95+ Funny Happy Birthday Wishes (2024) Comedy, Sarcastic Bday Messages for Friends

Congratulations in poetry is great, but not everyone likes poetry. Many people think that poetic congratulations look like their sender went to the first site that came across and copied the first verse that came across from there – so if you are one of those who prefers prose, we have interesting congratulations for you. It turns out that it’s cool to congratulate you on your birthday without poetry!

bday wishes to friend

birthday wishes for friend

happy birthday wishes for friend

    • On your birthday, I would like to wish you an especially modest life. Drive a car without a roof, drink old wine and eat blue cheese. In order not to choose between two boats, but to buy a yacht!
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funny birthday wishes for best friend

    • On your birthday, I wish you more of the following problems: how to spend a million, which sea to bask in in winter, which convertible to choose – red or white. After all, it is so uninteresting to live without difficulties. Congratulations!

birthday wishes to friend

    • I wish you that all the difficulties in your life consist in choosing: which of the 10 cars is suitable for a trip to the store today, which island to spend your vacation on, what to wear and which restaurant to choose for lunch. And let all other worries recede, leaving room for happy and joyful moments in life.

birthday wishes for friends

    • I want to tell you on your birthday that you are a great fellow. Remember when you were born, you were small, bald, unable to speak or walk. And now you are big, handsome, you can freely chat about any topic and have learned not only to walk, but even to run. I wish that any business in life you succeed as easily!

happy birthday wishes in english

    • Be bad for a good day! May all your dreams come true in this new stage that you are beginning.

happy birthday wishes for best friend

    • From now on you have one more wrinkle! Happy Birthday!

funny birthday wishes for friend

    • Happy Birthday. You are so special to me that I remember your birthday without the Facebook reminder.

happy birthday dear friend

    • After days and days looking for a suitable gift for you, I have finally decided that everything you wish will come true when you read this greeting… CONGRATULATIONS!

happy birthday funny wishes

    • Today we celebrate that you are one year older, but do not worry that you are much better. Happy Birthday!

birthday wishes for a friend

    • They say that sincerity should prevail among friends. Don’t be bitter, but… you’re getting old. May you meet many more, grandfather!

happy birthday wishes friend

    • Remember that when they ask you how old you are, you can always answer: “18.” You really have 18… and 32 of experience. Congratulations!

birthday wishes to a friend

    • Example set for a person who turns 50 years old.

happy birthday wishes simple text

    • I was going to buy you a gift, but I decided to donate it to the people most in need, in this case to me, since I need more than you. I wish you the best and that your dreams come true.

funny happy birthday wishes

    • Your special day has arrived, in which you no longer like going out at night, nor noise, nor loud music, nor drinking drinks, because you are a grandfather. Hahaha many congratulations, that you meet all your goals.

birthday wishes for friend quotes

    • I wish you the best of birthdays. I have brought you a baldness shampoo as a gift, I hope you enjoy it a lot, hahaha, happy birthday funny.

happy birthday friend wishes

    • I wish you many congratulations dear friend, may all your dreams and wishes come true. Above all that dream of having a lot of money, and of giving a little to me. But do not even be fulfilled, hahaha, I send you a hug and a very happy funny birthday.

happy birthday wishes simple

    • Have you ever thought how stupid you were when we were kids? Guess what, you haven’t changed at all. Happy Birthday!

happy birthday my best friend

    • If you’re good at something, don’t do it for free. And if you’re not good at anything, shut up and don’t ask for a gift. Happy Birthday!

birthday wishes for close friend

    • A guy texts you on your phone, wishes you a happy birthday, and the next day, do you think he’ll buy you some presents? No, he is the one asking for a gift. Happy Birthday!

best friend birthday captions

    • Friends like you make me feel younger and more handsome. I wish you had two birthdays a year so that you age twice as fast as me. Happy Birthday!

happy birthday wishes lines

    • I wish you a very happy birthday friend, even if it is like the tenth time you tell me that you turn 30, hahaha, it is time to assimilate the ages. Above all else, I wish you have the best of your birthdays, do not forget that you are no longer 30, now they are 40.

happy birthday quotes in english

    • You have finally reached an age where if you are as old as you appear, I declare you as an immortal person, hahaha. I wish you success and congratulations, I hope that all your dreams and greatest wishes come true.

best lines for birthday wishes

    • You have turned so many years that you no longer know what face of circumstance to put when they sing ‘happy birthday’ to you.

happy birthday wishes for girl

    • This year I’m going to be good and I’m going to change this hit hit for your favorite song. Prepare the umbrella, that with how well I sing it is possible that it will start to rain. Congratulations!

happy birthday wishes for

    • Congratulations!! You have one year less to stop putting up with your mother-in-law.

best friend birthday wishes funny

    • Fun and geek: If your birthday is ‘is’, the party ‘is coming’.

unique birthday wishes for friends

    • Happy birthday, but haven’t you already had enough last year?

birthday wishes for friend funny

    • To my girlfriend’s brother, my dear brother-in-law, a good friend, I want to send my most special birthday greetings, also attached to it a little hair growth and an anti-wrinkle cream, soon the cane.

short birthday wishes for friend

    • Today I wanted to give you something that was cute, sweet, beautiful, and adorable, but the postman forced me out of the envelope. Happy birthday, may God bless your day with infinite blessings and joys!

happy birthday wishes messages

    • Every year it becomes more difficult for me to understand how you can celebrate adding one more year, and even more in your

      happy birthday wishes line

      terms. Congratulations, enjoy your day and this beautiful year!

funny birthday quotes for best friend

    • There are phrases that are written with feeling, messages that are written with dedication, this time I will not do it in one way or another, well my friend, congratulate you on getting old and old, as I don’t see it …

funny birthday wishes for best friend female

    • Today is the most beautiful day of my life, the most anticipated and special, it is a moment in which I will be very happy in your celebration, this time you have no excuse to make me pay the bill. I hope so, that you show up at your party.

happy birthday wishes funny

    • Happy birthday, but you should know that collecting years is only important if you are a wine.

birthday wishes for best friend funny

    • Having a birthday has a disadvantage and an advantage: you don’t see the letters up close, but you see idiots from far away. – The ‘taitantos’ suit you great.

happy birthday wishes msg

    • If you cannot read what this letter says with the naked eye, do not complicate yourself, at your age the details are the least of it. Happy Birthday!!

happy birthday funny quotes

    • Today that you smile at everything, listen to this … don’t worry, when the old age goes by, it becomes an invaluable antique … hahaha Happy Birthday!

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