 1 month one month birthday wishes for baby boy

    Happy 21st Birthday Images

  • It is so small now but it has stolen the hearts of all of us from now on,
    Wishing you all a lot of happiness on your baby’s birthday! congratulations…!!!
  • 2nd month birthday

  • Heart blesses you moment by moment,
    Every moment that comes to give all the happiness of the world…!!!
  • 2nd birthday wishes for my son

  • Your heart is beautiful like your face,
    be concerned for everyone,
    May the one above fill you with the happiness of the whole world…!!!
  • 2 month baby birthday status

  • What such a gift can I give you,
    May flowers of happiness bloom on your lips,
    It’s just my wish,
    May God make your fortune…!!!
  • happy birthday baby images

  • On this day a few years ago the star of our life was born,
    You have made us the happiest and proudest parents in the world,
    and personally i can say that
    I love you more than you can ever imagine…!!!
  • 2nd month birthday quotes

  • happy second birthday
    May the sun’s rays shine on you
    Blooming flowers give you fragrance
    What we give will be less
    Giver gives you every happiness of life
  • one month birthday wishes

    Happy Second Birthday Wishes

  • very happy second birthday
    May the coming year be full of happiness
  • happy second birthday
    bless you that
    you were beautiful and smile as a child
    We love you very much.
  • birthday wishes baby boy

  • We are very lucky that we have yours,
    Like son found, very happy second birthday son
  • 2nd birthday wishes for son

  • Sweetness like honey in your words,
    Your breath smells like perfume,
    Your lips are wet like roses,
    Happy birthday my little Nawab…!!!
  • 2 month complete baby boy status

  • May the rays of the sun shine on you,
    Blooming flowers give you the fragrance,
    What we give will be less,
    May the giver give you every happiness of life…!!!
  • happy 2nd birthday boy

  • I guess no other parent is as lucky,
    As much as I am able to call you my son,
    You are the best thing that ever happened to me…!!!
  • blessing birthday wishes for little princess

  • you don’t know what it is today
    But today is your first birthday,
    I’ve been so happy since you came
    We can’t imagine how life would be without you…!!!
  • 2 month birthday wishes for baby boy

  • With tiny steps as you walk,
    You create panic in the whole house,
    We fall in love with you because of your kindness…!!!
  • 2 month birthday wishes for baby girl

  • Never remember the past life
    Don’t complain about what is written in your destiny, whatever will happen will happen.
    Don’t waste your today’s laughter in yesterday’s worry…!!!
  • happy 2nd birthday girl

  • I had asked you from the Lord in prayers,
    Your one smile washes away all the sorrows,
    My little prince, today is the day for you,
    Bring the gift of happiness.. Happy Birthday Son
  • 2 happy birthday wishes

  • Today is the birthday of my good son,
    Smart and Noty Boy
    i have no words son
    But you are a special part of my life…
    god bless you always
    My Son Happiest Birthday… Love you Beta
  • 2nd month birthday wishes

  • May God protect you from the evil eye,
    Let the moon adorn you with stars,
    You forget what is sorrow,
    May God make you laugh so much in life.
  • happy second birthday to my son

  • What should I pray for you?
    Who blooms flowers of happiness on your lips,
    This is my only prayer
    May the light of stars be your destiny.
    happy birthday son
  • half birthday quotes for daughter

  • I had asked you from the Lord in the links,
    Your one smile washes away all the sorrows.
    my princess today is the day for you
    bring the gift of happiness
    happy birthday son
  • 2nd happy birthday images

  • Let me write your age from the moon stars…
    I celebrate your birthday with flowers,
    I will bring such beauty from the world,
    That the whole festival is decorated with laughter
    happy birthday sweet dolls
  • happy 2nd birthday princess

  • son, we wish for your birthday and
    Bless you for the coming future
    earn a good name…
    Wish you very Happy Birthday🍫🎂
  • half birthday wishes for daughter

  • Every time your birthday is something beautiful
    Brings memories too.
    Always keep smiling always in life.
    May success be at your feet every moment.
    This is my only wish on your birthday
    happy birthday son
  • happy birthday baby pic

  • Happy birthday these special moments,
    Happy new dreams settled in the eyes,
    What life has brought for you today…
    Happy laughter of all that happiness….!!!
    Wishing you a very Happiest Birthday🎂
  • second month birthday wishes for baby boy

  • Glad second birthday celebration to my lovely
    child niece! For two entire years at this point,
    you’ve been making me feel great inside and
    filling it with such a lot of satisfaction!
  • 2nd birthday quotes

