50+ Best Family Guy Birthday Cake Ideas and Designs (2024)

Family Guy Cakes – Created in 1999, Family Guy is an American animated TV show created by Seth MacFarlane. It shows the day-to-day family life of the Griffins.

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The show has been active for more than 20 years and consists of Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris, Stewie, and Brian. Stewie is the youngest child and can be considered the most popular character in the show. In this post, I have researched more than fifty amazing birthday cakes (and designs) from the American TV show:

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Family Guy Birthday Cakes

1. Stewie is coming up with a plan for our first birthday cake here where the edible figure is a sweet delight. I like the orange base.

Family Guy | 21st birthday cakes, Cartoon cake, Funny cake

2. Look at this extraordinary comic design birthday cake that is in the shape of a globe and Stewie is again the center of attention.

Family Guy | Children's birthday cake | Rosebud Cakes | Flickr

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3. Look at this generous rectangle-shaped birthday cake for your twenty-one year old that has Family Guy printed on top.

Rectangle Family Guy Cake (with edible image) - The Girl on the Swing

4. Peter, Brian and Stewie are having a ball at this uniquely designed birthday cake with a simple and slick blue base.

Family guy cake | Cake, Novelty cakes, Cakes for men

5. A birthday cake that is in the shape of Peter Griffin’s head is a delightful surprise for your twenty four year old birthday recepient.

Coolest Homemade Family Guy Cakes

6. A unique birthday cake design that shows edible figures of Peter Griffin, Stewie, Brian (and possible the birthday recipient). I like the TV set figure.

FAMILY GUY | Wedding, Birthday & Occasion Cakes

7. A simple and chocolatey birthday cake design that has no limits on the tastiness of the flavor. Your birthday boy will love it.

Family Guy birthday cake 2 | I was asked to make a surprise … | Flickr

8. Look at this starry two-tier birthday cake design that features non-edible figures of the Family Guy characters for your sixteen year old boy.

No photo description available.

9. The blue ganache on the side at the bottom of this birthday cake is tasty and will leave a lovely impression in your kid’s birthday.

No photo description available.

10. This two-tier birthday cake has a lot to offer and includes several finely detailed birthday cake figures.

Family Guy Cake! | Birthday cakes for men, Cakes for men, Birthday cake decorating

Family Guy Wiki

11. If Glenn Quagmire is your birthday kid’s favourite Family Guy character then this birthday cake of his face may leave an unforgettable impression.

Coolest Family Guy Cake

12. I like this birthday cake because it is simple and has a finely detailed edible figures of Glenn, Peter and Stewie.

Family Guy Cake - Decorated Cake by Little Cherry - CakesDecor

13. This birthday cake is great and will definitely impress your lucky birthday kid, the flat Stewie figure on top is extraordinary.

Family Guy - CakeCentral.com

14. Look at this great starry birthday cake that has an imaginative feel to it. The red wrapper looks realistic and interesting.

Family Guy Cake | Cake & Co.

15. These very tasty cupcakes with non-edible figures of Family Guy characters will make your birthday kid very happy and pleased.

Family Guy Cake Toppers/cake Decorations Set of 8 With Peter - Etsy

16. This uniquely designed birthday cake will leave your seven year old birthday kid very happy and will love it.

Coolest Family Guy Cake

17. A fluffy birthday cake design will definitely leave a great impression on your kid’s birthday and features adorable flat print characters of Brian and Stewie on top.

Family Guy cake by Bluesoul1 on DeviantArt

18. This simple and starry two-tier birthday cake for your forty-one year old birthday recipient will make an enchanting impression.

Family guy cake

19. This smaller-sized chocolatey cake looks tasty and features a detailed flat Bruce print on top.

OoooH Noooo…Bruce….Family Guy Cake | Cols Cupcakes & Cakes

20. This two tier birthday cake for your seventeen year old birthday girl has a lot to offer and has many great details.

No photo description available.

21. Peter Griffin plays a Halloween figure on this irresistable birthday cake that has sprinkles on the side. Enjoy the treat!

A made a cake with Beter Griffin from family Guy! Made with butter cream! : r/FondantHate

22. This Family Guy birthday cake looks simple and the edible stars on top are a great addition. I like the edible teddy bear figure.

family guy Stewie and Brian cake | Birthday cake decorating, Themed birthday cakes, Cake

23. If your birthday kid’s favourite character is Herbert then look no further as this rectangle shape birthday cake will make a great treat.

Herbert The Pervert Family Guy - CakeCentral.com

24. This rectangle-shaped birthday cake has Stewie featured on it and is a great cake if your birthday kid likes Stewie.

Cool Homemade Stewie Cake with Butter Cream Frosting

25. An amazing, simple and minimal birthday cake design that has edible figures of Brian and Peter on top. Your birthday boy will love it.

Peter & Brian - Family Guy | Made for my hubby's birthday | Flickr

26. Your eleven year old birthday boy will really like this birthday cake featuring Stewie, Peter and Brian enjoying a few drinks.

Family Guy Cake | 21st birthday cakes, How to make cake, Cake creations

27. Stewie is magnificent on this extraordinary birthday cake for your birthday boy. His head shape captures the attention.

