60+ Best Adult’s Birthday Cake Ideas and Designs (2024)

Adult’s Birthday Cakes – Every voyage around the sun should be commemorated with an amazing cake, whether it is a milestone birthday or one in between. These are just a few illustrations of custom-made birthday cakes from the past.

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On their birthday, make sure your grownup feels appreciated. The cake is one of the best parts of a birthday celebration. One of the finest things you can do is to make your adult’s birthday cake pleasant.

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Adult’s Birthday Cakes

Here are our picks for the top adults’ birthday cake designs:

1. Wendy’s chicken sandwich and drink birthday cake. It’s impossible to tell the difference!

Wendy's chicken sandwich and drink birthday cake

Adult’s Birthday Cakes

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2. Yeti Cooler birthday cake. Cheers, buddy!

Yeti Cooler Cake

Adult’s Birthday Cakes

3. Pantone Graphic design birthday cake. The MacBook looks very slick.

Pantone Graphic design cake

Adult’s Birthday Cakes

Young Adults’ 18-Year-Old Birthday Cake

4. Musical dachshund birthday cake. How cute.

Musical dachshund birthday cake

Adult’s Birthday Cakes

5. Jordan’s 18th birthday cake. Very cool and realistic with the boxes.

Jordans 18th Birthday Cake

Adult’s Birthday Cakes

6. Final Fantasy birthday cake. True fans will love this cake.

Final Fantasy Birthday Cake

Adult’s Birthday Cakes

7. Black and gold crown birthday cake. Be the ultimate king.

Black and Gold Crown Cake

Adult’s Birthday Cakes

8. Vintage record player birthday cake. Old is gold.

Vintage Record Player Cake

Adult’s Birthday Cakes

Grown-Up Adult’s Birthday Cakes

9. Royal Blue Geometric Diamond birthday cake. Simple and beautiful.

Royal Blue Geometric Diamond cake

10. Harley’s 60th birthday cake. What an adventurous cake.

Harley 60th Birthday Cake

Life Advice for Young Adults

11. Telfar bag birthday cake. The dollar bills look perfect.

Telfar bag cake

12. Blue and Gold Marbled 70th birthday cake. Four tiers of perfection.

Blue and Gold Marbled 70th Birthday Cake

13. Natty Light Beer Can birthday cake. Nothing beats a chilled beer.

Natty Light Beer Can Cake

14. Bowling birthday cake. Strike!

Bowling Birthday cake

15. 90s Lisa Frank Boom Box birthday cake. The nostalgia blows my mind.

90s Lisa Frank Boom Box Cake

16. Black and gold 40th birthday cake. Simple yet it makes a bold statement.

Black and gold 40th Birthday Cake

17. Art deco gold and black birthday cake. For the fancy ones.

Art deco gold and black birthday cake

18. Louboutin’s 50th birthday cake. The style is instantly recognizable.

Louboutin 50th Birthday Cake

19. Paris-themed birthday cake. The best tourist attraction in the world.

Paris themed cake

20. Starry Night buttercream-painted birthday cake. Could there be a better painting?

Starry Night buttercream painted birthday cake

21. Ford Pickup Truck birthday cake. Simple and on the run.

Ford Pickup Truck Cake

22. Red marbled buttercream birthday cake. Smaller and more artistic. 

Red marbled buttercream cake

23. Musical birthday cake. For all the music lovers.

Musical Birthday Cake

24. Coffee lover’s birthday cake. Get your daily dose of caffeine.

Coffee Lover birthday cake

25. Trout birthday cake. An interesting thing to put on a birthday cake.

Trout Cake

26. Cicada’s birthday cake. Wow, that would get everybody’s attention but not in the right way.

Cicada birthday cake

27. Sponge Bob’s 25th birthday cake. He’s an all-time favorite. 

Sponge Bob 25th Birthday Cake

28. Harry Potter’s birthday cake. For the truest of Harry Potter fans.

Harry Potter Birthday Cake

29. Companion cube birthday cake. Complex but simple.

Companion Cube Cake

30. Aged to-Perfection birthday cake. A very lovely touch.

Aged To Perfection Cake

31. Red Sugar birthday cake. Understated and elegant. 

Red Sugar Birthday Cake

32. Gamer’s birthday cake. Just as addicting. 

Gamers Birthday Cake

33. Playstation birthday cake. The ultimate combination. 

Playstation Cake

34. Yuki the Seal birthday cake. Adorable.

Yuki the Seal birthday cake

35. Purple Marbled Geode birthday cake. A very precious cake.

Purple Marbled Geode Cake

36. Totoro birthday cake. Simple and cute.

Totoro Cake

37. Chanel No.5 birthday cake. A classic that never ceases to amaze.

Chanel No. 50 Birthday Cake

38. KAWS Companion birthday cake. Cute and freaky. 

KAWS Companion Cake

39. Milestone birthday cake. For the big boys. 

Milestone birthday cake

40. Chanel Purse birthday cake. Could easily be mistaken.

Chanel Purse Birthday Cake

41. Black Orchids concrete birthday cake. Smaller and truly elegant. 

Black Orchids concrete cake

42. Marbled geometric birthday cake. The artistic flair. 

Marbled geometric cake

43. Tito’s Vodka birthday cake. Will be mistaken.

Tito's Vodka Birthday Cake

44. Black and White candy birthday cake. Boxy and creative.

Black and White candy birthday cake

45. Geometric 40th birthday cake Navy and Gold. A unique design.

Geometric 40th Birthday cake Navy and Gold

46. Havana Nights birthday cake. For unforgettable nights in Havana.

Havana Nights Birthday Cake

47. Sculpted Tigger birthday cake. Every person’s childhood character.

Sculpted Tigger Birthday cake

48. Sculpted Pug birthday cake. A very cool dog to have.

Sculpted Pug Cake

49. Cigar humidor birthday cake. For the players.

Cigar humidor birthday cake

50. Gucci 40th birthday cake. Rappers may love this cake.

Gucci 40th Birthday cake

51. 75th birthday cake. Still going and celebrating.

75th Birthday Cake

52. 90s Hip Hop fan birthday cake. This is cool and retro.

90's Hip Hop Taz Cake

53. Jack Daniels Whiskey Bottle birthday cake. Looks very realistic. 

Jack Daniels Whiskey Bottle cake

54. DJ Panda’s birthday cake. Cool and hipster. 

DJ panda cake

55. Garfield’s birthday cake. He’s a classic favorite. 

garfield cake

56. Buillet Bourbon birthday cake. What could go wrong?

Buillet Bourbon birthday cake

57. Donkey Unicorn birthday cake. An interesting cake.

Donkey Unicorn cake

58. Chanel Purse birthday cake. It’s hard to tell the difference. 

Chanel Purse birthday cake

59. Sloth and turtle birthday cake. In this cake, they are edible animals.

sloth and turtle cake

60. Chinese fried rice takeout container birthday cake. Chow!

chinese fried rice takeout container cake

61. Cigar birthday cake. A man’s ultimate expression.

cigar birthday cake

62. Back to the Future Delorean birthday cake. The future is here.

Back to the Future Delorean cake

63. Sculpted dog birthday cake. The red ribbon is a nice touch. 

sculpted dog cake

64. Blue Volkswagon birthday cake. A classic car still appreciated today.


Which cake from the list above will you make for your life-loving adult? Will you use non-edible cake figures to create a special design or a straightforward cake?

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