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A daughter is always a source of joy for her parents, especially when she is still a child, because at this age her life is a world of possibilities. Birthdays, special dates of the year, or graduations, are perfect moments to remind her how much you love her and why you will never leave your side. That is why today we want to share with you some beautiful phrases that parents can dedicate to their little ones. Your little girl will love knowing that you love her so much.

i am blessed with a baby girl quotes

blessed with baby girl

blessed with a baby girl

    • Someday you will grow up to be a beautiful, intelligent, and very talented woman. Just don’t do it too fast, I want to enjoy every moment by your side.

blessed with baby girl quotes

    • Daughters are like flowers: they always sprout again to fill the world with their color and beauty.

blessed with baby girl status

    • Since I had you in my womb, you don’t know how many times I dreamed of your face, with your hands and with your voice. That is why I love you so much my girl, you are the most important thing to me.
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i am blessed with baby girl

    • I have seen you grow up over these few years and although you are still a child, I continue to discover that you have a lot to teach me. Love, innocence, patience and humility to recognize my mistakes. You are my greatest blessing, my little one.

god blessed me with a baby girl quotes

    • Princess, never forget how much your family loves you, how desired you were in our lives and that we would give everything for you, without thinking about it.

blessed with baby girl messages

    • When I saw you being born, I realized that love at first sight existed. Well, it was enough for me to look at you to know that you were going to be the most important thing in my life.

we are blessed with a baby girl

    • I did not know that my life was incomplete until I saw you being born, and you filled a space in me that I did not know existed.
    • To my dear daughter: Never forget that I love you, even when it is hard on you. Life is full of moments that make you laugh and cry, but no matter what happens, you will always have me by your side.

blessed with baby girl message

    • The happiest moment of my life was when I found out that I was going to be a mother / father to a girl as beautiful as you.

i am blessed with a baby girl

    • For my daughter: When I look into your eyes, I see my past, my present and my future, I see the moment when I knew you existed and the moments that I will witness by your side. I am very lucky to have you in my life and I promise to always be there for you.

status for baby girl

    • A daughter, she is that little girl who comes into your life to fill all your days with light and that one day she will grow up to become your best friend.

blessed with a baby girl quotes

    • You are the most beautiful memory that I keep inside my heart and the greatest treasure that I have in my life.

god blessed with baby girl

    • Thank you for coming to the Baby Shower in honor of (baby’s name).

we blessed with baby girl

    • We thank God for having blessed us with your presence. With love, daddy and mommy from (baby’s name).

baby girl status

    • Life rejoices because there is a new being. Love will be its cradle; joy, its canopy.

baby girl blessing

    • A parent has the wisdom of a teacher and the sincerity of a friend. Happy Father’s Day! Anonymous

blessed with a baby

    • For my most loyal, sincere and selfless friend. The best ever. My dad. Anonymous

we are blessed with a baby girl messages

    • A brother is a comfort, a friend is a treasure, a father is both. Benjamin Franklin

newborn baby quotes

    • The father is needed, loved and respected during childhood, but he is an adult, when he is understood and understood. Thanks Dad. Anonymous

baby girl blessed message

    • I thank God for granting me the gift of life and I thank you for accompanying my parents in the celebration prior to my arrival.

quotes on new born baby girl

    • ‚ÄúThank you, Lord, for allowing my parents to have conceived me, I ask you to help my mommy and me when I arrive, and bless those who gathered today for a Baby Shower to share our joy.

welcome little princess quotes

    • I look forward to meeting you all soon. Thank you for the love you offer to my mommy. Her gifts will be very useful to me because where I come from I will arrive with nothing. God bless you.

my little angel quotes

    • The beauty of being a girl is that the imagination is inexhaustible, and it makes all our days have a new adventure. Happy Birthday!

it’s a girl quotes

    • You are the prettiest and happiest girl I have ever seen, and I want to wish you a happy birthday! and, send you a big hug!

blessed with baby girl images

    • You are the most beautiful girl, and today you will light up everyone with your birthday girl smile. Congratulations!

blessed with baby

    • Today is my favorite girl’s day and I have thousands of plans to have a great time. Happy Birthday little girl!

blessed with a baby girl wishes

    • Thank God for the miracle of life and for receiving me with love.

welcome quotes for new born baby girl

    • The miracle of a birth is a unique and unrepeatable treasure. Thank you for joining us at (baby’s name) Baby Shower.

i am blessed with a baby girl sms

    • Thanks for coming to my Baby Shower!

newborn baby girl quotes and sayings

    • A new family member is on the way. What a joy to have shared their Baby Shower with you!

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