50+ Best Kid’s Birthday Cake Ideas and Designs (2024)

Kid’s Birthday Cakes – Every birthday is the happiest day ever when you’re a child! Every birthday is a reason to celebrate, from first birthdays to sweet sixteens.

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Make sure your children feel special on their birthdays. One of the highlights of a birthday party is the cake. Giving your children a tasty birthday cake that will make them happy is among the nicest things you can do.

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Kid’s Birthday Cakes

Here are our picks for the top kid’s birthday cake designs:

1. Aristocat hand-painted birthday cake. Cute and furry animals.

Aristocat Hand Painted birthday cake

Kid’s Birthday Cakes

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2. Cuphead birthday cake. What a nice theme.

Cuphead Birthday Cake

Kid’s Birthday Cakes

3. Sweet 16 books birthday cake. Every teenager’s dream.

Sweet 16 Book cake

Kid’s Birthday Cakes

Small Kid’s 5-Year-Old Birthday Cake

4. Pastel butterfly birthday cake. Beautiful and flowery.

Pastel Butterfly Cake

Kid’s Birthday Cakes

5. Sweet 16 winter ice birthday cake. Another teenager’s dream come true.

Sweet 16 Winter Ice Cake

Kid’s Birthday Cakes

6. Onederland 1st birthday cake. An unforgettable cake. 

Onederland 1st Birthday Cake

Kid’s Birthday Cakes

7. Sweet sixteen black and gold butterflies birthday cake. Keep the teenage dream alive.

Sweet Sixteen Black and Gold Butterflies cake

Kid’s Birthday Cakes

8. Paddington bear pancake birthday cake. Cute and simple. 

Paddington Bear Pancake Cake

Kid’s Birthday Cakes

Small Kid’s Birthday Cakes

9. Pokéman Pokéball birthday cake. For the original Pokémon fans.

Pokémon Ball Birthday Cake

10. Super Grover birthday cake. For Sesame Street lovers.

Super Grover Cake

Advice for Kids

11. Tampa Bay lightning hockey birthday cake. Hockey fans will love it.

Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Cake

12. Spidey and his amazing friends’ birthday cake. Spiderman fans will be amazed.

Spidey and His Amazing Friends cake

13. Astronaut’s outer space birthday cake. A true space exploration. 

Astronauts Outer Space Birthday Cake

14. Baseball birthday cake. For sports fans. 

Baseball Birthday Cake

15. Sleepover Boho birthday cake. A lovely and rosy cake.

Sleep over Boho birthday cake

16. Encanto birthday cake. For fans only.

Encanto Cake

17. PJ Masks birthday cake. Gotta love it. 

PJ Masks Cake

18. Gummy Bear 3D birthday cake. This is a very cool design. 

Gummy Bear 3D Cake

19. African safari 1st birthday cake. For the wildest adventures. 

African Safari 1st Birthday

20. Toy Story 4 birthday cake with handmade figures. Very professionally done.

Toy Story 4 Cake

21. Baby Star Wars first birthday cake. It doesn’t matter how young you are to be a Star Wars fan. 

Baby Star Wars First Birthday Cake

22. Rubik’s cube birthday cake. Could only a genius solve it?

Rubik's Cube Cake

23. Spongebob Squarepants birthday cake. So many people like Spongebob. 

Spongebob Squarepants Cake

24. Sculpted Tigger’s birthday cake. Everyone remembers him. 

Sculpted Tigger Birthday Cake

25. Rainbow birthday cake. For the happiest of memories. 

Rainbow birthday cake

26. Safari birthday cake. Another wild adventure. 

Safari Birthday Cake

27. Sophie the Giraffe birthday cake. Sophie got out of the zoo.

Sophie the Giraffe Cake

28. Cocomelon birthday cake. The colors are vibrant. 

Cocomelon Birthday Cake

29. Octonauts birthday cake. For aquatic lovers.

Octonauts Birthday Cake

30. Ruffle Minnie Mouse birthday cake. For classic Minnie Mouse fans. 

Ruffle Minnie Mouse Cake

31. Nautical 1st birthday cake. Some people like sailing. 

Nautical 1st Birthday Cake

32. Rainbow Princess birthday cake. A princess’s dream come true. 

Rainbow Princess Cake

33. Alice in Wonderland birthday cake. Some people’s favorite memories. 

Alice in Wonderland Cake

34. Wreck it Ralph Princess Vanellope birthday cake. An overwhelming but extraordinary cake. 

Wreck it Ralph, Princess Vanellope candy Cake

35. Harry Potter birthday cake. Harry Potter fans will be proud.

Harry Potter Cake

36. Pink and beige elegant princess birthday cake. Stay classy never sassy. 

Mocha-Pink-1st birthday cake-Blue Lace Cakes-100.jpg

37. Cookie Monster and gang 2nd birthday cake. Gotta love Sesame Street. 

Cookie Monster and gang 2nd birthday cake

38. Star Wars Darth Vader and Storm Troopers birthday cake. Many older fans will love it.

Star Wars, Darth Vader and Storm Troopers cake

39. Chip and Ms. Potts’s Beauty and the Beast birthday cake. Look at the cute teapots. 

Chip and Ms. Potts, Beauty and the Beast birthday Cake

40. Safari Mickey’s first birthday cake with a smash cake. Never say no to adventures.

Safari Mickey first birthday cake with smash cake

41. Barnyard birthday cake. Where life is simpler. 

Barn yard birthday cake

42. Princess Castle birthday cake. Who will defend the Princess?

Princess Castle birthday cake

43. Cinderella birthday cake. I can imagine many people choosing this cake.

Cinderella Cake

44. Dragon Ball 3 birthday cake. For the hardcore Dragon Ball fans.

Dragon Ball Z Birthday Cake

45. Totoro birthday cake. These creations are cute.

Totoro Cake

46. Ninjago Lego birthday cake. Build up the ninja tiers.

Ninjago Lego Birthday Cake

47. Astronaut and Rocketship birthday cake with a moon smash cake. This could be the first cake on the moon.

Astronaut and Rocket ship cake with moon smash cake

48. Ocean wave birthday cake. Ride that wave like a star. 

Ocean wave birthday cake

49. Movie night popcorn bucket birthday cake. Is it the next James Bond movie?

Movie night, popcorn bucket birthday cake

50. Sonic the Hedgehog birthday cake. For the original fans of the videogame series.

Sonic the Hedgehog Birthday Cake

51. Magic Hat with Bunny Ears birthday cake. What tricks will be pulled?

Magic Hat with Bunny Ears Birthday Cake

52. NASA Spaceship birthday cake. Human curiosity is endless.

NASA Spaceship Birthday Cake

Which cake from the list above will you bake for your superhero child? Will you use non-edible cake miniatures to create a special design or a straightforward cake?

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