50+ Best The Simpsons Birthday Cake Ideas and Designs (2024)

The Simpsons Birthday Cakes – The Simpsons is an American TV Series created by Matt Groening in 1989. It is a depiction of an ordinary American family.

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The series has been running for a long time and is both popular and a bestseller. The main characters of the Simpson family are Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. For today’s post, you will find more than 50 The Simpsons birthday cake ideas and designs:

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The Simpsons Birthday Cakes

1. Looking at our first cake, is a spectacular traditional square-shaped cake featuring the Simpsons family members.

The Simpsons Birthday Cake - Flecks Cakes

2. Next we have a slick-looking and professionally done round-shaped cake with edible figures of Homer, Krusty, Bart, and Mr. Burns. It is great for your nine-year-old. 

Pin en Make me a cake

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3. Here is another traditional rectangle-shaped birthday cake with the Simpsons family members printed on top. Your twenty-year-old will love it!

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4. This square-shaped cake is for your twenty-nine-year-old and has a sharply printed gargling Homer Simpson printed on top.

Homer Simpson Birthday Cake - Flecks Cakes

5. The non-edible figures on this birthday cake are amazing and lively. It is a lot to take in and will make the birthday recipient happy.

IMG_1193 | Simpsons cake, Cartoon cake, Cake

6. The pink donuts with sprinkles on this birthday cake are irresistible and a great addition to the cake.

No photo description available.

7. An impressive three-tier birthday cake featuring all five Simpsons characters. Bart is surely having a hard time.

WHY YOU LITTLE.....!!!! "The Simpsons cake! - Decorated - CakesDecor

8. This birthday cake will impress the thirty-seven-year-old and looks fantastic. The edible Duff beer can and sprinkles are a great touch.

Homer Simpson Birthday Cake! - Decorated Cake by Jenn - CakesDecor

9. This two-tier birthday cake is for your six-year-old and has an edible couch on top. The edible Simpsons figures are not too bad.

Cartoon character themed cakes (Disney, Minions, Princess Sophia, The  Simpsons, Superheroes, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones,… | Themed cakes, Simpsons  cake, Birthday

10. Another two-tier birthday cake featuring non-edible Simpsons characters. It is great, sharp, and pleasing to look at. 

The Bake More: The Simpsons Cake - Homer and His Donuts

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11. Your twelve-year-old birthday boy will appreciate this blue traditional and square-shaped birthday cake.

The Simpsons Birthday Cake - Flecks Cakes

12. This is a simple and starry birthday cake that almost looks like a hat. The edible Bart Simpson portrait on top is placed successfully.

Bart Simpson Birthday Cake - Decorated Cake by All Things - CakesDecor

13. A flurry birthday cake that is shaped like Bart Simpson with a skateboard. It is original for those who have never seen such a cake.

Coolest DIY Birthday Cakes | Simpsons Cakes

14. An animated rectangle-shaped traditional birthday cake for your fifteen-year-old kid. It looks easy to make!

Coolest DIY Birthday Cakes | Simpsons Cakes

15. Wow! Look at this giant pink donut with Homer Simpson popping out of the center and having a bite out of it. 

How to make a Simpsons cake. A Homer Simpson eating a donut birthday cake.  Celebration cake for children and adults. - HubPages

16. This original-looking birthday cake has Bart Simpson peeking out from the top of the cake. The house looks simple and comfortable. 

No photo description available.

17. Your twenty-three-year-old beer-loving birthday recipient will appreciate the oozing yellow ganache placed on the top of the cake.

02-printable Simpsons Cake Topper Personalized Simpsons - Etsy

18. Another impressive and unique birthday cake that has a large edible donut and printed edible figures of Bart and Homer at the bottom. Your ten-year-old birthday boy will say wow.

Simpsons Birthday Cake - CakeCentral.com

19. Found in a Simpson’s store, this three-tier birthday cake took time to make and had an impressive Homer Simpson sitting on a donut with lightsabers on top. 

The simpson Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 4 of 10 | Catch My Party

20. The word “D’oh” can be deliciously enjoyed on this birthday cake and will be a delightful treat for the thirty-seven-year-old birthday recipient.

Homer Simpson Birthday Cake! - Decorated Cake by Jenn - CakesDecor

21. A large donut with a raspberry color is sitting on top of the cake with a glazed finish. It captures the attention of the lucky twelve-year-old kid.

The Simpsons family.. | Homer simpson cake, Simpsons cake, Cartoon cake

22. The colors work vividly together on this two-tier birthday cake and an edible Santa’s Little Helper figure is included on top.

Simpsons - Cake Decorating Community - Cakes We Bake

23. Your nine-year-old birthday kid will like this simple cake featuring the Simpsons family members enjoying a TV show.

The Simpsons Family Couch Birthday Cake – nikkibakescakes.org

24. A cheerful-looking birthday cake that has an edible Homer Simpson figure laying on top of a pink donut with sprinkles. Delicious!

Simpsons Novelty Cake, Novelty Cakes Sydney, Children's Birthday Cakes,  Novelty cake designs, Kid Birthday Cakes, Huge Donut Cake

25. The blue and green edible circles on the side of this birthday cake give an original and calming touch to the cake.

Homer Simpson Birthday Cake | BCA013 Simpsons birthday cake?… | Flickr

26. Here we have a traditional rectangle-shaped birthday cake with the iconic Simpsons family home printed on top. Can’t wait to try the blue ganache on the side. 

