75 Funny Happy Birthday Memes For Friends and Family (2018)


Memes have become an inseparable part of our culture. People do not use birthday wishes now to wish their friends happy birthday but instead, they look for funny happy birthday meme. Unlike old days where people used telegram or phone call to wish their family or friends happy birthdays; now they use funniest birthday memes.

Here we have selected 75 funniest birthday memes that you can use to send your friends a birthday wish on facebook, twitter, whatsapp, instagram or any other platform.

So check our 75 best happy birthday memes –

Happy Birthday Meme

1. Archer is funniest character on TV. Don’t You Agree? Here is a funny Archer birthday meme for friends.
Archer Happy Birthday Meme

2. Multiple actors donned the caped crusader character but no one nailed it like legendary Adam West. Here is a Batman Birthday Meme for those friends whom you consider Robin (or Joker) of Your life.
Happy Birthday Batman Meme

3. Bernie sanders was one of the most favourite presidential candidate n 2016 elections. This Bernie sanders birthday meme is for all the fans of Bernie.
Happy Birthday Meme Bernie Sanders

4. Dog is man’s best friend. So if you are looking for a best friend birthday meme this is the best choice.
Happy Birthday Best friend Meme

5. Who wouldn’t like a birthday wish from Bill Murray?
Best Happy Birthday Meme

6. Here is a birthday meme that you can dedicate to your older brother or older sister.
Brother sister Happy Birthday Meme

7. I am a cat person and I find this Cat birthday meme unbelievably cute.
cat Happy Birthday Meme

8. Aren’t we all crazy like this Nicolas cage meme?
Crazy Birthday Meme

9. Horror movie IT released in 2017 and became the highest grossing horror movie. It clown Pennywise suits perfectly for a creepy birthday meme.
Creepy Happy Birthday Meme

10. Despite all the negative reviews of The Last Jedi; I would still say that watching Yoda back was a pleasant surprise. Here is a Yoda birthday meme.
Cute Happy Birthday Meme

Funny Happy Birthday meme

11. Do you want a forecast for your birthday? I guess this one is the best you will get.
Dirty Happy Birthday Meme

12. We all grew up watching disney cartoons. So how about a simple yet adorable birthday meme that features Disney characters.
disney Happy Birthday Meme

13. Doctor who is one of the best sci fi series. It doesn’t matter who is portraying the titular character as long as the doctor doesn’t forget your birthday.
Doctor who Happy Birthday Meme

14. Donald trump may have failed to fulfil his campaign promises and making America great again but he sure knows how to make your birthday great again./
Donald Trump Happy Birthday Meme

15. Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes. So don’t worry if you are a fat boy or fat girl; Just go and enjoy your birthday.
fat girl Happy Birthday Meme

16. Too many puns. Anyways this Hitler birthday meme is arguably the funniest on this list.
funniest Happy Birthday Meme

17. No birthday party will be boring if there is Borat in It. High Fives, Happy Birthday.
funny asian Happy Birthday Meme

18. If Jesus himself is approving for your birthday party then there is no need to worry.
funny Happy Birthday Meme

19. Captain Jack sparrow surely knows how to party. This birthday meme suits to all the pirate fans.
Happy Birthday Meme for guys

20. Save the cake for me. If there is no cake then there would be no happy birthday.
funny Happy Birthday Meme

Funniest Happy Birthday Meme

21. We are yet to see who sits on Iron Throne but till then enjoy a Dothraki style birthday.
Game of Thrones Happy Birthday Meme

22. If your best friend doesn’t play Mario bros with you then is he really your friend at all?
Gay Happy Birthday Meme

23. Even the whole Justice League couldn’t bring smile to the face of Batman but it’s your birthday so here is a Smiling Batman for you.
Happy Birthday Batman Meme

24. Spend your birthday just like this dog – Happy and joyful.
Happy Birthday dog Meme

25. Jon snow really knows nothing. Here is he wishing you happy NAME day with the sword long claw in his hand.
Happy Birthday Game of Thrones Meme

26. Hulkhogan made wrestling popular. If you are a WWE fan then there is no better birthday meme than Hogan’s.
Happy Birthday Meme brother

27. This cat birthday meme can melt even the hardest of the hearts.
Happy Birthday Meme cat

28. This is perfect birthday meme for co workers.
Happy Birthday Meme co worker

29. If its your favourite cousin’s birthday then wish them with this meme.
Happy Birthday Meme cousin

30. It is hard to imagine anyone other than Ryan Reynolds in deadpool costume.
Happy Birthday Meme deadpool

Cool Happy Birthday Meme

31. Even princesses have flaws. Here this Disney princesses birthday meme perfectly shows it.
Happy Birthday Meme Disney princess

