75+ Funny Happy Birthday Memes For Female Friends From Male (2024)

Funniest Happy Birthday Meme

21. We are yet to see who sits on Iron Throne but till then enjoy a Dothraki style birthday.
Game of Thrones Happy Birthday Meme

22. If your best friend doesn’t play Mario bros with you then is he really your friend at all?
Gay Happy Birthday Meme

23. Even the whole Justice League couldn’t bring smile to the face of Batman but it’s your birthday so here is a Smiling Batman for you.
Happy Birthday Batman Meme

24. Spend your birthday just like this dog – Happy and joyful.
Happy Birthday dog Meme

25. Jon snow really knows nothing. Here is he wishing you happy NAME day with the sword long claw in his hand.
Happy Birthday Game of Thrones Meme

26. Hulkhogan made wrestling popular. If you are a WWE fan then there is no better birthday meme than Hogan’s.
Happy Birthday Meme brother

27. This cat birthday meme can melt even the hardest of the hearts.
Happy Birthday Meme cat

28. This is perfect birthday meme for co workers.
Happy Birthday Meme co worker

29. If its your favourite cousin’s birthday then wish them with this meme.
Happy Birthday Meme cousin

30. It is hard to imagine anyone other than Ryan Reynolds in deadpool costume.
Happy Birthday Meme deadpool