The Simpsons Bart Lisa Maggie Marge Homer House Edible Cake Topper Image -  Walmart.com

27. Another delicious large-shaped donut with Homer Simpson popping out from the center. The white icing looks very tasty.

Homer Simpson Birthday Cake - CakeCentral.com

28. A smaller treat that looks as tasty as ever, especially the yellow base. The edible clouds at the bottom will also impress the birthday kid.

The Simpsons Cake - a photo on Flickriver

29. This three-tier birthday cake is crafted very carefully and several edible figures are immaculately placed.

The Simpsons Cake by Naera on DeviantArt

30. Non-edible figures of the Simpsons family are having a great time with this uniquely crafted birthday cake. Note the edible boat painting figure on top.

Ths Simpsons Cake | Simpsons living room birthday cake. Choc… | Flickr

31. Wow, an edible Mojo figure is laying on a pink donut as a birthday cake design. It is impressive to look at and the numerous Duff beer cans are a great addition.

Simpsons Birthday Cake - CakeCentral.com

32. Make your thirty-year-old birthday recipient proud with this slick and original birthday cake featuring an edible Plopper figure at the bottom.

The Simpsons on Couch Birthday Cake - a photo on Flickriver

33. You can always enjoy a birthday cake that has several pink Simpsons donuts placed at great angles along with macarons and a brown chocolate ganache dripping from the side.

The Original Doughnut Topper Cake with Free Delivery - Anges de Sucre

34. If your birthday kid likes Twinkies then this generous birthday treat will make him happy. Enjoy the simple and animated Homer Simpson face.

Coolest DIY Birthday Cakes | Simpsons Cakes

35. A spectacular thirty shape birthday cake that looks excellent and is very pleasing to the eye. Woohoo!

The Simpsons 30Th Birthday - CakeCentral.com

36. A smaller pink birthday cake will make your seven-year-old birthday girl content. Note the starry touch on the side.

No photo description available.

37. Make your eleven-year-old birthday boy quintessentially amazed with the Simpsons family display on top.

The Simpson's Inspired Cake Topper the Simpsons Birthday - Etsy

38. This irresistible birthday cake includes a sharply detailed and cute donut figure on top. It is finished to the finest extent.

Order your birthday cake the simpsons online

39. Your twenty-eight-year-old will enjoy the relaxed colors and finely detailed edible figures on this birthday cake. Note the television figure in the bottom center.

Homer Simpson Birthday Cake

40. Two lucky birthday recipients can enjoy this extraordinary birthday cake and enjoy its starry features.

Coolest Homer and Bart Simpsons Birthday Cake

41. A fluffy and packed birthday cake for a forty-year-old that will surely leave a great taste thanks to the whipped cream that looks like beer brew.

Homer Simpson birthday name - Decorated Cake by Layla A - CakesDecor

42. A sharp and detailed two-tier birthday cake featuring the town of Springfield. Note the Ned Flanders figures on the bottom left.

Cakecery The Simpsons Edible Cake Image Topper Personalized Birthday Cake  Banner 1/4 Sheet - Buy Online - 220717653

43. Wow this birthday cake can be a lot to take in and the three pink donuts on top with sprinkles are striking.

No photo description available.

44. Your nine-year-old may thoroughly enjoy this Bart Simpson birthday cake, especially the bite-sized edible donuts at the bottom.

Elton John and David Furnish's son poses with his INSANE birthday cake! |  HELLO!

45. Keep it simple and slick with this two-tier birthday cake featuring Homer Simpson and Bart sitting on a couch at the top of the cake. Your eight-year-old birthday boy will smile.

Blissfully Sweet: The Simpsons Birthday Cake

46. The orange bottom on this birthday cake gets your attention and leaves a nice touch along with the iconic Simpsons family logo printed on top at the side.

Pin en Ideas for Kahim's B-day

47. A three-tier birthday cake that is drenched with pink donuts, macarons, and the chocolate ganache will be an awesome treat for your birthday kid.

The Homer Simpson Cake | Anges de Sucre - Anges de Sucre

48. Make your birthday girl happy with this generously decorated birthday cake that has many flowers and sprinkles.

The Simpsons Rainbow Birthday Cake London Cherie Kelly – Chérie Kelly

49. A very lucky ten-year-old baby girl will thoroughly enjoy this two-tier birthday cake and enjoy its many edible features.

The Simpsons Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 1 of 17 | Catch My Party

50. Don’t forget the gorgeous cupcakes featuring Simpsons family members and Santa’s Little Helper. Enjoy the treats with your birthday kid.

Simpsons and Manchester United Cupcakes – Beautiful Birthday Cakes

51. A super and fluffy round birthday cake featuring Bart Simpson is extraordinary to look at and will satisfy your birthday kid’s big expectations.

Bart Simpson Birthday cake | The cake is sacher torte. Mm.. … | Flickr

52. Bart Simpson and his skateboard are placed just right at the top of this light blue birthday cake. Your birthday boy will agree the cake is cool.

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So, which The Simpsons birthday cake did you like the most today?

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