80+ Best Women’s Birthday Cake Ideas and Designs (2024)

Women’s Birthday Cakes – Give your loved one the ideal personalized cake that will showcase their individuality and create a moment they won’t soon forget!

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It’s important to make your woman feel special on her birthday. The cake is one of the best parts of a birthday celebration. One of the best things you can do is give your woman a delicious birthday cake that will make her happy.

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Women’s Birthday Cakes

Here are our picks for the top womans’ birthday cake designs:

1. Chanel’s birthday cake. A classic favorite. 

IMG 7141 1

Women’s Birthday Cakes

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2. Rose Galore birthday cake. Lovely and sweet. 

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Women’s Birthday Cakes

3. Pink chocolate drip birthday cake. Mouthwatering and flowery. 

File Oct 11 1 14 49 PM

Women’s Birthday Cakes

Adult Woman’s 50-Year-Old Birthday Cake

4. Black and white 50th birthday cake. Classic colors. 

IMG 7134

Women’s Birthday Cakes

5. Lovely Peonies birthday cake. Sweet and enchanting. 

Lovely Peonies

Women’s Birthday Cakes

6. Pink bouquet birthday cake. How extraordinary and lovely. 

IMG 7140

Women’s Birthday Cakes

7. Vintage love birthday cake. Retro wins any day. 

File Oct 11 1 15 45 PM

Women’s Birthday Cakes

8. Burberry birthday cake. A simple and elegant design. 

File Oct 11 1 20 18 PM

Women’s Birthday Cakes

Old Woman’s Birthday Cakes

9. Mint blue birthday cake. An understated color. 

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10. Night and elegance birthday cake. Bright and classy. 

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Inspiring Advice from Women

11. Sweet elegance birthday cake. Simple and perfect. 

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12. Sunflower field birthday cake. Fluffy and flowery. 

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13. Royal celebration birthday cake. For the royal occasion. 

Archivo 10 12 17 12 42 56 PM

14. Birthday flowers and birthday cake. The two make a great mix. 

Special Occasion

15. Lavender blossoms birthday cake. The purple color is beautiful. 

Archivo 10 12 17 12 36 49 PM

16. Spooky birthday cake. Is your birthday at the same time as Halloween? 

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17. Gold glam birthday cake. Glamorous and fantastic. 

Archivo 10 12 17 12 37 25 PM

18. Gumball queen birthday cake. For the dazzling queen. 

Gumball Queen

19. Blush and glitz birthday cake. Glamorous and flowery. 

Blush and Glitz

20. Nautical girl birthday cake. For the boating lovers. 

Nautical Girl 1

21. Springtime in Paris birthday cake. An unforgettable moment. 

Springtime in Paris

22. Central perk birthday cake. For long-time fans of the series.

Central Perk

23. Blushing clouds birthday cake. Simple and lovely. 

Blushing Clouds

24. Starry night birthday cake. Creative and imaginative. 

Starry Night

25. Pretty in pink birthday cake. Stay pretty. 

Pretty in Pink

26. Ombre rosettes birthday cake. The pink colors bring the cake to life.

Ombre Rosettes

27. Strawberries and cream birthday cake. The British favorite. 

Strawberries and Cream

28. 40th blooms birthday cake. The flower looks perfect. 

