50+ Best South Park Birthday Cake Ideas and Designs (2024)

South Park Cakes – Southpark is an adult cartoon that started in 1997. It is based on four characters named Eric, Stanley, Kyle, and Kenny. There are lots of mature themes in the series and it is possible to show to a person over the age of 12 as long as they are mature and can have meaningful conversations about the show.

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The American adult cartoon was created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Some of the most memorable episodes of South Park are Good Times with Weapons, Guitar Queer-o, and Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo. Cartman is the main character of the show but Stan is also considered popular. Below I have included more than 50 South Park cake ideas and designs:

South Park at 25: TV's great troublemaker refuses to grow up

South Park Birthday Cakes

1. Looking at our first South Park birthday cake, great edible prints of Kyle, Stan, and Kenny are placed on top. It will make an amazing day for your sixteen-year-old birthday boy.

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2. This South Park mountain-theme birthday cake is great for your twenty-three-year-old, ideally as well if he likes to ski.

South Park Cake | Birthday party at park, South park, Anime cake

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3. This South Park birthday cake has green and dark blue ganache on the side plus the cool-looking non-edible South Park characters.

South Park Birthday Cake Topper Featuring South Park Characters and Other Themed Decorative Pieces

4. This extraordinary birthday cake for your twelve-year-old birthday kid has a great snowy theme. Four non-edible South Park characters are included.

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5. The yellow ganache on this traditional rectangle-shaped birthday cake is tasty and your birthday kid won’t wait to try it.

South Park - Edible Cake OR Cupcake Topper – Edible Prints On Cake (EPoC)

6. A striking and professional birthday cake for those who are sentimental fans of the South Park series. It is a slick cake design.

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7. Another traditional rectangle-shaped birthday cake with a light blue ganache is an excellent decision and looks simple.

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8. An Eric birthday cake is amazing especially since it is your birthday kid’s favorite character. It looks both cool and tasty.

Cool Homemade South Park Cake

9. An impressive fine print on top and the delicious white chocolate pieces on the side make this an extra tasty birthday cake.

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10. This chocolate birthday cake is mouth-watering and even includes edible figures of all four South Park characters. I like the TV set.

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11. An awesome snow theme rectangle-shaped birthday cake is an excellent decision and the highly detailed trees look tasty.

South Park Cake - Just 4 U Bakery

12. This is a cool and professional South Park birthday cake with amazing details and an impressive white ganache star lining at the bottom.

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13. Another great South Park birthday cake featuring non-edible figures of the South Park figures. The edible trees on the side look tasty.

My SP birthday cake : r/southpark

14. This birthday cake is great for your birthday twins and the white crust topping is very delicious. Don’t forget the four edible toppings.

south park cake | Irena | Flickr

15. Four edible South Park characters are featured on the top of this birthday cake and it is simple to make. The white ganache is extra tasty.

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16. This awesome birthday cake has each of the four South Park characters and the bottom black ganache is decorated suitably.

SouthPark Cake – Shane's Dessert Table

17. This is a fantastic birthday cake featuring Kenny and it is generously sized. Your 13-year-old birthday boy will love it. 

South Park Birthday Cake - CakeCentral.com

18. Both cool and slick. This professional birthday cake features all four South Park characters lined up in a tasty flat print on top.

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19. This birthday cake for your thirteen-year-old birthday boy has legendary-tasting icing on the side and four non-edible characters on top.

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20. Look at this slick and smooth birthday cake for your birthday kid. It looks delicious and the lettering is placed excellently.

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21. If Stan is your birthday kid’s favorite character then look no further. This Stan birthday cake is large and the cheesy poofs on the side are just great.

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22. Fluffy and tasty, this birthday cake for your eleven-year-old birthday kid is absolutely stunning and a great treat.

South Park cake by Maiza Pessoa. | Park birthday, South park funny, South park

23. A professionally designed birthday cake can for your father’s birthday is always the best treat and the blue base color is pleasing to look at.

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24. A unique birthday cake with delicious white frosting is amazing and will make your birthday recipient happy.

South Park Cake

25. A birthday cake that is purely designed as Stan’s face is extraordinary and very tasty. The cake is also smooth and sized just right.

