70+ Best Boy’s Birthday Cake Ideas and Designs (2024)

Boy’s Birthday Cakes – Make your little boy’s birthday unforgettable and bring their favorite characters and themes to life.

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Making your children feel special on their birthdays is crucial. One of the most delightful aspects of a birthday party is the cake. So it stands to reason that making your boy a tasty birthday cake will make him happy.

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Boy’s Birthday Cakes

Here are our picks for the top boys’ birthday cake designs:

1. Celebrate your boy’s 1st birthday with this royal little king birthday cake.

FullSizeRender 14

Boy’s Birthday Cakes

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2. This two-tier royal birthday cake has the theme of a golden prince.

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Boy’s Birthday Cakes

3. Celebrate your boy’s birthday with this beach weekend birthday cake.

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Boy’s Birthday Cakes

Baby Boy’s 1-Year-Old Birthday Cake

4. This awesome and cool birthday cake is in the shape of the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

IMG 7138

Boy’s Birthday Cakes

5. Nothing is better than a classic Mickey Mouse birthday cake for your one-year baby boy.

File Oct 11 1 20 00 PM

Boy’s Birthday Cakes

6. If your birthday boy likes the Finding Nemo movie then this birthday cake will make him happy.

IMG 8991

Boy’s Birthday Cakes

7. An awesome two-tier Cars birthday cake for your two-year-old birthday boy.

File Oct 11 1 16 38 PM

Boy’s Birthday Cakes

8. A classic Sesame Street birthday cake will impress the invites of your one-year-old boy’s birthday party.

Archivo 10 12 17 12 42 38 PM

Boy’s Birthday Cakes

Young Boy’s Birthday Cakes

9. Look at this cute Pug birthday cake for a lucky birthday boy.

File Oct 11 1 18 08 PM

10. If your five-year-old boy likes to play Super Mario then this could be the best birthday cake ever.

Archivo 10 12 17 12 47 19 PM

Etiquette and Manners for Kids

11. Look at this impressive tall Texan birthday cake for a fifteen-year-old boy.

Archivo 10 12 17 12 15 44 PM

12. A cool and two-tiered Avengers birthday cake for your birthday boy.


13. This Nerf birthday cake for a boy is attention-grabbing and creative.

Archivo 10 12 17 12 47 43 PM

14. Here comes the choo choo train on this extraordinary two-tiered birthday cake.

Choo Choo Train

15. Who wouldn’t love to have a silly minion birthday cake for their one-year-old birthday boy?

Silly Minion

16. A two-tiered circus birthday cake to celebrate your one-year-old boy’s birthday is an excellent decision.

Circus Birthday

17. Let’s celebrate your one-year-old birthday boy’s birthday with this awesome two-tiered birthday cake.

Mickey Lets Celebrate

18. This two-tiered Star Wars Lego-themed birthday cake will impress your boy if he’s a Star Wars fan.

Star Wars Legos

19. A two-tiered cloud 9-themed birthday for your nine-year-old birthday boy is the way to go.

Cloud 9

20. A smaller-sized birthday cake for a little man is the best option. I like the edible bowtie.

Little Man

21. Another impressive and starry Star Wars birthday cake for your birthday boy.

Star Wars

22. A simple cowboy birthday cake for your four-year-old birthday boy.


23. This two-tiered Mickey Mouse clubhouse birthday cake has a lot to take in and will surely impress everyone at your one-year-old boy’s birthday party.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

24. Nothing beats a simple Superman birthday cake for your seven-year-old birthday boy.


25. If your birthday boy likes basketball then this birthday cake will make him happy.

Custom Jersey

26. Another super cool two-tiered Minions birthday cake for your two-year-old birthday boy.


27. A cute and smaller-sized tiny Avengers birthday cake for the lucky boy.

Tiny Avengers

28. Have fun in July with your birthday boy by getting this patriotic two-tiered birthday cake.

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29. Wow this two-tiered Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles birthday cake for your five-year-old boy is on top of a pizza base!

Ninja Turtles Pizza

30. Sing twinkle twinkle to your birthday boy with this matching birthday cake.

Twinkle Twinkle

31. Your birthday boy would find this Jordan #23-inspired two-tiered birthday cake very cool.

Jordan 23

32. An impressive two-tier Paw Patrol birthday cake for Paw Patrol fans. Recommended if your four-year-old birthday boy is a fan.

