10+ Best Spookiz Birthday Cake Ideas and Designs (2024)

Spookiz Birthday Cakes – Spookiz is a cartoon about monsters who come together to form an adventure. The first episode aired on September 17th, 2014 in South Korea.

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The monsters are human children who go to Freemont Elementary. In their monster forms, they are a vampire, a ghost, a goblin, a zombie, and a Frankenstein. In this post, I have included more than 10 Spookiz birthday cake ideas and designs:

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Spookiz Birthday Cakes

1. On our first Spookiz birthday there is a delicious blue ganache at the top along with several non-edible Spookiz figures. It is an awesome cake for your two-year-old kid.

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2. Another cool Spookiz birthday cake that is for your amazing six-year-old kid. The cake has a smooth and slick light blue texture.

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3. Another extraordinary two-tier birthday cake with several fantastic edible figures. It is an excellent cake for your four-year-old kid.

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4. This is a delicious chocolate Spookiz birthday cake with a tasty chocolate ganache at the bottom of the cake.

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5. For your three-year-old birthday girl this birthday cake has delicious pink icing and a cool edible lettering of the birthday girl’s name at the bottom.

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6. This is an exceptional birthday cake that has finely detailed edible lettering on the side and awesome house figures on top.

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7. This Spookiz birthday cake for your four-year-old birthday kid has several cute figures on top and delicious edible lettering on the side.

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8. This is a cute birthday cake for your birthday boy that has a blue bottom layer and a pink upper layer. Both layers have unique eyes.

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9. This blue Spookiz birthday cake has a great blue feel to it and is tasty. The Spookiz logo is placed on the front in an interesting orange graffiti style.

Arquivo de Corte Topo de Bolo Spookiz + BRINDE | Elo7

10. This purple Spookiz birthday cake is for your two-year-old birthday girl and has stylish bat figures on the side of the cake.

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11. This is an extraordinary birthday cake for your nine-year-old kid that has a delicious edible figure on top. I like the purple color of the cake.

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12. An awesome and cute birthday cake with several edible figures that look extraordinary. It is a great cake for your three-year-old boy.

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13. What could go wrong with this simple, slick, and smooth turquoise birthday cake? It will be a delicious treat for your five-year-old birthday boy.

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14. This is a cute Spookiz birthday cake with delicious white frosting and several amazing edible figures on top. Awesome for your two-year-old kid.

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Looking at the Spookiz birthday cakes, which one did you like the most?

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