40+ Best Popeye the Sailor Birthday Cake Ideas and Designs (2024)

Popeye the Sailor Birthday Cakes – Popeye the Sailor is a classic cartoon about a sailor with huge forearms. The cartoon was created in 1929 by Elzie Crisler Segar.

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The sailor likes to eat spinach and is granted extraterrestrial powers after consuming it. Popeye was a very popular cartoon from the 1930s until the 1960s with over 600 Popeye cartoons created. In today’s post, I have included more than 30 Popeye the Sailor birthday cake ideas and designs:

Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor (1936) | MUBI

Popeye the Sailor Birthday Cakes

1. In our first birthday cake for your one-year-old birthday kid is a delicious cake with an edible Popeye figure on top.

popeyre the sailor man cake | Sailor cake, Cartoon cake, Character cakes

2. Next is an extraordinary three-tier birthday cake with a blue bottom layer, a red middle layer, and a white top layer.

popeye the sailor men cake | Popeye the sailor man, Cakes for men, Cake

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3. A strong Popeye the Sailor figure stands gallantly on the top of this birthday cake that has delicious white and turquoise icing on the side.

Fondant 3D Popeye The Sailor Man Cakes for Kids | Fondant 3D… | Flickr

4. This tasty two-tier white birthday cake has edible several cute edible figures and I especially like the anchor piece.

Popeye the Sailor Man - Decorated Cake by simplykat01 - CakesDecor

5. A simple and tasty-looking solid and square-shaped birthday cake is just what your thirty-year-old birthday recipient wanted.

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6. This birthday cake is both smooth and simple as it has edible and tasty life buoys around the cake. It will make your forty-year-old happy. 

Popeye The Sailor Man | Popeye the sailor man, Sailor cake, Popeye

7. This is a delightful and lovely birthday cake with tiny edible hearts on it which is a great treat for your birthday girl. 

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8. Look at this awesome birthday cake for your five-year-old birthday kid with an edible Popeye figure on top.

Popeye birthday cake, inspired by the ride at Universal Orlando! Everything you see is edible! | Cake, Novelty cakes, Birthday cake

9. This is a legendary birthday cake with highly detailed non-edible pieces and a delicious white layer that will amaze your birthday boy.

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10. This birthday cake has an irresistible and delicious white layer that also has tasty black Popeye lettering on top.

Popeye | Cake, Character cakes, Cupcake cakes

Popeye Wiki

11. A pale blue layer birthday cake with an edible tin of spinach is tasty and will be an excellent cake for your kid.

Popeye The Sailor Man Cake in Penang !

12. This is a delicious birthday cake with sharp and tasty edible pieces that are great to look at and appealing to the eye.

CHUCAKES : Popeye Cake 1

13. A birthday cake that is designed as a tin of spinach is creative and is just what Popeye and the birthday recipient needed.

Popeye Cake - CakeCentral.com

14. For your lucky twenty-seven-year-old this highly detailed birthday cake is beautiful and has a tasty 27 figure.

Terrific Popeye 27th Birthday Cake -

15. The icing on this two-tier birthday cake is extra tasty and has amazing edible figures. It is a great cake for your birthday kid.

Popeye The Sailor Man Cake | silva4ka (marulka_s) | Flickr

16. The sixty-year-old birthday man will appreciate this Popeye the Sailor birthday cake as it is just what he always wanted.

Popeye cake - Decorated Cake by Julie's Cake in a Box - CakesDecor

17. A delicious two-tier birthday cake with beautiful flowers and edible figures of Popeye getting married is the ideal cake.

The Sensational Cakes: Popeye and Olive cream and purple flowers wedding elegant cake #singaporecake #popeye3dcake

18. This two-tier birthday cake is for your one-year-old kid and has a beautiful ocean bottom layer and a delicious helm on the side of the cake.

Kara's Party Ideas Popeye + Sailor Themed Birthday Party

19. For your three-year-old birthday kid this cake has a delicious pale blue ganache at the top borders of the cake.

Fabulous Popeye Ombre Ruffle Cake -

20. This is a flurry birthday cake in the shape of Popeye himself and is a delicious treat for your five-year-old birthday kid.

Sailor Cake Decorating Photos

21. I like the dark blue color layer of this birthday cake and I think it is both beautiful and minimal. A great cake for your seven-year-old birthday kid.

