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Every year we are presented with a perfect opportunity to express to people how valuable and important they are, how much we love them, and the impact they have made in our lives. On their birthdays, we show our loved ones what we think of them and the reasons why we have chosen to stay in their lives. For this reason it is so important to celebrate birthdays, as it is a reminder that there is someone who has played a significant role in your life.

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However, not all people celebrate it in the same way. While some take the opportunity to have great parties with all their loved ones in one place; there are those who decide to do something more intimate to have a good time and enjoy time together in a more relaxed atmosphere. It does not matter the form, the magnitude, or the duration; but the meaning and intention of each celebration.

It is essential that on such an important date, the birthday boy feels loved and valued by those around him. It is also a perfect opportunity to look back and see how much we have grown, as well as to set new goals and start from scratch with new habits, routines and purposes.

Regardless of how it is celebrated, at LolaFlora we are excited about the idea of ​​making every birthday an extremely special date. Therefore, we want to share with you some of the best ways to express your good wishes to a loved one on this day.

Find the right birthday message, walking through each category as shown below. And if you want to send that message along with a detail, we are happy to help you. Explore our gift options for birthdays or, if you want something more specific, birthday flowers. Surprise on that special day!

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    • You are so incredible, special and unforgettable that in your day you deserve something that is at your level. Let’s toast to a wonderful birthday, full of illusions and good wishes for this and the days to come!

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    • Age doesn’t really matter, if not what you learn during those years. May the wisdom you accumulate all this time continue to grow in you throughout your life!

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    • I wish you a happy day, full of virtue and joy. A warm hug, and a lot, a lot of love. And my best wishes, so you can get very far. May all your dreams come true in this new year that you are beginning. Congratulations!

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    • I wish you on this special day that your life is full of magic and happiness. May the sunlight illuminate your days so that you do not lose sight of your goals, and may the brightness of the moon inspire your nights so that they are always magical.

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    • The best for you on this day, may you continue to celebrate many more years and fill everyone’s hearts with joy.

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    • Even though we don’t see each other very often, my thoughts always come to you. I send my best wishes to you on this special day.

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    • A lot has happened since we met and I am glad I was able to share all of them with you. This day adds another year full of great memories! My sincere wishes that your life always leads you to follow the best paths to achieve your goals.

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    • Birthday messages for a friend

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      Friends are people that we choose to be part of our life. Whether we have known them since we were little, from the neighborhood, from school, from a family acquaintance, or that we got to know them throughout our adventures through life, our friends are people we love and we hope to always have our own. side.

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    • Although sometimes we may have many friends, perhaps only a few are really close. Those who are your best friends may be very special to you. Show them how special they are by sending them specially dedicated messages!

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    • If I was given the option to change something in my life and I had to give up my friendship with you for that, I would not do it in a million years. Thanks for always being! Happy Birthday!

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    • Thank you for brightening my days and nights, always. On this day I hope I can bring you a little bit of the joy that you always give me. May your birthday be full of light and love. Congratulations!

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    • You are the brother that I was missing! Thank you for being present in my life. Have a wonderful birthday and may all your wishes come true!

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    • Nowadays with the internet and all social networks they call anyone a “friend”. But FRIENDS like you, are counted on the fingers of one hand, and I am very happy to be able to call you that sincerely. Happy Birthday!

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    • Some come, others leave, and then there are those who are like you, who stay. The ones that matter. Real friends. Have a spectacular day, surrounded by people who love you. Happy Birthday!

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    • My life wouldn’t be the same without you. No matter where you hide, I will always find you, so don’t try to run away from me. Happy Birthday!

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    • This very important day for you, became a very special day for me too, since you are one of the most important people in my life and I love you with all my being. Have a very happy birthday!

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    • Happy Birthday! I sincerely hope that we continue to build many beautiful and unforgettable moments.

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    • One more year, one year less, the important thing is that we enjoy it. Happy Birthday!

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    • We have spent a thousand and one parties together, we have laughed until we cry and we have cried until we laugh. What are you waiting for to continue giving me moments by your side? Happy Birthday!

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    • I noted that today is the birthday of the dumbest of my friends, so I want to congratulate you. Just kidding, man. Happy Birthday!

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    • Today we celebrate that you are one year older… but don’t worry, you are much better. Happy Birthday.

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    • May these moments be unique, but may many more like them come during your next year. Congratulations!

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    • May the years not make you older, but wiser. Happy Birthday!

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    • Each moment with you well lived makes each Yesterday a dream of happiness and each Tomorrow an adventure. I would like to be with you every tenth of a second.

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    • I wish you a year full of happiness, full of hours, minutes and seconds of much love, where you feel like the most beloved person in the world. For everything you deserve, life is going to give you the most beautiful thing in itself.

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    • Today your social networks will be filled with beautiful and precious messages to congratulate you, wishing you a happy day and a beautiful year. I will be one of them, but in person I will show you everything that I love you. Congratulations.

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    • Don’t complain, you’ve just entered the ripe old age of youth and you’re still a kid. Happy Birthday!

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    • I want to wish you something more than a simple happy birthday, I want to wish you a beautiful day, that is the first of the others that will come that will make each new day more beautiful than the previous one. Happy Birthday.

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    • I send you a big hug, full of blessings and good wishes on this special day. Happy Birthday!

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    • May the angels from heaven come down today, hear all your wishes and have the best of birthdays. Congratulations!
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