50+ Best Tom and Jerry Birthday Cake Ideas and Designs (2024)

Tom and Jerry Birthday Cakes – A classic cartoon first created in 1940, this all-time favorite made by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera is about Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse. The series features a never-ending cat-and-mouse game where Tom constantly tries to catch Jerry but frequently falls for Jerry’s smart traps.

Tom and Jerry, Terrorists of the Cartoon World – Foreign Policy

There are also other characters in the Tom and Jerry cartoon most notably Spike, Quacker, and Butch Cat. Some elements of the cartoon were later considered racist in today’s modern context but this was changed to adapt accordingly. Below you will find more than 50 interesting Tom and Jerry cakes:

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Tom and Jerry Birthday Cakes

1. For our first cake we have a smaller-sized and starry birthday cake featuring Jerry with a hammer and a piece of cheese.

Tom & Jerry Cake | Cakes for Kids | SMOOR Theme Cakes – Smoor

2. In this birthday cake special round chocolate circles cover the side of the cake and make it a great treat.

Best Tom & Jerry Cake Online Order | Photo Cake

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3. The white chocolate topping on this birthday cake leaves a great taste and the edible Tom and Jerry figures are well made.

Tom And Jerry Cake

4. I think this birthday cake is cool as it has a smooth and slick feel to it as well as the iconic Tom face. Your four-year-old birthday boy will think it’s rad. 

Tom and Jerry birthday cake | Tom and jerry cake, Tom and jerry, Birthday cake kids

5. Another cool and starry birthday cake in my own opinion as it also has the iconic Tom face and the top half of the cake is a flurry design.

CRT005 - Tom And Jerry | Cartoon Cake | Cake Delivery in Bhubaneswar – Order Online Birthday Cakes | Cakes on Hand

6. Another great birthday cake that also has a sweet blue touch to it and is sized just right for your birthday boy.

Tom and jerry cake

7. Having lots of stars in this extraordinary cake design can also be cool and the icing is delicious. An excellent cake for your birthday boy.

Tom & Jerry All-Star Birthday Cake - Decorated Cake by - CakesDecor

8. The many features on this birthday cake such as the cheese piece and tiny stars give off a rad vibe that will impress your birthday kid.

Tom & Jerry Cake | Happy Cake Studio

9. Show off the flair with the numerous stars placed on this birthday cake that will impress your birthday kid.

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10. An exceptionally cool birthday cake because it captures the moment Tom and Jerry are peacefully together. Not to mention the tasty white ganache.

Funny Tom & Jerry Birthday Cake With Name Editing

Tom and Jerry Wiki

11. A slick and smooth birthday cake of Tom’s face on a white base with blue circles will amaze your birthday kid.

Tom & Jerry - Cake Decorating Community - Cakes We Bake

12. This orange and pink birthday cake is starry and will make an excellent impression on your three-year-old birthday kid.

TOM AND JERRY BIRTHDAY CAKE - a photo on Flickriver

13. This two-tier birthday cake is for your second-year-old birthday boy and is both colorful and sweet to the last bite.

Tom & Jerry cake | Lea Layton | Flickr

14. This giant-sized birthday cake features Tom and Jerry sitting idly along with a big piece of cheese. It is excellent for your six-year-old birthday boy.

Tom & Jerry* - Cake Affair, cakes for every occasion

15. This smaller-sized birthday cake is cute and is just the right cake for your five-year-old birthday boy. The edible Jerry figure on top is tasty.

Tom & Jerry (Feeds 15)

16. Let’s tie a ribbon together on this wonderful, simple, and starry birthday cake. It looks cool to the last bite.

Tom and jerry cake

17. This extraordinary birthday cake for your one-year-old birthday kid is fantastic and has several delicious edible figures.

Tom & Jerry Cake in Abudhabi

18. A bigger and awesome two-tier cake with a large cheese piece on top is an excellent decision for your six-year-old birthday boy.

Tom and Gerry Two~Tier Cake | Birthday Cakes| The Cake Store

19. An awesome and starry birthday cake for your two-year-old birthday kid is always a great idea, especially with the non-edible figures popping out from the center.

Tom & Jerry Cake

20. Look at this amazing birthday cake for your two-year-old birthday boy that has smooth and soft blue icing.

Bake-n-Shake Bhopal, Indore | Online Cakes in Bhopal, Indore

21. For your one-year-old birthday boy this cheesy birthday cake is original and has a surprisingly sweet taste to it similar to a cheesecake.

Tom & Jerry Mischief | Crave by Leena

22. An impressive birthday cake for your five-year-old birthday kid with colorful and awesome balloons on the side of the cake.

My Cakes – The Cake Mum

23. This rectangle-shaped birthday cake is for a 50-year-old and will make an extraordinary impression. The icing and white ganache are delicious.

Snooky doodle Cakes: Tom and Jerry cake

24. A starry square-shaped birthday cake for your seven-year-old is excellent and has an amazing and tasty white ganache.

Children's Custom Handmade Cakes | Bespoke Children's Birthday Cakes | Studio Cakes and Events

25. Another extraordinary birthday cake with the iconic duo on a smooth blue base with a white ganache at the bottom.

Tom & Jerry

26. This light blue birthday cake has a smooth and creamy texture. It is a great treat for your four-year-old kid.

Birthday cake Cartoon themed 8 inch round – 23sweets

27. This is a creative and original three-tier birthday cake featuring Tom’s head on top of a light blue layer with Jerry and a piece of cheese on top.