Stewie Griffin- Family Guy Cake - CakeCentral.com

28. Peter and Stewie are enjoying the show on this unique birthday cake that is shaped like a sofa. A great treat for the birthday dad!

Family Guy cake - Decorated Cake by Elli & Mary - CakesDecor

29. This green, simple and lively birthday cake has attention grabbing edible figures of Stewie and Brian. Excellent for your nineteen-year-old birthday recepient.

Layers of Love: 2010

30. Another great and lovely birthday cake with a blue base covered in a green topping and has edible figures of Stewie, Peter and Brian.

Family Guy - Cake Decorating Community - Cakes We Bake

31. A spectacular birthday cake that also has Stewie, Peter and Brian featured on top with a simple and minimal blue base.

Competition: World's Finest Cake Designer - Page 8 of 12

32. Stewie captures the attention of this extraordinary chocolate birthday cake that look tasty and attention grabbing.

Coolest Stewie from Family Guy Picture Cake Ideas

33. Stewie again make a great impression and looks very tasty in this birthday cake with a white and blue base. Your birthday kid will like it.

Family Guy Stewie custom fondant birthday cake | arteatsbakery

34. These six legendary cupcakes each feature the Family Guy characters and wow do they sure look very tasty. Make more if you can!

Family guy cupcakes - Cake Decorating Community - Cakes We Bake

35. Brian and Peter are again enjoying a great show and this unique birthday cake design will leave a great impression for your thirty year old birthday recepient.

Family Guy cake | Creative Cakes - Notts www.facebook.com/cl… | Flickr

36. This extraordinary birthday cake for your nineteen year old features an excellent golf setting. I like how precise the features are.

Golf w/Family Guy | St. Louis Custom Cakes

37. Another simple (yet larger) birthday cake that has a great print of the Family Guy members printed on top.

Family Guy Birthday Cake - CakeCentral.com

38. Who knew that Stewie himself could be a realistic birthday cake? This may be the ideal birthday cake yet.

Stewie Family Guy Cake - Decorated Cake by Starry - CakesDecor

39. An impressive round and fluffy birthday cake featuring Peter is a great treat and the blue ganache can be mouth-watering.

Customised Macarons, Cupcakes , Cakes, Pushpops , Cookies – Tagged "Theme-Peter Griffin - Family Guy" – BakeAvenue

40. Herbert makes a very fitting birthday cake with delicious turquoise ganache on the side and top of the cake.

Sarah al Twitter: "Family guy Herbert the pervert cake, for my stepson Kyle. We love to tease him on his birthday.... "Hiiii Kyle". #BirthdayCake #HomemadeCake https://t.co/ATe8ak89UG" / Twitter

41. This birthday cake is not only a very delicious chocolate mix but also features the Family Guy members in a Star Wars-inspired theme.

Family Guy Groom's cake - Cake Decorating Community - Cakes We Bake

42. Stewie himself again makes a good comeback as a deliciously edible birthday treat and the cake does indeed look very tasty.

The cake that was made for my Family Guy obsessed friend. : r/familyguy

43. A simple pale green birthday cake base with edible figures of Rupert, Stewie, and Brian. Your birthday kid will love it.

Family Guy with Stewie n Brian Cake | the sweet boutique delhi

44. A generous treat is definitely needed and this birthday cake for your eighteen-year-old features both cake and cupcakes.

Family Guy' Chocolate Fudge Cake | Cols Cupcakes & Cakes

45. More awesome and very sharply detailed cupcakes of the Family Guy members can be enjoyed here as well as the Family Guy logo itself.

Birthday Cupcakes London | Buy Birthday Cupcakes Online | Miss Cupcakes

46. A 3D birthday cake may be just what you need and this Stewie design makes great sense. Your birthday kid will surely enjoy it.

STEWIE | Wedding, Birthday & Occasion Cakes

47. A blue base along with the Family Guy members enjoying some beers is a great design and will make the twenty-one-year-old birthday recipient happy.

Family Guy Birthday Cake | Birthday cake, Birthday cakes for men, Cupcake cakes

48. Another impressive and bigger Stewie birthday cake with vivid colors make a great treat and may be just what your birthday kid was looking for.

stewie griffin cake - a photo on Flickriver

49. Perhaps your birthday girl’s favorite Family Guy character is Brian and this realistic birthday cake of him will make her very happy.

Brian the dog (family guy) - Decorated Cake by - CakesDecor

50. A legendary, larger, and wide rectangle-shaped birthday cake could be just what your birthday kid needed. The vivid colors will make your kid happy.

Baskin Robbins created this five foot by three foot, one hundred... News Photo - Getty Images

51. Your seventeen-year-old birthday girl really likes Stewie so this birthday cake with a slick design of him will amaze your birthday girl.

Stewie griffin cake :) by Blue-Fire-Zinny on DeviantArt

52. Stewie again never misses a chance to appear on this simple yet elegant birthday cake. The edible figure is highly detailed.

Torta Bella cakes | The Chronicle

Which was your favorite Family Guy birthday cake? Leave a comment and us know.

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