75+ Funny Happy Birthday Memes For Female Friends From Male (2024)

Funny Happy Birthday meme

11. Do you want a forecast for your birthday? I guess this one is the best you will get.
Dirty Happy Birthday Meme

12. We all grew up watching disney cartoons. So how about a simple yet adorable birthday meme that features Disney characters.
disney Happy Birthday Meme

13. Doctor who is one of the best sci fi series. It doesn’t matter who is portraying the titular character as long as the doctor doesn’t forget your birthday.
Doctor who Happy Birthday Meme

14. Donald trump may have failed to fulfil his campaign promises and making America great again but he sure knows how to make your birthday great again./
Donald Trump Happy Birthday Meme

15. Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes. So don’t worry if you are a fat boy or fat girl; Just go and enjoy your birthday.
fat girl Happy Birthday Meme

16. Too many puns. Anyways this Hitler birthday meme is arguably the funniest on this list.
funniest Happy Birthday Meme

17. No birthday party will be boring if there is Borat in It. High Fives, Happy Birthday.
funny asian Happy Birthday Meme

18. If Jesus himself is approving for your birthday party then there is no need to worry.
funny Happy Birthday Meme

19. Captain Jack sparrow surely knows how to party. This birthday meme suits to all the pirate fans.
Happy Birthday Meme for guys

20. Save the cake for me. If there is no cake then there would be no happy birthday.
funny Happy Birthday Meme