Paw Patrol

33. Wow check out this cool racetrack birthday cake for your three-year-old boy.

Archivo 10 12 17 12 41 54 PM

34. If your boy is a Jurassic World fan then this cake will be jaw-dropping. Look at the edible wooden gates.

Jurrasic Park

35. Any boy that likes Plants vs Zombies will surely wish to have this birthday cake.

Plants vs Zombies

36. A Finding Dory birthday cake will always make your two-year-old birthday boy happy.

Archivo 10 12 17 12 29 27 PM

37. Another Paw Patrol two-tiered birthday cake this time featuring the Paw Patrol friends.


38. Celebrate your two-year-old birthday boy’s party with this Let’s Go Astros birthday cake.

FullSizeRender7 e1515707205692

39. Look at this original, unique, and creative troll-inspired birthday cake.

Archivo 10 12 17 12 27 23 PM

40. A Cupheads birthday cake with edible figures for your boy is always a great option!


41. Enjoy sunny days with this two-tiered matching birthday cake for your boy.


42. Have a rockin’ 18th birthday party for your boy with this electric guitar birthday cake.

FullSizeRender 2

43. Enjoy this simple baby bum birthday cake for your birthday boy.

little baby bum

44. A baby Hulk birthday cake will never cease to amaze your five-year-old birthday boy.

Baby Hulk

45. This huge and fluffy two-tier safari land birthday cake is a lot to take in but will impress.

Safari Land

46. This Super Mario birthday cake is designed very professionally and looks slick, especially the edible figures.

mario and luigi

47. A two-tiered Mariachi birthday cake will capture the attention of people at your boy’s birthday party.


48. Go for this Wakanda Forever birthday cake option for your boy and you won’t regret it.

black panther

49. Batter up and go forth with this impressive two-tiered birthday cake for your one-year-old boy.


50. A colorful three-tier birthday cake will work wonders for your boy’s birthday party.

Colorful birthday

51. Enjoy this smaller-sized Go ‘Stros birthday cake with your birthday boy.


52. Elmo’s World is always a favorite and this birthday cake will be no exception.


53. A dynamite birthday cake is best if your birthday boy is a daredevil.


54. This smaller-sized Charlie Brown birthday cake is cute, fluffy, and simple.

charlie brown

55. An impressive and awesome two-tier Houston Rockets birthday cake.


56. Nothing will catch your attention more than a Nerf attack birthday cake.


57. If your birthday boy is a Texans fan then this birthday cake is super cool.

texans3 e1531503567980

58. This impeccable Eye of the Tiger birthday cake is for a brave five-year-old birthday boy.


59. Nothing like a good old Pokémon birthday cake for the many fans around the world.


60. Maybe your birthday boy is into retro gaming? Then this Pac-Man birthday cake will be perfect.


61. If your birthday boy is a cowboy at heart then this two-tier birthday cake will impress him.


62. A galaxy explorer birthday cake is great if your birthday boy loves space exploration.

63. Nothing like a cool three-tier Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles birthday cake for your three-year-old boy.

ninja turtles

64. A two-tier Coco birthday cake is always an excellent option for your boy’s birthday party.


65. Enjoy this campfire fun birthday cake if your boy loves camping and the outdoors.

camp fire

66. This is a very slick and professional-looking three-tier Minecraft birthday cake.


67. All the non-edible figures from The Incredibles 2 are attention-grabbing and fans will love them.

incredibles e1543689761357

68. Who wouldn’t want to go for an all-out classic Elvis Presley-inspired birthday cake?


69. Blast off with this exciting and starry birthday cake for your birthday boy!

recket ship

70. If your birthday boy loves X-Men then this could be the birthday cake for him.

71. A cookie monster and Elmo’s birthday cake is the way to go if your two-year-old boy is a huge fan.

cookie monster e1543690406775

72. Wow look at the edible Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures on this birthday cake.

ninja turtles

73. Look out! This Deadpool birthday cake will strike anyone’s interest.

Deadpool 1

74. This grand Mario Kart birthday cake will turn heads and is full of so many intricate details. A very lucky seven-year-old would have this birthday cake.

mario kart

74. Have fun at the circus with this three-tiered, colorful, and starry birthday cake.


Which of the cakes shown above will you make for your brave boy? Will you make a unique design or a basic cake using non-edible cake figurines?

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