40th Blooms

29. Purple blooms birthday cake. I like the color. 

Purple Blooms

30. Summer days birthday cake. The flowers will capture people’s attention.

Summer Days

31. Wildflower birthday cake. The yellow flowers are pretty. 


32. Creme rosettes birthday cake. Keep it simple and lovely. 

Creme Rosettes

33. Tiffany’s blue birthday cake. A gorgeous two-tier cake.

Tiffany Blue

34. Dazzling birthday cake. The purple touch is magnificent. 

Dazzling Cake

35. Forever loved birthday cake. It will last till the end of time. 


36. Lovely and posh birthday cake. For the discerning taste.  


37. Lush red birthday cake. Gorgeous and simple. 

Lush Red

38. Elegant rhinestone birthday cake. Slick and classy. 

Elegant Rhinestone

39. Autumn birthday cake. Fits the season perfectly. 

Archivo 10 11 17 12 37 19 PM e1507836199662

40. Fifty and glitzy birthday cake. Still dazzling. 


41. Kate Spade birthday cake. Some people may obsess over this cake. 

Kate Spade

42. City garden birthday cake. Smaller and still impressive.

City Garden

43. Touch of elegance birthday cake. Louis Vuitton is king. 

Touch of Elegance

44. Cinema star birthday cake. Which movie will it be?

Cinema Star

45. Louis Vuitton birthday cake. Again, nothing beats Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton Birthday

46. Kate Spade-inspired birthday cake. The cupcakes are tempting. 

Kate Spade Inspired

47. Spring flowers birthday cake. Simple and flowery. 


48. Gold decadence birthday cake. What a mouthwatering cake.

Gold Decadence

49. Blue and true birthday cake. The truest of cakes.

blue drip

50. Descending petals birthday cake. Elegance and flowers are captured together.

pink 1

51. Sweet summer birthday cake. Capture the perfect summer moments. 

flowers blue

52. Louis Vuitton elegance birthday cake. Louis Vuitton is the choice of preference.


53. Touch of gold birthday cake. Because old is gold. 


54. Lady in pearls birthday cake. Because every lady deserves to be glamorous. 


55. Springtime blooms birthday cake. Capture the season when flowers come back. 


56. Take me to the theatre for the birthday cake. What a spectacle!

jersey boys

57. Think pink birthday cake. Keep it simple and pink.

chelsea brithday

58. Simply beautiful birthday cake. I couldn’t agree more.

flowers pink

59. Blossoming love birthday cake. Can you feel the love?

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60. Bouquet of roses birthday cake. Roses will always keep the birthday cake lovely.

naked with flowers mom

61. Colorful fiesta birthday cake. Let’s light it up!


62. Blush rose birthday cake. More understated and still lovely.

Blush Rose

63. Bohemian-themed birthday cake. This unique and creative design is an eye-catcher.


64. Rustic elegance birthday cake. Simply elegant and perfect.

pink 3

65. Golden pineapple birthday cake. Mixing pineapples and roses is a sweet combination. 

pineapples 2

66. Something blue birthday cake. The pale blue color is relaxing to look at.

FullSizeRender 1

67. Candyland birthday cake. Make the cake taste even better!


68. Dress to impress birthday cake. Keep it classy.

bridal shower

69. Colorful elegance birthday cake. The vivid colors bring this cake to life.

IMG 2707 e1531503648899

70. Burgundy glam birthday cake. Smaller and chic. 


71. Birthday brunch birthday cake. The glass design is innovative. 


72. Brightest of birthdays birthday cake. Just what you need to brighten up your day.

yellow bday

73. Fruit galore birthday cake. The mix has so many antioxidants. 

fruit galore

74. Loteria birthday cake. Classic and catchy. 


75. Frida Kahlo’s birthday cake. The minimalist design is unique. 


76. Exquisite taste birthday cake. The taste could not get any better.


77. As good as the gold birthday cake. Nothing beats the gold standard. 

Touch of Gold

78. Stunning roses birthday cake. Stunning would be an understatement – it is magnificent!

roses gold

79. Fall pumpkins birthday cake. Keep it seasonal and enjoy the festivities. 

pumpkin donuts

80. Glistening gold birthday cake. Let the cake shine through.

gold srpinkles

81. Winter shades birthday cake. Capture those quintessential winter moments.

blue drip

82. 29 birthday cake. The magical age where you could still do anything.


83. A touch of pink birthday cake. The touch will be unforgettable. 

flower stripes

84. Sprinkled in gold birthday cake. An alluring and eye-catching cake. 


85. Flores de colores birthday cake. Pretty flowers and colors. 

86. Rolls Royce birthday cake. A classic car that is unmatched. 

rolls royce

Which of the cakes shown above will you make for your lovely woman? Will you make a unique design or a basic cake using non-edible cake figurines?


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