Sailor Popeye - Decorated Cake by Cakes by Satir - CakesDecor

22. A great birthday cake that is cute and has two non-edible figures on top. The white icing on this cake is tasty.

Popeye and Olive cake | Cartoon cake, Popeye and olive, Cake

23. This two-tier birthday cake is for your eighteen-year-old boy and includes thin edible flag pieces from countries like Italy and Australia.

Joining the Navy | Nautical baby shower cake, Boy birthday cake, Baby birthday cakes

24. These delicious cupcakes with tasty sprinkles on top are an excellent treat for your birthday kid’s party.

Popeye the Sailor Man Cupcake Toppers/picks - Etsy

25. This a cool two-tier birthday cake with delicious and highly detailed edible pieces on the side such as the life buoy.

Popeye and Olive | Popeye and olive, Popeye, Cake

26. A delicious blue birthday cake with edible life buoy pieces is just the right delight and looks great for your birthday kid’s celebration.

May be an image of cake

27. This is an amazing two-tier birthday cake with more delicious life buoy pieces and a tasty blue upper layer.

Popeye the Sailor Man Baby Shower Party Ideas | Photo 18 of 19 | Catch My Party

28. This two-tier Popeye birthday cake has interesting and edible medical pieces on it and also edible figures of Popeye getting married.

Unique Wedding Topsy Turvy Cake Popeye and Olive Inspired Theme 3D Cake Singapore #TopsyTurvyCake #UniqueWeddingCake | The Sensational Cakes

29. This birthday cake is tasty because it is made of buttercream and has beautiful red velvet edible pieces on it.

popeye cake | all red velvet with cc buttercream. I need lot… | Flickr

30. A birthday cake that is made of Popeye’s face and is flurry is an excellent treat for your birthday kid and has delicious strawberry jam at the bottom.

Order Popeye the sailor man Cake Online in Noida, Delhi NCR | Kingdom of Cakes

31. I like the theme of this birthday cake and think it is cool. The stripes and edible pieces are beautiful and it is a great delight for your one-year-old kid.

Premium Photo | Birthday cake in the style of a sailor

32. A delicious and imaginative birthday cake that has a lot to offer and several edible spinach tins will make Popeye stronger.

Popeye Theme cake - Decorated Cake by zullu - CakesDecor

33. This birthday cake is for your birthday boy and has an edible Popeye the Sailor figure on top that will make an amazing day for your boy.

Popeye the sailor man cake! | Cake, Cakes for men, No bake treats

34. An awesome birthday cake made of Popeye with a big tin of Spinach is delicious and flurry. It will be an irresistible treat for your birthday kid.

Popeye The Sailer Man- 1St Character Cake - CakeCentral.com

35. Look at the extraordinary details of the spinach on this birthday cake. It is super tasty for both your one-year-old birthday boy and Popeye himself.

Complete Deelite: Popeye Cakes, Cupcakes and Cake Pops!!!

36. This is a generous and amazing three-tier birthday cake with cool non-edible stat pops on top that is great for your one-year-old birthday kid.

Popeye cake | Bolos infantis, Aniversario, Bolo

37. A Popeye birthday cake that is made just of a big barrel of spinach is both original and inventive. Popeye will be very pleased.

Popeye Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 2 of 15 | Catch My Party

38. For your one-year-old birthday kid this white birthday cake has a cool and impressive 1 shape with stars on it.

birthday cake bali - Picture of Henny Cookies and Cakes, Dalung - Tripadvisor

39. I think this birthday cake is cool and has a very slick print on it with fine details. The blue icing on the side is also quite tasty.

Chocolate & Caramel Cheese Cake

40. A solid light blue base layer that is smooth and super tasty with detailed anchor and life buoy pieces is an excellent cake.

Sailor Cake Decorating Photos

41. An awesome light blue base layer with a spinach tin on top is great for your forty-year-old and I think the edible spinach pieces look good.

Popeye Birthday Cake | Birthday cakes for men, Kids cake, Birthday cake

42. The solid blue color of this square-shaped birthday cake is beautiful to look at and also has a great edible Popeye figure on top.

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Which Popeye the Sailor birthday cake did you prefer the most today?

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