32. This pic somehow reminds of John Hughes classic ‘Ferris Buller’s Day off’. Its your birthday take a day off like him.
Happy Birthday Meme

33. Did you had a cool hairstyle in High school?
Happy Birthday Meme flowers

34. All fathers in the world are greatest. Here is a beautiful birthday meme for dad.
Happy Birthday Meme for dad

35. If its your dog birthday then here is a beautiful dog birthday meme.
Happy Birthday Meme for dog

36. If your friend had a weird fashion sense during his high school days then this birthday meme is perfect for them.
Happy Birthday Meme for friend

37. You know it would be the happiest birthday of if your life, if Ryan gosling himself says so.
Happy Birthday Meme for girl

38. Here is a birthday meme for your girlfriend or female friend.
Happy Birthday Meme for her

39. Old English was the best. Here is a funny birthday meme in old english.
Happy Birthday Meme for him

40. Stewie has a weird hate for his mother yet he never forget her birthday.
Happy Birthday Meme for mom

Best Happy Birthday Meme

41. This birthday meme can be sent to for wife or girlfriends.
Happy Birthday Meme for women

42. Patrick Swayne swooned millions of ladies around the globe when he was at his prime.
Happy Birthday Meme funny

43. Only best friends knows how to humiliate their friends in front of public.
Happy Birthday Meme gif

44. Grumpy cat is probably the most famous cat on internet. So here is a birthday wish from most famous cat.
Happy Birthday Meme grumpy cat

45. Yes birthday can be your own Christmas.
Happy Birthday Meme images

46. This birthday meme can be used to wish cousins or friends who annoys you the most.
Happy Birthday Meme rude

47. Birthday is the best time to tell your sister that she is adopted.
Happy Birthday Meme sister

48. Obviously no one can wish you best birthday other than US President Donald trump himself.
Happy Birthday Meme trump

49. This birthday meme should be sent to friends who stood with you in tough times.
Happy Birthday Meme

50. Harry potter taught us how to stand by your friends.
Harry potter Happy Birthday Meme

New Happy Birthday Meme

51. James bond might be the best spy ever but he can not beat Austin powers as the most hilarious spy.
hilarious Happy Birthday Meme

52. Hillary Clinton missed the opportunity to become US president but she didn’t missed the opportunity to wish you a happy birthday.
Hillary Clinton Happy Birthday Meme

53. If you love horses then here is a horse birthday meme.
horse Happy Birthday Meme

54. This birthday meme is inappropriate but if you are psycho like this character then this is best.
inappropriate Happy Birthday Meme

55. Napolean dynamite is the life of party but he is very mean when it comes to birthday wishes.
mean Happy Birthday Meme

56. Mexican birthday meme cannot be cultural appropriation. So use them whenever you want to.
Mexican Happy Birthday Meme

57. You will always be a kid in your mother’s eyes. It’s a fact.
mother Happy Birthday Meme

58. If your friend is a geek then use this nerd birthday meme.
nerd Happy Birthday Meme

59. Here is a fun way to make your friend realize that they are getting old.
old Happy Birthday Meme

60. If your friend is an anime fan then try this pokemon birthday meme.
pokemon Happy Birthday Meme

Happy Birthday meme Funniest

61. If your friend is a redneck then this is a cool birthday meme to try.
redneck Happy Birthday Meme

62. This is a rude birthday meme that can be sent to friends and family.
rude Happy Birthday Meme

63. Here is a sarcastic birthday meme.
sarcastic Happy Birthday Meme

64. Is your friend $exy? Here is a birthday meme for them.
sexy Happy Birthday Meme

65. Deadpool showed us how beautiful it is to try Bob ross. Here is a silly birthday meme.
silly Happy Birthday Meme

66. Star trek fans will get this.
star trek Happy Birthday Meme

67. Star wars fans would love to get a wish from Darth vader himself.
Star Wars Happy Birthday Meme

68. Stevie Wonder Called. To Tell you happy Birthday.
stevie wonder Happy Birthday Meme

69. Supernatural is one of the longest running tv series right now.
supernatural Happy Birthday Meme

70. Aww This pulp fiction birthday meme is so sweet and adorable.
sweet Happy Birthday Meme

71. There are many office related birthday memes and this one is the best.
The Office Happy Birthday Meme

72. Darryl from The walking dead became instant fan favourite.
The Walking dead Happy Birthday Meme

73. I don’t think anyone getting a birthday wish from ceiling cat would find it weird.
weird Happy Birthday Meme

74. This is best meme for beautiful ladies.
women Happy Birthday Meme

75. You should celebrate your birthday with innocent Brock or the other brock would take you to the Suplex city.
WWE Happy Birthday Meme

Which birthday meme from the above photo gallery you found the funniest?