  • A secret someone revealed to me that it’s your
    birthday today, so I’m wishing you
    an exceptionally cheerful second birthday celebration, little dollface!
  • happy 2 month birthday wishes

  • Cheerful second birthday celebration, child young lady!
    Today, you’re not only two
    But at the same time you’re really sweet
    Furthermore, exceptionally adorable as well!
  • happy two months birthday

  • Your second birthday celebration has come around so fast, stamping two entire long periods of chuckles and endearing minutes! Glad birthday, minimal one!
  • It’s at long last the second year of your life here on The planet, my little one! My main desire is for you to grow up to be a fine youngster and for your life to be loaded up with heaps of joy, endowments, and achievement! Cheerful birthday!
  • Cheerful second birthday celebration to my marvelous child! Your giggling doubtlessly carries tickles to my spine and your grin alleviates my tired soul. I love you such a lot of my daughter, partake in your party!
  • I should be the most fortunate individual on Earth since I was given a valuable two-year-old who has the best and most lovable grin on the planet! Glad second birthday celebration, dollface! May you benefit from life and may you flourish in the entirety of your undertakings throughout everyday life!
  • Cheerful second birthday celebration my little one! Kindly realize that individuals around you generally love you. So in all things, consistently recall that we are here to cherish you and backing you!
  • Glad second birthday celebration to my sweet youngster! I can always remember your sweet grin, your initial step, and your beguiling little face. Much obliged to you for giving me such a lot of bliss. Kindly don’t grow up so quick!
  • To my dear little princess who is praising her second birthday celebration today. May you grow up to be a lovely, brilliant, and great lady! Kindly realize that I adore you!
  • You have been a major part of our life for just two years, however you’ve effectively given me a long period of adoration and satisfaction! Glad second birthday celebration my child!
  • To my dearest child! Glad second birthday celebration! I simply need to wish you a long period of joy, love, achievement, and gifts! Much thanks to you for motivating me from multiple points of view! Partake in your birthday!
  • Each time I see you, I’m helped to remember every one of the wonderful marvels that have occurred in my life each and every day. I love you so much, my darling! May you have an astonishing second birthday celebration!
  • Two years prior today, we made proper acquaintance with a sweetheart child! Much thanks to you for making me the most joyful individual known to mankind! My life has absolutely become such a ton better since you came! Glad second birthday celebration, my darling!
  • You bring such a lot of adoration and
    happiness to the hearts of every one of those
    around you that for now, on
    your birthday, I expect the
    same to be gotten back to you!
  • 2 years is quite a while. I can’t trust you are totally developed. You can walk! Have an enchanted day.
  • Did you realize that 2-year-olds can make the harshest ladies or man grin? They are only compelling to their adorable charms. Have a lovely day.
  • Glad birthday! How about we sing for the 2-year-old. The second year of life. The following happening to an age. Muah!
  • Two as of now and see how large you’re getting! You will be a major kid in no time!Happy second birthday celebration to you, my dear!
  • Glad second birthday celebration nectar, you are really an astounding extra and I can never underestimate you. I love you, have an excellent day.
  • Glad sweet second birthday celebration my dear, you will be an incredible individual some time or another and I love you to such an extent. Have a delightful festival.
  • I everlastingly hold you in high regard, you are an astonishing child and I love you to such an extent. I trust you partake in the cake and desserts on your second birthday celebration my delightful child.
  • You’re close to nothing and hesitant except for your light is brilliant and sparkling. I’m happy you’re with me. Partake in your incredible day.
  • Glad second child. At the point when I was your age, I was not special to have a tricycle, yet you presently have everything. I’m glad to see you cheerful.
  • I wish you my exquisite little man great wellbeing and great solidarity to be a game man when you grow up. Glad second Birthday celebration child.
  • I need to know something. What on earth does a two-year-old child think about? Ideally it’s not simply containers and diapers the entire day. Cheerful Birthday. Tell me the response to one of the world’s most prominent secrets.
  • What a best approach. You have become twofold your age. That is wild. Cheerful birthday to quite possibly the most adorable two year old out there! Have a flawless day sister.
  • I regularly sing high acclaims of kids. Predominantly in light of the fact that they are so acceptable in tuning in and being outright wild. I see beneficial things coming to you later on. However long you continue to do what you should. It will be terrific.
  • Ideas to celebrate Second Birthday

  • I need you to know something. You are one of not very many children that will spend time with us and one of the much less children I would support. Have an incredible day.