Veena's Art of Cakes: South Park Cartman Cake

26. You can see that the birthday cake here has a great white ganache on the top and will make a fulfilling treat for your twelve-year-old birthday boy.

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27. A chocolate South Park birthday cake that almost looks like pancakes. It is amazing to look at and has a delicious caramel dressing.

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28. Let’s not forget South Park cupcakes. They are delicious bite-sized treats and feature characters such as Butters and Craig.

Going down to South Park .... - Decorated Cake by Broadie - CakesDecor

29. An extraordinary birthday cake for your twenty-two-year-old, it includes a generous edible Eric Cartman on top.

South Park themed birthday cake | Charly's Bakery | Flickr

30. A birthday cake that is sized just right, the icing has a great taste and the flat print characters on the side are made professionally.

South Park Cake by gertygetsgangster on DeviantArt

31. This birthday cake has excellent and great-tasting thin chocolate squares on the side and an awesome flat print of Eric on top.

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32. Make your twenty-seven-year-old birthday recipient happy with this legendary and fluffy birthday cake design of all four Southpark characters.

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33. Butters getting married as a birthday cake design is interesting and the cake is delicious and glazed. The flat print on top is also sharp.

South Park Wedding Cake by Zwerg-im-Bikini on DeviantArt

34. A traditional birthday cake with a delicious red ganache at the top and bottom of the cake is an excellent decision not to mention that Eric can also be your birthday kid’s favorite character.

South Park Eric Cartman I Know That I Am Awesome and Cool Edible Cake – A Birthday Place

35. This cake is cool and has a slick design to it. Eric is dressed as a police officer and is edible. So are the other South Park characters.

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36. This frosty birthday cake has a very tasty white icing and all four main South Park characters are standing on top.

South Park 200th | Cake celebrating the 200th episode of Sou… | Flickr

37. Eric Cartman as this birthday cake design is just too cool and your birthday kid won’t wait to try the great treat.

Austin.com south park cake

38. Eric’s face as a birthday cake design is just too awesome as a cake and it looks very tasty. Your birthday kid will love it.

Coolest South Park Cake

39. This South Park birthday cake design is simple and is an awesome treat for your nine-year-old birthday boy.

south park - Decorated Cake by christine - CakesDecor

40. This legendary birthday cake has a tasty pale blue base layer and is a sweet-tasting treat for your fifteen-year-old birthday boy.

Best Birthday Cake Ever! : r/southpark

41. This white birthday cake has smooth round edges and is a tasty treat for your nineteen-year-old birthday boy.

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42. Delicious sprinkles and a tasty white-layer cake is just the right cake for your sixteen-year-old birthday cake.

Personalised South Park Cake Topper South Park Cake Topper - Etsy New Zealand

43. The South Park characters are in front of their school in this birthday cake. Your birthday kid will appreciate it.

Cool Homemade South Park Birthday Cake

44. This two-tier birthday cake with edible figures has amazing white spots on it and it looks both simple and smooth.

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45. If Kenny is your favorite South Park character then this Kenny birthday cake is generously sized and will meet your birthday boy’s expectations.

Kenny Southpark - Decorated Cake by Rina Kazimierczak - CakesDecor

46. A simple Butters birthday cake is minimal and could be just what your birthday kid wanted if Butters is their favorite character.

Made a butters cake today : r/southpark

47. Eric as a birthday cake is cool and I think it is a delightful cake to have for your birthday kid. The cake is sized just right.

South Park Cartman Cake - CakeCentral.com

48. A professional birthday cake with delicious frosting is just what your birthday kids wanted and it is an awesome treat.

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49. This rectangle-shaped birthday cake with light blue ganache at the top and bottom along with a flat print of Kenny on top is just right.

South Park 2 Edible Birthday Cake Topper

50. It is important to enjoy these tasty South Park cupcakes that feature several characters. Each cupcake has a different flavor.

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51. The white ganache on the side of the birthday cake is delicious and your birthday kid will love it. The stars are also a great touch.

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52. A great and awesome Kenny birthday cake for your eighteen-year-old birthday boy is just what he needed and will surely please.

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