20+ Best Dexter’s Laboratory Birthday Cake Ideas and Designs (2024)

Dexter’s Laboratory Birthday Cakes – Dexter’s Laboratory is a cartoon that aired on Cartoon Network from 1996 to 2003. The cartoon is based on Dexter, a small boy with orange hair and glasses who has a secret lab in his house. Some of the best episodes include The Lab of Tomorrow, Big Bots, and Golden Diskette.

Best Dexter's Laboratory Inventions, Ranked

The laboratory has many secret high-tech inventions which are kept secret from his mother and father. He constantly gets into conflicts with his sister DeeDee who knows about the laboratory and can sometimes destroy the inventions. Dexter also comes up with elaborate experiments in his lab.

How Dexter's Laboratory changed American cartoons forever | SYFY WIRE

Dexter’s Laboratory Birthday Cakes

1. This amazing four-tier birthday cake for your birthday kid has an intricate design and is imaginative. I like the lab pieces on top.

Dexter's Laboratory | Science cake, Dexter laboratory, Birthday cake kids

2. This cool and professional-looking birthday cake has a slick design and an edible Dexter piece on top. The cake even has edible lab pieces.

the Dexter's lab cake | Cake, Science cake, Cute birthday cakes

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3. Look at this extraordinary birthday cake that has a white bottom layer and a top layer of Dexter. It is a generous and great cake.

No photo description available.

4. A smaller-sized birthday cake that is a lovely treat will make your birthday kid happy and there are two non-edible figures of Dexter and DeeDee on top.

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5. This birthday cake has two tiers and the bottom layer is delicious. It is a great cake for your birthday kid and is just the right size.

Dexters Lab Cake -Children's Birthday Cakes

6. This is a generous and lovely birthday cake that has a flat print of DeeDee on top. The pink ganache is tasty and I also like the stars.

Dee Dee from Dexter's Lab Cake!

7. Make your seven-year-old birthday kid happy with this rectangle-shaped cake of Dexter that also has a delicious caramel ganache on the borders of the cake.

Dexter's Laboratory - CakeCentral.com

8. Smaller but cute and colorful, this birthday cake will be just right for your birthday boy and the edible Dexter frosting on the side is tasty.

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9. This original and creative birthday cake features edible Dee and Dexter figures as well as a bigger edible lab piece.

Dexters Lab Cake | Cartoon cake, Character cakes, Childrens birthday cakes

10. This is Dexter’s birthday cake and it comes with several Dexter’s cookies as well as cake pops. They are extraordinarily tasty!

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Dexter’s Laboratory Wiki

11. This delicious birthday cake has a pale blue ganache on its borders and the Dexter print on top is finely detailed.

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12. This traditional and round birthday cake with a delicious purple ganache has a flat print on top and is simple.

Dexters Laboratory Cartoon Network TV Show Poster Dee Dee Edible Cake – A Birthday Place

13. This birthday cake is just right and has a blue bottom layer. Dexter is coming up with his latest scientific invention.

dexters laboratory | veredcakes | Flickr

14. This birthday has a cool design and is made just right for your lucky eight-year-old birthday boy. I like the style of it.

LostBoyCakes on Tumblr

15. This traditional rectangle-shaped birthday cake has a delicious green ganache on the borders and a flat print of the cartoon on top.

Sugar Bear Images

16. This is a tasty three-tier birthday cake for your six-year-old birthday boy that also includes a delicious cupcake on top. Not to mention the edible figures.

Dexter's lab cake- did not photograph that well:( | Cake, Desserts, Birthday cake

17. These three Dexter’s Laboratory cupcakes are bite-sized and tasty. They even have tiny sprinkles covered on them along with stickers.

Dexters lab 24xEdible precut cupcake topper ,cake topper | eBay

18. Again if your birthday kid is a fan of Dexter’s Laboratory cupcakes then this extraordinary cupcake has a lab topping with Dexter in the middle.

Buttercream Bakery Dexter's Laboratory Cupcake | Creative cupcakes, Cupcake cakes, Themed cakes

19. A cool birthday cake with a cool writing style is both original and great to look at. It has an artistic flair to it and is minimal.

Dexter's Laboratory • Filipino Accent Meme | Character cakes, Vintage cake, Korean cake

20. Wow isn’t this an impressive birthday cake? It is entirely made of Dexter and it looks professionally made especially with the tasty orange hair.

Pin by Kendra Rasberry on Good Looking Food | Amazing cakes, Cake art, Cake decorating

21. A simple cupcake treat with a Dexter’s Laboratory print on top will be just what your birthday kid wanted.

Dexters Laboratory Cartoon Network TV Show Poster Dee Dee Edible Cake – A Birthday Place

22. Again here are some more impressive and amazing cupcakes all featuring DeeDee. There are twelve of them with the same print so they are great if your birthday kid likes DeeDee.

Dexter's Laboratory Cake Topper Edible Image Personalized Cupcakes Frosting Sugar Sheet (8" Round Cake Topper)

Which Dexter’s Laboratory birthday cake did you enjoy the most in today’s post?

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