Tom & Jerry Cake | GiftBox.ps

28. This is a simple and unique birthday cake for your thirty-year-old kid and has two edible figures of Tom and Jerry on top.

occ-gallery5 | Hall of Cakes

29. A great pale yellow birthday cake with edible figures of Tom ad Jerry as well as cute colored circles on the side of the cake.

Tom and Jerry cake. | Tom and jerry cake, Cupcake cakes, Kids cake

30. This is a sweet and flurry yellow birthday cake for your birthday kid that has delicious sprinkles on top.

Tom & Jerry cake made by my wife | Aravind Balachandran | Flickr

31. This is an extraordinary and starry two-tier birthday cake for your five-year-old birthday kid with edible figures of Tom and Jerry.

Geekiest Tom and Jerry Cakes - Page 3 of 4 -

32. A unique birthday cake like this captures the attention of observers and is balanced interestingly with Tom relying on the weight of the broomstick.

This Tom And Jerry Cake Is Too Lovely To Eat -

33. This lovely birthday cake is creative and has Tom at the bottom with an edible Jerry figure on top and several edible pieces by his side.

The Tom and Jerry Cake – Lets Bake Love by Sara Taneja

34. This amazing two-tier birthday cake has appealing stars and circles on the side as well as other small edible figures at the bottom of the cake.

Send cakes tom and jerry cake 10 lbs Gift to Pakistan - Item # 411

35. This beautiful birthday cake has a sweet and soft yellow base layer with edible figures of Tom and Jerry on top.

Tom And Jerry Cake - Tom & Jerry Cake Png Hd - Free Transparent PNG Download - PNGkey

36. Another extraordinary birthday cake for your five-year-old kid with a starry bottom layer and cheesy top layer.

Two Story Blue Yellow Tom Jerry Cake Number Front – Stock Editorial Photo © viktoriya.s.melnik@gmail.com #338188764

37. This is a delicious chocolate birthday cake with four cool balloon sticks at the top and an edible diary book. Your nine-year-old kids will love it.

Best Tom and Jerry Theme Cake In Hyderabad | Order Online

38. This interesting birthday cake has Tom and Jerry sitting in a pool of skittles. The blue base layer is smooth and has edible stars on the side.

Tom & Jerry Skittle Cake - Cake And Bake

39. A delicious white rectangle-shaped birthday cake with an icing design of Tom and Jerry. It is a great treat for your four-year-old birthday boy.

www.cake.lk | Birthday Cake Tom & Jerry 2Kg

40. This is a unique and creative birthday cake with a red base and chunky Tom and Jerry figures on top. It is a generous portion.

Tom & Jerry Cake - CakeCentral.com

41. This birthday cake has amazing fine details and looks great. It has delicious icing and the white ganache will be excellent for your birthday kid.

Fondant Tom & Jerry Cake 2 Kg – India Cakes N Flowers

42. This delicious caramel birthday cake has a flat edible print of Tom on top as well as an edible figure of Jerry at the bottom.

Sarah's Cakes Twitterren: "My Tom and Jerry cake the whole design is edible with hand painted characters #Cake #TomandJerry #CartoonNetwork https://t.co/XlGEJ8RVrQ" / Twitter

43. Two extraordinary cupcakes along with an ocean blue birthday cake will be the best delight for your birthday kid.

Tom and Jerry 11 Piece Birthday Cupcake Topper Set Featuring Tom, Jerry, Spike and Decorative Themed : Amazon.in: Toys & Games

44. This square-shaped birthday cake is for your nine-year-old kid and has a delicious turquoise ganache on the borders of the cake.

Sweet Temptations by Sungeni | CNN

45. This cheese-based birthday cake is an original delight and has glazed Tom and Jerry lettering on top of the cake.

6" Tom & Jerry's Jelly Cake, Food & Drinks, Homemade Bakes on Carousell

46. Another cheese-based birthday cake with Tom and Jerry edible figures. It is an amazing cake for your two-year-old birthday kid.

Cakes by Type Archives - Page 3 of 10 - Keuchen Paradise

47. Your four-year-old birthday girl will enjoy this starry and extraordinary two-tier birthday cake that has a pink bottom layer and a blue top layer.

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48. An original and cool-looking birthday cake with edible dessert pieces for a five-year-old birthday girl is just the right cake.

Tom and jerry cake by Arty cakes - Decorated Cake by Arty - CakesDecor

49. A simple and cheerful birthday cake with cool round blue circles and a delicious pink and yellow ganache at the bottom.

Buy Round Fondant Tom Cake-Tom Fondant Cake

50. A delicious birthday cake with a soft and delicate texture is an amazing treat for your birthday kid and the edible fence pieces on the side are tasty.

tom and jerry cake - a photo on Flickriver

51. Look at this professional and highly detailed birthday cake that is shaped like Tom’s head with Jerry on top. I like the edible star figures.

Tom + Jerry - CakeCentral.com

52. I think this birthday cake is a cool cake for your six-year-old birthday kid as it is simple and has Tom and Jerry in a pool of skittles.

Tom & Jerry Cake - Decorated Cake by sansil (Silviya - CakesDecor

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